Begins Youth (2024)

Begins Youth (2024)

Other name: 비긴즈 유스 / 푸른 하늘 / Yuseu / Peureun Haneul / Blue Sky / Youth / Begins ≠ Youth

Synopsis: The drama portrays the journey of seven boys as they navigate through their school years and personal growth while facing various challenges such as family obligations, loss, poverty, abandonment, violence, and rejection. Kim Hwan, an outsider and son of Kim Chang Jun, meets six boys in Songju-si and initially faces conflicts due to misunderstandings. However, they eventually become friends and support each other as they share their struggles and bond through traveling and playing together. As they realize their shared family issues, they grow even closer. Hwan, who used to follow his father’s orders, starts to confront his own feelings and develops a liking for Songju-si. However, Chang Jun disapproves of the other boys and wants Hwan to stay away from them. For the first time, Hwan stands up for himself and confronts his emotions. Inspired by the BU (BTS Universe), this 12-episode drama is a adaptation of the webtoon “Save Me” and del



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