Doctor Slump (2024)

Doctor Slump (2024)

Other name: 닥터슬럼프 / 닥터 슬럼프 / 低谷医生 / Dakteoseulleompeu / Dr. Slump / Доктор Крах / ركود الطبيب

Synopsis: Yeo Jeong Woo, a former top student and now a successful plastic surgeon, meets his childhood rival Nam Ha Neul during a difficult time in his life caused by a mysterious accident. Ha Neul, a highly intelligent anesthesiologist, realizes she is not happy with her life and meets Jeong Woo at a low point in hers. As they comfort each other, a romantic relationship develops between them. This 16-episode drama follows their journey as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Rated for teens 15 or older, it airs every Saturday and Sunday with each episode lasting 45 minutes.



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  1. Four episodes in and the show is still as bad as episode 1. Very talented actors in this show. Too bad the story is really bad.

  2. I can’t take a ML seriously whose job is plastic surgeon. I consider that job harmful to society 90% of the time. Koreans really must have a very different attitude there..

  3. Hmmmmm… I remember a Chinese drama in which the main actress acted as if she were 15 years old..and she was 42 years…… it really doesn’t look good… even if it is 1 or 2 episodes… Act as if you were at a similar age but from 35 to 15 there is a lot … maybe they looks yonger but…hmmmm

  4. Some thoughts:
    I enjoyed the first 2 eps. So far a 8/10 for me.
    Great cinematography.
    It reminds me of True Beauty in some ways. I would like to say that Moon
    Gayoung who has been acting since she was 10 is a better actress.
    Korea really needs to be more realistic with showing workplace violence.
    Either the dramas are way off or it’s got a real problem. I doubt bosses
    are actually allowed to physically assault subordinates. I realize it’s
    a drama, but how accurate is this? Can anyone elaborate?
    The FL looks so much like Suzy Bae. Let’s not say which one’s prettier since they’re both beautiful.

    I really want to say this about medication. I took an SSRI for anxiety
    and depression for a while years ago. It was the biggest mistake I ever
    made. I believe it changed my body and harmed my health even thought
    I’ve been off it many years. The first option should be self. Not
    expensive, toxic, possibly dangerous medication. The problem is doctors
    and the system can’t make money through self care. They make money with
    meds and surgeries. With the internet, you can do your own research
    about how dangerous or helpful a med is. This makes some doctors angry. I
    don’t suggest angering your doctor, so try to be quiet and humble about
    it. But please do your research on meds before you take them –
    especially daily meds. Drug companies have made it policy to hide
    negative effects of their drugs.
    No one cares about your health more than you, so please do your research first.

  5. Not impressed so far even though I usually like the shows the FL is in. Yes 1 episode can make or break a series. The whole first show felt like a pity party.

  6. this drama and the trailer kinda reminding me of our beloved summer.
    omgggg 16 hours to go…can’t wait for my hyungsik oppa and shinhye unnie.

  7. The issue with me is that I drop a Kdrama between episodes 9 -10. (If someone has the same problem plz comment)
    Sometimes I lose interest in it or sometimes I have to wait for new episodes to air and never continue that again.
    You will be surprised at how many popular kdramas I have stopped in halfway like something in rain. Uncontrollably fond ,dots, our beloved summer and many more. Sometimes it’s the storyline with which I can’t continue. Or I want to continue with a new drama but this cycle continues. If anybody has any suggestions how to deal with this please share 🙂
    Thank you <3

    Started with Gyseoung creature rn and waiting for new eps for Marry my husband


  9. Seo Woo Jin has a role here. He is only 9 years old, but it is already clear that he can be a really good actor in the future.

  10. Park hyung shik was so perfect in happiness but why he looks so skinny now 😞
    Still I’m in ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Well, Park Hyung Shik really “STOLE” my heart in happiness drama but here he looks so skinny…..not my type. So pass this drama. Besides, I don’t like the way they are going to trivialize the real medical career failure or say slump issues into silly romcom.

  12. Ooh this looks for reminiscent of Pinocchio and when Kdrama love story where cute and fuzzy!! I missed that!! Finally something to watch!

  13. I need more enemies to lovers like this 😭 please recommend me some omg im so deprived of ETL genre lmaooo (please dont suggest Secret)

  14. Park Shin Hye is coming ❤️❤️❤️ October 2023 is that far but just happy to note there is one in the pipe. … and Park Hyeong Shik at that too! One to look forward to! #Heirs