Queen of Divorce (2024)

Queen of Divorce (2024)

Other name: 끝내주는 해결사 / 끝까지 간다 / 绝佳的解决士 / Kkeutnaejuneun Haegyeolsa / Kkeutkkaji Ganda / Great Problem Solver / A Hard Day / Persist Until the End / Going Until the End / Going to the End / I Will Go Until the End / Amazing Troubleshooter / Королева разводов / Удивительный специалист / ملكة الطلاق

Synopsis: “Betrayed by her husband and stripped of her wealthy status, Kim Sa Ra becomes a divorce troubleshooter at Solution, where she leads a team in punishing bad spouses and aiding those in unfair divorce situations. Her business partner and advisory lawyer, Dong Ki Joon, was once a formidable prosecutor known as the “German Shepherd” for his persistence and intuition. Together, they work to help those suffering through difficult divorces. This drama spans 12 episodes and is suitable for viewers above the age of 15. It airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.”



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  1. There are plotholes already in the first 2 episodes. Is this written by an amateur writer?

    And also, the innocent witness/people with evidence courageous enough to come forward are getting killed just because of some stupid prosecutor(ML) here. Unless they can explain all the plotholes later on. If I know the prosecutor gonna be so stupid I won’t come forward with the evidence. Why risk my life when they can’t even protect me and even “announce” my presence to the suspect murderer there?

    And the ML actor is better at his other dramas and his previous drama Uncanny Counter season 2. He seems kinda awkward here. I’m dropping this show.

  2. Lovely, it’s a 12 episode drama Yippeeee. Now good experienced cast members let us see how good the writer is. We need the director to use them well.

  3. If this is the ML with the goofy hair and stick body I know how the comedy ended up in part of the Genre.

  4. Someone is going to hate me for saying this, but the first episode is highly homophobic. Really Homophobic. And then it ignores bisexuality exists on top of it. But I figure content warning is in order. Also, I figure for those who like BL, which is a lot of you, you’re not going to like people hating on gay people.

    Some of the homophobia is hidden behind Korean cultural cuing, but I’m not going to point those out for you, otherwise it’s a lesson in LGBTQIA rights.

    It equates gay people to drug users.

    Then all of the gay people have exactly the same fashion sense. WHY?

    The gay bar, BTW, depicted is super boring. Ya’ll have you see gay bars in Itaewon?

    It then concludes, if a man likes another man, then he’s gay. Because you know, bisexuality and pansexuality doesn’t exist.

    The the drama uses the fact he’s in a lavender marriage to get the divorce the woman wants. And I’m like WTH.

    And then he’s all touchy feely towards women, because it is depicting that sort of behavior is 1. Gay 2. Gay people will touch women inappropriately.

    !@#$ No. There’s so much wrong with that.

  5. This looks interesting. I don’t know the FL, but she looks like she will be good. I’ve always like Kang Ki Yeong tho he was usually the funny side kick. But when I saw him in Extraordinary Attorney Woo I thought ” wow, he has leading man capabilities”! I’m happy his has his chance, who knew you’d have to wait until your 40’s to get a romantic lead role, but that is awesome!


  7. Why are they reducing the number of episodes these days?? Man, Kang KiYeong gave me a whiplash with Uncanny Counter, he’s back to his dorky portrayals looks like

  8. Kang Ki Yeong n Kim Seon Yeong…. Yeaaaa.. I’m here for them, my ultimate favorite artist😍 ❤❤❤❤❤