My Special Girl (2024)

My Special Girl (2024)

Other name: 独一有二的她 / Du Yi You Er De Ta / She is the Only One / Unique Her / She is the One , / My Girl / My Favourite Girl / My Favourite Special Girl

Synopsis: “Jiuqian Technology Company” follows the story of Gu Jiu Li, an AI engineer and founder of the company dedicated to developing companion robots. When Hao Jing, a senior in preschool education, is unable to pursue her passion for singing due to her mother’s disapproval, she becomes a secret live broadcast singer blogger at night. After graduating, she joins Gu Jiu Li’s company for an internship in order to avoid getting caught by her mother. Upon meeting, Hao Jing falls in love with Gu Jiu Li, who suffers from “facial blindness” and is unaware of her identity. As their relationship develops, Hao Jing’s presence warms Gu Jiu Li’s lonely life due to his difficult childhood. With 24 episodes and a duration of 45 minutes each, the drama follows the trials and tribulations of their love story.



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