Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 9

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    Poor guy. The kid was not his after all.
    It is sad how even his parents (who apparently pamper him so much) failed to comfort him and were worried about their ownselves. What this family lacks is “SYMPATHY’……simply being able to feel bad for anyone else beyond your own selfishness

  2. Surely they would have someone who would help them? I mean I’m sure Hae In’s father did dirty deals and knows dirty things about other rich and powerful men, whom he could threat them to help him or else he would expose them ? But for comedic purpose, I guess they going to HW’s house is better.

    Also, they have no hide money (except the granpa?) ?? Yeah sure, rich people always have this…….

  3. Eunsung is giving me the creeps rn. How does he plan to become Haein’s guardian? He’s become even more obsessive now that she ain’t around anymore.

  4. Ahaha the dad in the car says I don’t know (about the joint family surety). My lips have become dry = flustered. Then proceeds to ask for lip balm. It seems like he’s asking for lip balm randomly but he’s he asked because his “lips have become dry”.

  5. i am sure they will resolve the villain arc sooner and focus on hae in health in last 2 episodes..and then may be a happy ending(manifesting it).

  6. “I wonder where she is and what she’s doing,” Well, sir, she is quite literally sleeping in your childhood bedroom.

    They truly were destined to be with each other, they are each other’s first love.

    We are seeing cracks in the team of snakes and I’m so excited for Hyun Woo to take advantage of them.

  7. But why the ML is the only one fighting for the company? All in the Queens family are useless. The whole idea make this fantasy drama, because it has not connection with the reality. Chaebols going to live in a village?? Why he bother with them? Why she keep her illness hidden from her family?

  8. I’m just really wishing that Geon-woo would be Soo-Cheol’s. Even though he’s a bit slow he also deserved to be truly loved. I believe even before (when they were kids) Da-Hye already likes him.

  9. Somehow I’m satisfied whatever happened with queens family because they are so selfish, arrogant, doesn’t care about their family members specially that grandpa and hae in mother. It’s time to learn them all these things and correct their mistakes specially towards baek Hyun woo. Still whatever happened with hae in brother is pitiful. He is dumb but he love his wife and his child 😞😞
    Queen couples moments are so adorable 🥰🥰

  10. “I’ll recognize her right away” such a joke Hyunwoo

    Right?? She’s just with you everyday and you married her. Hahahaha now I’m excited when the time comes that Hae-In knows about his first love

  11. This is why Hae-in kept her sickness a secret. Her family is already downplaying her being anemic and making it less important. Her mother only cares about her son and her father is as gullible as their grandpa. Hyun-woo is the only one that would run 1000 miles just to check if she’s okay. And that’s why she trusts him enough to tell him.

  12. I am honestly loving the aunt scenes more now. She can be quite eccentric but atleast she has a knack of sniffing out the vile ones. Also, I am honestly a bit scared about Eun Sung. He is so obsessed with Hae In and I hope Hae In doesn’t decide to go back to that guy on some kinda “agreement”.
    I love the dynamics between the family too . The fathers are already bffs and we have enemies-to-bffs trope going on between the mothers and the siblings, well, to me they are a lost cause.
    “I wonder what she is doing now”..”Yeah, she is in your room sleeping in your bed”

  13. I feel so bad for Soo-cheol. All he did was be born a little slow 😢

    I know it’s been established that Eun-sung is a psychopath, or at least a sociopath, but going through her medical records and confronting her doctor is on a whole other level of obsessive. For a minute there, I thought he was going to kidnap her and force her to make him her “guardian”

  14. ”The best twist since the sixth sense.” im dying. Why is everyone chatting crap about hae-in’s family in front of their faces? They even go betrayed by their own family.

  15. i just got to know last week through a group in fb that they’re SIBLINGS and not a couple, and i was like 🤯🤯😳😳😳, like, what went wrong and where, watching it for 4 weeks and not realising that they’re siblings???? something’s not right, how did i not realise that??? m i the only one??? and i wasn’t all convinced that they’re really siblings, and exactly when he called her “Doona” in this episode 🤐🤐

  16. like i said last week that him being in Love with Hae in is beyond me, like dude, u destroyed her family, took everything from them, they had nowhere to go, and you’re crying that “ohhhh she isn’t well 🫤🫤🤔🤔”????? he’s so adamant on becoming her guardian, like r u for real??? u really thought she’ll stay with u after what u and your mum did to that entire empire of theirs???

    and m sorry, he’s shown to be someone “smart”, smart enough to take over an empire and that too overnight, and he didn’t know what his trash of a mother was doing??? he’s SHOCKED that she kicked them out??? really??? the mother is trash, she’s a Biieeeeeshh but at least she has her senses intact….

    and he’s asking around looking for them, and it never once crossed his mind, when it should be the 1st place to look for, that they might’ve gone to Hyun woo’s hometown???? and then he’s arguing with his mother that y she kicked them out, like u really thought they were gonna live with u guys there??? what on earth is he smoking???

    I just hope they show tomorrow that he didn’t buy what Hyun woo said about not knowing where she is and had someone keep an eye on him and that’s how he found Hae in in the end….🙏🙏

  17. Yes Hae-in learn how to cook so you can show Hyun-woo those skills when you get remarried (hopefully).

  18. i actually thought that he would ask her that how did she know that MP3 belonged to a girl and not a boy, cz he never told her that it was a girl….😁😁

  19. Yes, Hyun-woo was born to love Hae-in. He loved her when she was born, he loved her in high school and he continues loving her when she is terminally ill.

  20. A person is only as strong as they are willing to humble themselves and give up their own happiness for the sake of someone else’s. For now, both Hyun Woo and Hae In are too weak (proud) to admit how much they care and how much they actually love each other.

    I like that the screenwriter decided on the option of two families living together, because there are countless opportunities for reconciliation, resolving disagreements, stirring up emotions, but also conflict and comic scenes. I hope this coexistence doesn’t end in the next episode.

    The motive for taking over the corporation and the wealth is still unknown, but we see that it’s not common to all participants, and that mother and son have quite different ideas. Now Grace Go will also feel betrayed, because she will realize that they used her, and this will create another rift in the team, in addition to the existing one between mother and son. I also think that the runaway sister-in-law, Da Hye, will realize that she actually loves her foolish husband and that she too will return. One of the best tactics is “Divide and Conquer” and Hyun Woo is intelligent enough to apply it.

  21. Like I predicted on my post for episode 1 or 2, miscarriage is the reason for our main couple separation. I have few theories about what might happen in upcoming episodes;

    First, I think Hong Hae-in might got sick because of Moh Seul-hee. Moh Seul-hee might caused Hong Hae-in miscarriage and tumor. She wants to get rid of threat in bloodline of Queens family such as main couple child and sheer will Hong Hae-in. Like the drama The Mask where the male lead was given a drug that caused him to hallucinate and the female lead is one found out and saved male lead. Maybe Baek Hyun-woo might find something and saved Hong Hae-in’s life.

    Second, it might be possible that Hong Gun-u might be the child of Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in not Hong Soo-cheol and Cheon Da-hye. They never showed Hong Hae-in had a baby bump so it’s unclear whether she had a miscarriage or the baby was stillborn. Also, they never mentioned when Hong Hae-in got pregnant in their 3 years of marriage, so Hong Gun-u age and being the main couple child is possible. If this theory is true, then Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in would do anything to find Cheon Da-hye and get back their child.

    Third, Moh Seul-hee and Yoon Eun-sung might have personal vendetta against Queens. I think Moh Seul-hee’s husband and Yoon Eun-sung’s father might be the captain of boat that Hong Hae-in and her brother Hong Su-wan cruised on. Queens family might put the blame on captain of the boat for the tragedy. Moh Seul-hee and Yoon Eun-sung suffered and wanted exact revenge on Queens for their loss.

    Finally, I’ll say again that I hope the ending of Queen of Tears is a happy ending like the K-Drama Fantastic starred by Kim Hyun-joo and Joo Sang-wook. Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in will have a happily ever after.


*** Blamed for her brother’s death, treated harshly by her mother, uncomfortable environment in school, losing her child, suffering from tumor, becoming homeless and penniless but overcome everything because she had loving husband by her that became her driving force beat all bad things in life and her illness. Hong Hae-in will shed tears of happiness in life for the first time as she’s lovingly embraced by Baek Hyun-woo with their child in her arms ***


(I hope this is epilogue scene of episode 16 of Queen of Tears)

  22. The rich family mixing in with other people in the neighbourhood is so funny. It’s amazing how random this K-drama is. One second they’re in Germany and the other they lose all their money and wealth.

  23. This family really needed some humbling down, so its kind of good for them that all this happened. Though, it was interesting how not a single one of them (excluding the aunt) was worried about the other. These people had been living in their own selfishness…

    I think I cannot say this enough; All the Men in this Family are TACTLESS (and we know where the genes come from).

  24. When she told hae-in to shut up I was angry! This k-drama is doing things to me. The revenge be better be sweet.

  25. did y’all notice any difference?? cuz i don’t see any

    they could’ve just used a simple black cap but when director decides to put com from romcom and qot watchers crying watching the drama so light comedic relief lol
    celine ✘ eline ✔

    google ✘ geegle ✔

    reminds me of aguccim instead of gucci in tomorrow where rowoon was wearing the sweatshirt

  26. The fact Hyun-woo came to save them after they kicked him out for warning them shows deep love for Hae-in.

  27. Price of something doesn’t always assure the item is good. The whole debacle over the water and towel was so funny. He dropped to his knees over a used towel. Finally I’m finding the comedy in this show.

  28. The rich guy seems to think he owns Hae-in. He doesn’t love her, he’s just hyper fixated on her as narcissist do. Since he was younger, he found her interesting and since he had nothing else to keep him busy, he’s tricked himself into thinking he actually likes her when it’s all about possession.

  29. hyunwoo’s caressing and fixing haein’s hair when she’s sleeping, hyunwoo is such a softie for this🥺

    even it’s married or divorced it’s baek hyunwoo’s habit

  30. Poor guy. The kid was not his after all.

    It is sad how even his parents (who apparently pamper him so much) failed to comfort him and were worried about their ownselves. What this family lacks is “SYMPATHY’……simply being able to feel bad for anyone else beyond your own selfishness.

    I guess all the men in this family are tactless. The whole rant about WATER the father and son had going on was crazy.

  31. Me: Tell me you’re detached from reality without telling me you’re detached from reality
    Hae-in’s father and brother at the farm be like = we want water from Fiji, or New Zealand or Australia
    Yeah, I’m with Haein….Drink from the kettle, will yah. Maybe, you will gain some reality check.
    Hyun-Woo be like….Don’t worry mom and dad, Haein doesn’t hit me 😂😂😂