Wonderful World (2024) Episode 4

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  1. We know that the picture she received was from the time they were apart, so she wants to move past it because she did technically give him divorce papers and tell him that she doesn’t want to see him again, with the hope that he will move on. But the politician also showed him a picture asking how the FL would react if she saw it, and that worried him, so it looks like he was already cheating, but it could be something else like about his drugs/pills (the ones FL found) etc.

    All the hints they dropped today point to the sister being the mistress- they said the sisters were not blood related, she got back from the US which is also where Suho was, the sister and Suho did not seem to really make eye contact when she came for dinner (he looked uncomfortable and looked away), and she seemed uneasy when the FL said that Suho said ‘that woman’ meant nothing.

    The neighbour comforting the FL earlier and then meeting Suho is suspicious, and now the FL will think she is the mistress, but we often see her playing on their street with her son, so I bet she saw the mistress leave the day of the accident and/or any other day as well, and maybe confronted Suho, so he thinks she sent the picture. We know the son of the guy FL killed in revenge, is the one who sent it, I wonder how ML traced him back to the orphanage, and what happened to his mom…

  2. lots of assumptions here.. we know that the stalker is the son of the dead man. we know that the dead man was the escape goat of that congressman. but the woman with the kid? then our boy is being followed by these creepy cars.

  3. Somehow almost Everything points that sunyeol could be dead CEO son , the way he threw the notebook aside and his disinterested expression bout what’s written inside, also when he stated the exact camera that the photo that was sent to soohyun taken with, because whoever sent the photo to soohyun had good photography background since he is using red room, going back to first ep and how he sunyeol looking at soohyun with eyes full of revenge but I still hope he isn’t the dead CEO’s son 😭
    He would be totally crazy to seek revenge of he is , his father committed a crime but got away with it. While soohyun did a mistake and served her time in jail for it. It doesn’t justify her actions but still she didn’t sneak away and was punished for it unlike the CEO.
    Bout the neighbour, I am still contemplating what’s her relationship with suho and my hunch still tell me it’s Yuri not the neighbor but let’s wait and see bout this.

  4. I’m going to stick with my initial theory that the neighbor had a fling with the ML in college and they had a son that she did not tell the ML about at the time. I think she had been looking for him, but the congressman might have found her first and began to use her to gain leverage on the ML. When she finally found the ML and told him about their son, I think he moved her closer to him so that he could be close to his new son. I also think the neighbor’s son is aware that he is his dad and might have been jealous that he shares his time with his wife and son; not him and his mother. His anger could have led him to open that gate and let their son out under the guise that they were going to play. Remember their son was running after something before being hit. It could have been a soccer ball he and the neighbor’s son were playing with. That pic the congressman showed the ML was him and the neighbor not the FL sister. The congressman probably set that up to. Also, they are not real sisters but more like play sisters. Remember she said “How was I so lucy to find someone like you.” Now the play sister could be the neighbor’s real sister and is there to spy from the inside. IDK but I’m intrigued…

  5. After the fourth episode am guessing that the neighbors lady with a child didn’t have an affair with the FL husband but instead with that devil congressman. She’s might be blackmailing the FL husband for all we know.. because she’s knew who’s he with on the fateful day.

    Oh and the CEO might be a scapegoat.. the fall guys for the congressman. Ok these might be way off the course theory but I think the ML could be the CEO son rather than the survivor of the homestay fire… because of the opening scene in episode one and the grave he visited.

  6. I think the first scene at 1st epi is an important scene and a BIG hint on who Seonyul is. If he is trying to run FL down with his car angrily and she doesn’t seem to want to dodge it means he is really the dead CEO’s son harbouring a grudge on the FL. It’s kinda scary to think that he’s being two-faced now, being nice to her but hiding another revenge motive.

  7. Me coming to check the comments cos the twist at the end when it’s the wrong woman got me SHOOK… but yall in the comments be conspiring as heck😂😂😭😭bruh I didn’t think that far … My first soapy drama.. I honestly didn’t think it was soapy cos eun woo but idk now

  8. Wow it’s getting intense. I have a feeling the sister was also involved with the husband. She acted real guilty when Soo Hyun told her about the picture.

    The husband been cheating on her long before her child was murdered too… he seems to have a lot of secrets and dark ones too… i can’t wait for next week.

  9. Nearly every epi give us new theories n guesses. Sorry my brain 🧠 need to sleep after this 😅

    Latest theory: Seonyul is the son of the CEO FL ran over with her car. I noted that they didn’t show the face of the guy who was developing the photos and sending it but only show the other guy’s face when he was walking along a corridor. So I think they are trying to trick us by placing both scenes next to each other so that it seems it is that guy who sent the photo. The one who developed n sent the photo is actually Seonyul. Plus Seonyul he sounds very full of grudge when he told the gal he was working with “that woman told me to …..” His reaction is like as if “my enemy is being nice to me now and I hate it!” He also called her “that woman” it means he really dislike that person. If he only meet her recently why dislike or hate her? Unless he has a personal feud with her….Plus he threw that diary aside means he wasn’t even interested in it cos he isn’t that fire survivor boy.

    As for the mystery on the mistress I still believe that the mistress is Yuri. She looked really nervous when FL told her about Suho meeting a new gal. The neighbor is just blackmailing Suho. Suho knows that she has that video so he thought she’s the one who sent that photo to FL.

  10. the sisters reaction ‘ did he tell you that?’ was a clear give away that he cheated with her, shame on them both!

  11. Am I thinking that I might have been too happy too soon thinking Seonyul wasn’t the CEO’s son last episode? Yes. Lol. But am I still hoping he isn’t the son? Yes. Hahaha. From suspecting he was the congressman’s son at first, then thinking he might be the dead CEO’s son, then thinking he might be the sole survivor, to thinking he might be the dead CEO’s son again….Ugghhh. The nonchalant look he had while scrolling through Soohyun’s news was weird but I’m still hoping he’s the sole survivor instead. And that veiny arm?? Those arms looked kinda similar to the close up on Seonyul’s arm when he was outside the restaurant with Soohyun. Lol. The other guy whose shoes kept being shown looked kinda slender compared to Seonyul too. But why is Seonyul looking into him…coz we saw the family photo of that CEO, and it does seem like the slender guy is the actual son and perhaps he was sent to the orphanage after the CEO met his demise.

    But there’s also another question. Why is Seonyul working for the congressman? Because that was the reason I suspected he could be the dead CEO’s son at first, besides them sharing the same last name. But he’s also keeping an eye on that congressman, as if he’s got beef with him.

    The neighbor suddenly being nice to Soohyun was sketchy too. I did not see it coming the previous episode. But Yuri was acting way too nervous and upset when Soohyun told her. So who could it be??? Was it the neighbor or Yuri? Coz it could be the neighbor, and Yuri is just a red herring. Or Yuri and Suho had an affair later on, but that woman in the picture is the neighbor. OR, that neighbor was spying on Suho, blackmailing him all this while, so Yuri is still the mistress all along.

    Because even though the neighbor saw Soohyun key in the password and entered the house, why would she want to open the door and enter the house again? Perhaps she left something? Or was she jealous of Gunwoo and secretly wanted him dead??? Was Suho also part of it????? Gosh that would piss me off so effing much if it’s true. But assuming Suho loved his son for real, he wouldn’t be continuing the affair with the neighbor knowing it was her who opened the door?? Hmm….I think neighbor is blackmailing Suho and them meeting at the hotel was just to confuse us.

    Anyway, I guess I just wish Seonyul isn’t the CEO’s son coz that means everyone is against Soohyun, even though Seonyul might change his mind about revenge later on if that’s the case, which….to be honest, feels a bit meh to me. I’d rather he have other conflicts with her instead of this.

  12. It sure looks like Yu-Ri is the home having an affair with Soohyun’s husband, but who knows because they might hit us with a crazy plot twist.

  13. Hmmm, so it’s the neighbor?

    And Suho’s concerned demeanor to Soohyun is all but a farce?

    There is something more that Suho is hiding.

  14. From episode 1 I had a hunch that Suho might be cheating or would cheat on Soohyun with the neighbour but now feel like he could have had a relationship with Soohyun’s sister because she was so terrified when Soohyun told her that she had found out that Soohyun had “cheated” on her.

    However I think that Suho didn’t really cheat on Soohyun BUT it does bother me that he did see another woman (or women) while he and Soohyun had broken up. HOWEVER if he had a relationship with Soohyun’s sister that is a different type of BETRAYAL because out all the women in the world why choose her SISTER?! But if its with the neighbour then it’s still bad but more acceptable.

  15. Is Eun woo trying to hepl the FL by himself by getting information about who sent her the picture? Nice of him to help her then 😀

  16. Eun woo doesn’t seem to like the girl he is working with and she seems to force herself on him. Not good for her, better for herself if she moves on

  17. FL she closed that door and that time her neighbour shoot some video with his son then she saw the door code and she opened that door FL son got out and then hit by that car

  18. There was no pictures of the neighbor’s husband, or the kid’s father……..

    Guess ML might be the father?? Because why she would not mention about the video showing who left the door open?

  19. I think the husband cheated with FL’s sister. The neighbor woman knows their affair and threats the husband.

  20. The excuse he provided was exactly what I expected….
    I bet the neighbour’s boy is Suho’s child. That’s why she lives close to his family.
    For a moment I thought the sister was the one he cheated, and this is still a possibility.
    Soon Yul is falling in love with Soonhyun….
    Who is that boy from the orphanage?

  21. Someone Who cheated can be trusted, i believe she wil learn it very soon. Suho wants revenge but with no consequences for him. That’s not possible. He could already burried the bad Guy, but he prefered not letting her know his affair. They Will slipted and i guess get revenue after all.

  22. I bet the husband had an affair with the women he was in the hotel room with AND the sister of the FL. I even feel like he could potentially be the father of the first mistress’s kid. I hope they choose to reveal this early on in the series to give a fresh take on this stale(but realistic when it comes to the cheating) trope.

  23. I think the husband have multiple mistress. Yuri seem more hurt by the fact that her beloved said he doesn’t remember the face. If I remember correctly, neighbour was outside the house when Soo- Hyun came back from airport in the first episode. It’s still a question who sent the photo and why?

  24. I watched the ep without sub and…it seems like a game of guessing who her husband is cheating on her with. I thought the drama was about another topic. If it weren’t for the guy who distributes photos this would be stagnant. The photo had a date or numbers that I didn’t understand, I don’t know what it’s like in Korea, the day goes ahead or the month. I know that not all countries have the same way of placing the date. It doesn’t seem to be June or December anyway.