Doctor Slump (2024) Episode 4

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  1. I like how they’re so open with each other about the struggles they’re facing. They’re sharing their feelings, comforting and cheering up each other. They’re slowly building up their relationship. It’s in hardships that you find out the people who really care about you.
    Looking forward for Hong ran and JW’s friend encounter and them being all friends.
    Sung-min was sus since the beginning. He was too much invested in his affairs. Choosing his lawyers, telling to sell his things and I didn’t seem out of concern or coming from a good place.If he involved in JW’s case,I wonder what is his motive? Jealousy? I guess he was paid from someone of that heiress family and found a way to ruin Jeong woo.

  2. I’m sure no other actor could play the character better than PHS. This character was written and created especially for him.

  3. I think someone mentioned this theory before but i think the huband of the woman who died is the culprit and because hes the owner of casino he has a lot of money to bribe people e.g. ML friend and the dude who was in the sugery at the time. The culprit isnt close to the ML but just using him as a scapegoat so they dont get caught.

  4. already reminiscing about having a soul mate after a couple of weeks, or however long they have been hanging out in loser club? isnt the writer too impatient at trying to pull at our heartstring without putting in much work?

    feels like a drama from ten years ago..
    grade-a student proceeds to hit the ceiling fan like a chimpanzee. cant the characters be more consistent. and then fighting over the cap, she finds every opportunity to fall into his arms.
    arent they worried viewers would find the slapstick and mistaken identity a bit blase.

  5. this drama fells not special but its such a great comfort drama. like every moment sad, happy, comedy, or romance gives you a great view of life and that’s everything what happens is okay and that its just a moment which will be over and something new will start afterward bad or good something always comes and this happens every time. I fell so comfy and happy watching this

  6. I didn’t trust that doctor friend since episode 1 and I was totally right. I’m 100% sure he’s involved in the whole mess. Jeong Woo is too trusting, he’s the type of person that kind to everyone so he assumes everyone else will be too. He has the purest soul so it’s kind of hard watching him go through this.

    I’ll take a break from watching this and resume at episode 8. I hope by then, they would have made some headway in the case.

  7. I really hope they’re just messing with us, making us believe the other doctor is the culprit for a week. Then next episode it turns out he found it in his office or so and the frowing was just because.
    I cannot handle him being evil!

  8. Aside the revelation I’m in awe of Park hung sik each ep.He is not afraid to show those hilarious expression. Most actors put up some puppy face and call it rom com. Just look at him. That’s how you do it!

  9. PHS is such a cutie in these roles!!!! I’m so glad I keep on watching his dramas. Love his acting. PSH is okay, I cant say I like her acting a lot but she is fine. I liked her the best in Pinnochio and Doctors. She had great chemistry with both co-stars but not that amazing here imo. Right now, the drama is being carried mainly by hyungsik.
    Tbh, directing and editing is not that good but overall it is such a fluffy and sweet romance that I’m enjoying watching it

  10. What kind of antidepressants is FL taking that she drinks alcohol? I have never heard of such antidepressant. In general, alcohol may weaken the effects of such drugs, and sometimes intensify their side effects, adversely affect the course and treatment of depression and cause relapses of the mentall ilness. When an antidepressant is used, the doses are calculated in such a way that their effect on the body is 24/7, so there is no moment when they do not mix with alcohol. Korean dramas heavily sponsored by alcohol companies always feature characters drinking alcohol, but in this case, if they have to, they should give such scenes to other characters, not FL, who is suffering from depression and taking medications.

  11. I knew she will feel sorry for quitting her job. But I didn’t expect to be so quickly. Still in Seoul there is probably 100 big hospitals. How the other doctor has so big daughter? How old is he? She looks like 15?

  12. The lead actor is always idiot he won’t know nothing ,,,, he never been clever where ever his drama I regret I wait very long to support him… hhahhhahhahh

  13. Man how I love and missed Park Hyung Shik! Welcome back to where you truly belong, the sweet and crazy romantic guy!!

  14. the moment he asked about his trial and the dissertation, I knew something was wrong….and the moment he said that Ha Neul got a job offer in rural area, I was absolutely sure that he’s involved in what happened to him….I mean how can he know about that??? and y would the director of that hospital call him and ask him about Ha neul, it just didn’t make sense….I wish Jeong woo had picked up the signals here, but that would be too soon for him to know who destroyed him and he was too focused on Ha neul being disappointed that he couldn’t think how absurd was his friend being….

    but still dun know if he’s the real culprit or just a pawn…..

  15. I just can’t with him….🤣🤣🤣🤣

    him and Lee yi kyung are the best for comedy roles, I enjoy them both equally…. 😅😅

  16. The kind of friendship they have is priceless.
    I love the way she looks for him whenever she has good news and when she has bad news also. The way she trusts him is everything.

    I couldn’t help but smile when he was choosing a dress to go shopping with her. He was being so cute when he thought she was acting a certain way because he’s her first love. The way his expression dropped when she said she had a blind date 🫠 and the smirk when she said the date was a flop.

    This episode was so deep for me because they both find solace in each other. Although I’m looking forward to their relationship…this friendship is it!!!

  17. Ok this smile made me laugh sooooooo
    hard he is so adroable . he was so happy and likes her sooo much lmao mil

  18. These doctors are so cut throat and backstabbing. Her boss and now his friend. And on top of that, her Aunts! Seriously, why live like that?

  19. Jeong Woo here reminds me of Myung Soo (the heirs) and Ahn Min Hyuk (strong woman do bong soon). His aaegyo is back.

    Loving the drama. It is healing. 2-5 mins of the villain part makes me very anxious. Wish they edited in reverse instead. First the angst part and then the healing part.

    Also could it be that the anesthesiologist during that disastrous operation was that hyung and not the doctor that is emigrating. The moment he appeared first on the screen I felt that he was the one in OT. Then he was promoted! But later since they mentioned about another doc I ignored this sunbae/hyung.

  20. I think Park Hyeong Shik is gonna be the winner if they ever decide to give “The best Aegyo ever performed” award.
    He is the cutest and he can act the cutest in the cutest way possible. His role in Strong woman and this is just so so cute. Just him acting cute is enough to make me blush.

  21. I really like the plot. They are mature and are not being cringy and stuff. Most of all it is very relatable and realistic to be each other’s safe place in hard times. I really enjoy seeing them together.

  22. I know the acting in rom-com doesn’t get as much attention as saeguk, thriller or slice-of-life because it doesn’t seem as hard. But imagine if every actor put in as much effort as Park Hyung-sik does for this genre. His comedic timing and expressions are impeccable.

  23. The minute she said “I have a school friend now!!” I smiled automatically. Their flashbacks are funny yet cute. “In a world of boys, he is a gentleman!” suits Yeo Jeong Woo very well. He is so considerate, damn!! I loved how he put those aunts in place. I’m better off without these kinda relations, the one who enjoys the misfortune of others. Their chemistry is already through the roof.

    Please find those damn cameras, its giving me so much anxiety. I have a theory about the “villain”. He might be someone who is against the ML or his family. His mom whom we saw a glimpse of in the flashback, does look like someone who would have made some enemies. We will see.

  24. I wonder if the person who killed the patient is someone close to the ML and if so who could it be. It makes me mad when the police don’t closely investigate cases like this instead of just blaming the doctor.