Flex X Cop (2024)

Flex X Cop (2024)

Other name: 재벌X형사 / 골드스푼 / 财阀X刑警 / Goldeuseupun / ChaebolXHyeongsa / Gold Spoon / Chaebol X Detective / FlexxCop / Чеболь против детектива

Synopsis: Jin Yi Soo, born into a third-generation conglomerate, enjoys a life of abundance where self-sufficiency is the norm. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a complex case.

In an effort to navigate this new challenge, Jin Yi Soo joins the Kangha Police Station’s formidable investigative team, specializing in apprehending robbers. Despite his intention to leverage his wealth and connections, he finds himself under the command of Detective Lee Kang Hyun. Kang Hyun, known for his dedication and smooth communication skills, initially shows little regard for Yi Soo’s privileged background as they embark on their partnership.

Episodes: 16
Airs On: Friday, Saturday



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  1. FINALLY, A ROLE AHN BOHYUN IS BORN TO PLAY!!! Him in romance roles are not suited tbh… action, thriller, Ahn Bo Hyun? Count me innnnn

  2. bohyun and jihyun back at it again…they have good chemistry even when not starring completely across one another as in the recent silly one that was partially animated.

  3. I loved him in “My Name” and “Her Private Life”, but in all honesty I was incredibly disappointed when they confirmed the dating rumor of him and jisoo, I get really bad vibes from the black-pink members, and even though their private life shouldn’t matter, it sort of did. I hope this drama will somehow “restore” this feeling haha because I really have been enjoying his work!