Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 5

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  1. Don’t wanna ruin anyone’s mood but watching this after I saw an article about Kim soo Hyeon saying he wanna marry a 21 year old when he will be 41 is really uncomfortable for me!!
    I mean I really liked him as an actor why do they turn to be such creeps omg

  2. Drawing the a longer life line on her palm is the same as saying ”id give my years just to be with you a little more”. The actors did great at portraying such raw emotions.

  3. That epilogue was the sweetest one…when he drew that line on her <3…except leads & her aunt & ML’s family…i dont care for rest family or their baseless scenes..i just FF them & watch leads scene in normal speed..
    nothing u miss in her family scenes….all they do is talk bad about her…

    seems like her mom was bit jealous when ML’s family & villagers were showing more concern & love for her…but loved FL’s reply on that to her selfish mom

  4. Realest Aunt to ever exist… She the only family member that really cares for Hae-In and Hyun-Woo 🥺🥺

  5. im deciding to not watch until next week’s 2 episodes.
    this show is not for the week.
    it me, i am the weak.
    the fucking epilogue will be my death

  6. Y they have to make me cry like this 😭😭😭😭…. Wt an emotional episode? 😭😭😭🥹I want her to live n see a couple of episodes with pure comedy. It’s been a while seeing impactful leads. All these while m fed up with overrated ones. These two kept me engaged throughout.

  7. Não é so eles que estao chorando, eu também estou chorando 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I wonder if she didn’t recognized the mp3 player it had her name on it and her music !! but we didn’t see her connecting the dots that he was the guy . it looked like she knew it was hers I mean she played her songs but she didn’t ask him why he had her mp3 player

  9. first time in forever that I am glad that the person eavesdroping left without listening to the full convo

  10. I wanna cryyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. All the heroines of this writer always have a lot in common, when you watch MLFTS, TLOTBS and CLOY you can easily perceive the similarities with the heroine of this drama. These women are often perceived as self-centered by those around them, but it actually hides a great vulnerability. They are very strong and never let themselves be stepped on. And the icing on the cake is that they still have a keen sense of fashion.

  12. Not me thinking that the blue line he drew on her palm was some weird vein thing as a sign of her illness 😭 Also I cried so much during this episode, I’m so emotionally drained right now… But still loving HongBaek couple. I love the aunt, too. I hate Grandpa’s girlfriend though grrr.

  13. from that dumb clueless family only Aunt seems to be genuine & worried for FL…glad it was she who heard, rather then that gossiper matchmaker or her spy

  14. This drama reminds me of why I fell in love with kdramas, now that she’s vulnerable he has the chance to do what he always wanted to do….protect her.

  15. If he had not gone, I’d have been PISSED. Still irritated he didn’t leave right away to find her. If she’d had another blackout while he wasn’t there? Who knows what could have happened. 😖Least he manned up in the end~

  16. so his type of women who is someone from his high school who he wants to protect..& i.e FL itself…lol..
    now a days i am seeing that envelop giving in lot of chinese & korean dramas…& they keep saying same…that they enacted that scenes from dramas…lol…it so cringe it gets boring to watch it in all dramas..

    after that divorce revelation…lol..he was so scared to sit in car..as if she will eat him alive..

    after that fake concern acting..hes been genuine towards her..but has not realised that yet

  17. Man, the emotions are doing their work. Though it’s fictional, the issues they touched on (losing an unborn child and the breakdown of a marriage) there are people going through these painful experiences every day. I use Asian dramas as a form of escapism but every once in a while you get reminded of the realities.

  18. Ever since the loss of their baby, they got more distant. Misunderstanding slowly occurred more often without communication and their love dying bit by bit. All it take is a disease to reunited them once again and resolved all of their problems.

    Now I have to prepare to brace what is coming once Haein find out about that divorce after all that effort to rekindle their love.

  19. I am happy to see them falling back in love with each other! They never stopped loving each other, but years of misunderstanding and miscommunication caused their hearts to grow cold. Hae In may seem cold, but she has bottled up a lot of things that she does not talk about. We could see it from the way she handled the miscarriage. They were both hurting but grieved separately instead of supporting each other. I hope they express their grievances and talk it through.

    There is something significant brewing, which is intertwined with the past. The whole family is being manipulated by ruthless people. They are gullible and easily trust others, making them vulnerable to exploitation. Beom Ja, although she may seem unhinged, is the one with her eyes open. She just didn’t handle the issue well over the years. I’m glad she is channeling her anger and suspicion into an investigation, which I hope yields results. If not, their empire will collapse so badly that they might not be able to recover.

    Eun Seong is hard to figure out, because is this an act of revenge or just psychopathic tendencies? He looked at the chairman with so much animosity that I wondered if something happened in the past.

  20. it’s funny that the crazy aunt is the only saint one in the family
    I wonder if the grandpa is really soooo in love that he ignores everything his mistress is doing

  21. writer did you do some sort of chemistry test between KSH and KJW? I LOVE IT! sorry if they will deny it but I SHIP THEM!!!!!!!!

    ps. oh LOL I knew Hyun Woo’s dad will create some trouble remember all her drama daughters? HAHAHA I wish to see a scene with dad, Hyun Woo and Hae In bwahahaha!

  22. Man Wth z that? If u r abt to kiss then kiss. If they have lost a child then obviously woman gets hurt more. Here he totally failed to comfort her n understand her. Him wanting her to b dead making no sense.

    Btw how she lost her baby?

  23. im ugly crying T.T i can’t seem to stop.
    why is this making me so sad so early in the morning here T.T

  24. Baek Hyun Woo best friend is exactly like Moon Gang Tae’s best friend, Jo Jae Soo.
    Kwak Dong-yeon is still the same chaebol that’s trying to get recognition, like Kwon Ki-do.

  25. What is messing with me is her duallity . I mean what did she expect from him how he would act toward him when she acted like she moved on and throw eevrything away from the baby . We know she suffered but from his persepctive all he saw her being nonchalant about it liek nothing happend. We know she suffered but she acts all cold . I know deep down she is scared and hurt and sensitive and maybe kind but what it shows is that is doesn’t really matter when you act different on the outside . Everytime she showed he worried about her she is like what does it matter to you and gives him the cold shoulder !!! She always start the argument with him

  26. That epilogue!!😭😭😭
    I think the writers have done a brilliant job in showing how much worse a situation can become if you aren’t honest about what you feel. I know Hyun woo went through some tough times and I know Haein was also never honest about what she felt. But, I kept think why I am more disappointed about Hyun woo than Hae In and then I realised it was because no matter how cold she was, she never feigned her love for him. She may not have shown it but when she spoke about her husband or about their love, never once she lied about it. Now that Hyun woo is realising that he never hated her, I am scared for when she comes to realise the beginning was a lie and how she might group all his actions, even the genuine ones, and close herself off once again. I pray that won’t be the case because seeing both of them making an effort is really what I need.
    When he finally told her how he cried and never kept her promise, I was like “finally, COMMUNICATION!!!” they both needed that. Its understandable – Haein has to be indifferent for her to survive her household and Hyun woo for his family but now that they are communicating, please don’t go back!!!😭😭😭

  27. I’m kinda happy the ex is manipulating the family, they are so arrogant, look down on others for what they have instead of who they are. This will surely knock them off their feet. Hopefully Hae In won’t allow that ex to turn her against hubby.

  28. The parts with only Hyein and Hyunwoo are just so impactful. Especially in today’s episode, the flashback of them crying alone at night after losing their unborn child was gut wrenching. It was difficult letting go of that lingering feeling even by the end of the episode.

    A lot of their problems have developed from misunderstandings. They were trying to process their loss in different ways, but each assumed the other wasn’t affected as much.

  29. Hyunwoo is a human too..yes he is flawed but he has his own prblms too..everyone can’t b perfect all the time..the thing matter the most realising ur fault & work on it..plz give my boy a break..he did 100 Right things but we will judge him for 1 his mistake..😭

  30. yooooo drama has big budget i see Hollywood/British actors in Kdrama. also correct me if i am wrong might be seeing things.

    aww man the ending 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. as i wait for the week to end as a new episode of queen of tears to come out, i decided to watch its okay not to be okay again lol the actors look so young in it verses now hahaha. As I was watching the show I remembered that the ML’s brother in law in queens of tears was a psych patient in Its okay to be not okay.

  32. acccckkkk!!! finally the weekends! but then I have to wait for the next one waaaaa~

    I love how they’re sprinkling CLOY here and there and for a moment there I saw Go Mun Young’s shouting at the deer scene haha

    every time Eun Seong comes on screen I wish he will bump into something god he’s so annoying!

  33. This episode made me cry and smile at the same time. The pain they felt after losing their child is why they ain’t closer to each other anymore. At the end they kissed 😭❤️🥰. I hope they’ll communicate more

  34. I’m not gonna lie.. it’s been so hard waiting for today. Been so anxious and excited
    Trying to watch all the shorts… Future and past pisode hints … interviews.. previous clips .. old drama clips ..All while waiting for the new episode

    This drama definitely won our hearts
    Our weekends are never the same again

    Hyun Woo & Hae In …

  35. If I am to take a shot each time our couple cry, I think I will die of alcohol poisoning and won’t be able to finish this drama…Please writer, can you let Haein and Hyun-Woo happy 🙏🏼
    That epilogue on lifeline got me even more sad…sigh😔 🙁