My Special Girl (2024) Episode 14

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  1. Atp am slowly losing interest😪 how will I last for another remaining 10 ep.!??!😝😭🤣 Am just in this f the ml. The fl could we get her in her “Ah Dai” full-time? This cutesy, lil girl, not-so-bright thing is gettin’ tiring yo.🙄 Or why can’t Hao Liang assume more of her “Ah Dai” personality instead?

    I notice in many c-dramas, to show a female character is bad@$$ she needs to wear her hair in cornrow braids and heavy makeup with leather boots, outfit etc.😭🤣

  2. Well at least he’s now half way there. Her damn roommate is going to cause a much bigger misunderstanding between him and her. This dang drama be over before anything happens stupid writers.