Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 10

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  1. Big Question does writer think I will forget about stepmother by not having her on last 2 episodes? I refuse until the end

  2. That slap was really needed for a rude fellow like him. It was so satisfying 😌😌
    From this, we can Again understand, Don’t believe in rumours, she is great, elegant Queen. Not like the rumours being her like ICE

  3. I also hung out with you because I was lonely…..
    Mr. Jin Isoo has now found a second family in his colleagues/team and I love itttt.
    Also I have a feeling that the last episodes will now be dedicated to solving this mystery which consumed her dad and lost him his job and now threatens to consume the FL as well.

    Also writers I beg you if the brother is evil please tell us already, I am unable to get invested in their bromance/brotherly love because I am afraid that he will turn out to be super-villain any minute now.

    Also the reporter has incredible luck, what were the chances that her next murder would have been that of a famous actress.

    PS. Everytime they use questionable methods to collect evidence (eg. the shaman ritual or the hypnosis thing) the only thing going inside my mind is “how is any of this admissible in court?” But then I remember that this is not a proper cop/detective show but rather a show cosplaying as a cop show. But you know what! I love it!!!!

  4. Ahhh my heart goes to you man! I used to wonder why Isoo didn’t cut ties with him even though he lied and didn’t help Isoo when he was caught. Now I get it..🤧😭

  5. I am saying this again, but man am I loving this drama.. really really!! Seems like its past turn here on out but I am so looking forward to it.
    And in this crime episode, I liked this woman the most. She was so graceful and cool. A woman’s woman, the type I respect and like! Kudos madam!

  6. lol we all thought it was the mothers case where the fl father was involved and got framed ??
    since its not does that mean the ml mother case was actually suicide?? but it doesnt make sense why go to the bath if she has taken the sleeping pill? was the ml father really not involved or the brother and the step mother i actually believe that ml father was not involved he usually plays roles were i cant stand his face but in this one i feel okay watching him.
    but in the next week’s eps they will solve the fl father’s case i suppose so lets see and let me know what you think