Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)

Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)

Other name: 이재, 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 이제 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 死期將至 2 / Ije God Jukseubnida Pateu 2 / I Will Die Soon Part 2 / I’ll Die Soon Part 2 / Yi Jae, You’ll Die Soon Part 2 / И Джэ скоро умрёт 2

Synopsis: He’s perennially unemployed, his ex-girlfriend has moved on, and he’s just lost all his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Burdened by societal pressures, Choi Yi Jae decides to take his own life. Insulted by his flippant attitude towards dying, Death comes to punish him with her game: he must experience death over and over again through 13 other lives. But if he can find a way to survive the imminent death coming for these lives, he gets to live out their lifetime. His life was a bust, but what about the lives of others?
Adapted from the webtoon “Ije God Jukseubnida” (이제 곧 죽습니다) written by Lee Won Sik (이원식) and illustrated by Gul-chan (꿀찬)
Episodes: 4
Duration: 55 min.
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Airs On: Friday



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  1. This drama is awesome, although I watched the drama for lee do hyun but the story line was just too good, Every character was played perfectly, This is really awasome

  2. aside from the marketing strategy they made from splitting the eight episodes, i think they just added a little spice since the series is all about death after all; 4 is considered death or bad luck in korea nd china (that’s why mostly korean elavators dont have no.4 but letter f instead) ..

    It’s already finish.
    It’s still January 5,2024 ,then I checked this drama is completed with episodes 4 .
    Seasonsl 3 PLS 🥺🥹
    Congratulations Seo In-Guk You’re the best for me

  4. FINALLY excited … can’t wait to see who else he’s gonna live as and how all of this is connected to that big company and such