The Impossible Heir (2024)

The Impossible Heir (2024)

Other name: 로얄로더 / Royallodeo / Royal Loader / Royal Roader / Королевский путь

Synopsis: The drama follows the story of Kang In Ha, the illegitimate son of a Korean conglomerate owner. Despite being born into poverty, In Ha is determined to achieve success and leaves his impoverished life behind when he discovers his father’s identity. With his childhood friend Han Tae Oh, In Ha forms a partnership and sets their sights on taking over the Kang Oh Group and securing their place at the top of society. However, their plans are thrown into jeopardy when a woman with a troubled past enters the picture, threatening to derail their rise to the top.



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  1. This sounds good but why do I feel like that woman (FL) will be the cause of the demise of this brotherhood 🤔
    We shall see…
    No doubt LJW is going to kill this role…He does, stoic, serious and dangerous extremely well. He is one of those actors that can easily make a ruthless face.
    Gosh sometimes I forgot this boy is from the late 90s 🤯

  2. apparently this airs on the last day of this year and what am i doing here in january 😭 gotta wait a whole yr omg cant wait!! 😍