Wonderful World (2024) Episode 2

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  1. I liked seeing the protagonist working in a workshop, they are always as students, teachers, delivery people, police officers, frying chicken, etc. or in a good position wearing a suit like doctors, lawyers or CEOs. LOL

  2. The FL chose a very dramatic role for her comeback. So far I like this drama.
    As expected, her husband was caught cheating….
    I still believe GW’s tablet has some kind of evidence about what happened that day….

  3. Cha eunwoo as a mechanic?
    Why are they doing this to us?
    Just how will we survive that hair and those sexy arms?

  4. Here I was, happy that her husband was spitting facts in the newsroom and trying so hard to get justice, and the next minute…..we have congressman threatening him with what is most likely a clip of his mistress leaving the house and leaving the door open. Someone guessed it last episode. You’re so smart. Lol.

    I knew there was gonna be a twist when Kim Kangwoo plays a seemingly good person…But is he really switching sides? Or is he faking it for now to gain the congressman’s trust and find more evidence to take down the congressman? I also wonder if Soohyun’s next revenge will be on him when she finds out whatever it was in that clip. I feel that inmate 0826’s case was another foreshadow. I was worried about her only friend in prison getting killed or something, but damn. T^T

    They also made it seem like Cha Eunwoo’s character is that sole survivor. But if he is, how can he also be the son of Gunwoo’s killer? Which one is he? Or could it be both? Maybe the other two deceased in the fire weren’t his parents, but his mother and sibling. And then his father remarried. Lol. That would also explain why he’s working for the congressman. But could he be faking it to gain trust as well? I feel that the only person we can trust in this drama is no one but Soohyun. Hahaha

  5. Why do i feel like the husband was cheating on her and that day she returned unexpected which lead to his mistress running off through their house back door… Since she was in a rush she forgot to lock the door and that’s how the child got out 😭😭

  6. Kdrama without umbrella scene is not kdrama at all. The congressman is behind the son’s accident. I wonder if it’s the video of his son being kidnapped or the husband’s mistress leaving the house is used to blackmail him now.
    But his son being kidnapped doesn’t make sense since no ransom was involved. The latter would definitely be devastating to soo Hyun as not only her husband is having affair but she also lost her son because of this situation.

  7. I for a fact know the husband was cheating on her, but a part of kinda wish I am wrong 😭🤚 I don’t want him to be cheater like it would be so cool if the go against the evil together as a trio

  8. Look sir, you have no right to make my heart flutter while being a mechanic
    Like I seriously have no idea if I should focus on your face or your biceps or that Adam’s apple 😩

  9. For a second I was wondering if Cha Eun Woo is her son and that he didn’t die 💀🤚
    Why did this 100% impossible theory come to my mind lmao?