Wonderful World (2024)

Wonderful World (2024)

Other name: 원더풀 월드 / 美好世界 / Wondeopul Woldeu / Чудесный мир

Synopsis: Eun Soo Hyun, a psychology professor and renowned writer, experiences a tragic loss when her young son dies unjustly. Despite seeking justice through the law, the responsible party goes unpunished, leaving Eun Soo Hyun feeling hopeless and in despair. In an attempt to find closure, she takes matters into her own hands and seeks revenge against the perpetrator. As she continues to struggle with her pain, Eun Soo Hyun crosses paths with others who also share a similar suffering. Together, they work to solve mysterious cases and find healing in the process. This drama consists of 14 episodes and airs on Fridays and Saturdays.



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  1. I’m a firm believer that Eun woo would be a great psychopath, and I’m happy he’s broadening his roles. Cause he can do romance, just not as the male lead. So I’m excited to see how right I am.

  2. So excited for this
    Hopefully this showcases his acting skills, so he can be seen as an actor not just a pretty idol

  3. waitinggggggggggg…..m so glad Eun woo got a project other than his usual cute romantic ones, I hope he’s not “Projected” to being “pretty” again in here, looking forward to see another angle of his acting….🤞🏼🤞🏼