Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 13

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  1. I was watching a Youtube interview and photoshoot with FL and ML its her first drama with leading role I thought she did an excellent job. She can look quiet elegant with designer clothes. She had to gain weight for role to look more bulky and always had a jacket on she is pretty petite in every day life

  2. I’m loving the pace and writing of this drama. The team’s come together before the main conflict point. Everything is proceeding as expected but in a refreshing way.

  3. So, what I think is that chairman’s wife is the one who has murdered In-soo’s mother. Might be a planned or in a fit of jealousy. Then she undertook the service of the man who was found in their driveway to cover the murder as suicide.

    Later, this man in serious need of money, contacted Seung-joo and blackmailed him. This led to Seung-joo giving contract of his murder and planning murder of anyone that might know the truth.

  4. I don’t think it is appropriate for ML to investigate this case, because involve his family. What they were thinking? FL and ML?

  5. Obviously and as I suspected, besides the cheating, JI’s stepmother is involved in his mother’s death, which explains the drinking problem.

  6. If elder bro was really evil I feel like they would maybe wait till like ep 15 end to reveal it. This is probably a distraction, I feel like he was just doing smthing to protect his mom but isn’t actually evil. Hope he remains to be genuine to Isoo atleast.

  7. Even though it is seeming that way atm, I would like to believe the hyung isn’t guilty, or maybe not intentionally. To be honest, they do have a really f***ed up household with one parent cheating and then bringing his illegitimate child to live with the family, the step-mum being cruel as expected and now her being a cheat as well. What else would the children grow up to be?

    But I want to believe (I hope) that he was at least sincere towards Isoo and didn’t betray him in any way, irrespective of the mess their parents have created. It would just be too cruel for Isoo if the one person he trusted since childhood turns out to have not been his well-wisher all along.

  8. okay didn’t want brother to be bad, but he doesn’t have a good mother. The cheating thing, nah! Her husband cheated first and even claims to still love her, and it doesn’t take lot for a relation to break. But to involve your son in that behavior?? Not nice women, not nice and it seem to have started since the bro was young. But is it gonna turn out that his brother is also illegitimate child???? No please!
    I am excited about the mystery and since I didn’t want bro to turn out bad, I was hoping it will be that other candidate behind this, but lets see.

  9. Kang hyun mom is seriously underrated. She is kind, talkative, and knows how to live life joyfully even though her husband got fired abruptly on corruption scandal which may have got the family bad reputation. Her husband and daughter has dangerous jobs, yet she looks like someone who could cheer them no matter what. Frankly speaking I feel Kang hyun mom’s and ML personality to be same, chilled and relax.

  10. This series always feel like a new series i just started to watch, it never loses its freshness. Always excited for a new episode.

  11. unrelated to the show but i want to see a crossover season between taxi driver, 1 dollar lawyer and this show. it will be an epic crossover. Its also possible since all 3 of the shows are under SBS network. even if they don’t do a whole season they can just do a special like 3 or 6 episodes long