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  1. oh it was a surprise that they were not dating before but best friends.

    see some people do not trust anyone right off the bat or and introverted. those type of people exist irl too. you guys were mean to the detective just because he didn’t put Isoo on a pedestal.

    i think it will be an open ending for romance wise, at least for the main leads.

    gotta give to the ahn bo hyun for water tank scene and to park jihyun too. not easy to act like a rag doll with that much of manhandling. i kinda think she was bruised from getting pounded by a well built man

  2. I agree with people’s compliments on this drama, the story is good, and all the characters are well-written. But I think the development of FML is a bit lacking. She is still so careless and lacks planning in her investigation. Yes, she started to have trust in Isoo in this case but she literally could have died in that water tank if Isoo didn’t do any planning like her. I think that needs to be improved in the next episode.

    I think about Isoo’s family situation, his stepmother is probably the one who killed his Mother. His father knew about this but decided to cover the case to protect his company’s image. And that is why he looks guilty or uncomfortable around Isoo. He knew he was wrong but nothing he could do about it. Ganghun’s dad was the one in charge of the case but it’s either he received a bribe from Isoo’s father or his supervisor back then received it, and he couldn’t finish his investigation. That’s why he looks uncomfortable with Isoo from the beginning. Either way, I’m sure he was involved in the secret of Isoo’s mother’s suicide case.

  3. This was such a stellar epsiode.

    I love that the Team1 leader is now acting like a collegue and working with Team2 instead of against them. I loved that Isoo and Joon Young had a meal together! I loved that the M.E. made a copy of that USB!! I love that Isoo and Gang Hyun work well together. I love that my adorable, Kyung Jin hugged Isoo when he was whining about Joon Young hugging Gang Hyun.

  4. I’m really liking this character Isoo, fearless and funny. Gang Hyun risked her own life to regain her Father’s honor and dignity. That’s what Daughters do, well, in Korean Police Dramas anyway.

  5. This episode was so intense it felt like it’s the finale! It’s action pack and thrilling! It was so exciting and full of emotions…it’s a complete package!
    I know it’s not a romance drama…so is that mouth to mouth resuscitation the only thing we get that’s closest to a kissing scene? hehehe! ” Mr. Jin and Mr. Park’s date” was so cute…at least now we know that he likes someone else and not Ganghyun (not anymore I think…coz he likes Dr. Yoon in the forensic.

    Isoo’s Dad’s phone call…it was awkward…but I guess at least that’s a step…and it was the brother who suggested it…so I’m still really hoping he’s not a bad guy.
    Base on the preview…are they now going to make the Hyung the bad guy? Or It’s just a set up to make look like he is (as we are suspecting)…or maybe it’s really his Mom and he’ll take the fall to save his mother.

    Bonus Clip: Isoo-ya…why buy only 2 coffee? Team 1 has 4 members! hahaha!

  6. That drone was sponsored by Lee Soo Man.
    His stock for them just rose 20X.

    LMAO if it’s not truth.

  7. OK! That I didn’t expect!!! She Can’t Swim!!! Nice to have a stealth surveillance drone on your side when you got no cell phones. I almost thought that dirty cop was gonna get forgotten or something.

  8. Glad that there are far more good cops than corrupted ones here! Good that FL’s dad got reinstated and became the senior superintendent now! 👏 👏 🎉

    I’m surprised to know that the undercover reporter is actually the manager in charge of the new members of the cult organization. I was worried for FL when the manager was suspicious of her in the previous epi! 😅

    Love this cute, happy heartwarming epi whereby the cops, coroner, journalists all contributed to apprehend the criminals and the corrupted senior police superintendent!! 😃

  9. Omg I can’t believe this show, I thought they would drag the cult plot, but it really is a mystery/detective show first and foremost. It could go on forever like law and order. wow 10/10 would recommend!!

  10. i think this has been my favourite episode so far. it had me sitting on the edge of my seat anxious as hell and then i started crying because of how happy i was.
    i freaking love the character development of every single character and i think this episode depicted that soo well. they showed every persons development in such an amazing way with small gestures.
    my biggest fear currently is jin isoo’s older brother. i really dont want hom to be the bad guy, i nedd him and his brother to keep having a great relationship!!!!

  11. The cases and the drama are both getting better each episode, this is truly a great watch. I would’ve cried if Ganghyun died.

  12. I still think ML mom was not simply suicide more likely killed by the other wife due to jealousy maybe she hire someone to look into her knowing she was suffering from depression she able to cover it easily by making it look like Isoo mom had taken the pills and die on her own. I also think that’s the reason the elder bro was too good with Isoo knowing that his mom is somehow involve in Isoo mom death as i can’t seem him as a villian yet who hide behind their too good nature 😅 i wonder why Fl didn’t know how to swim isn’t it involve in police training 🙄 Finally a police officer who able to stand and kick out his superiors even though its predictable but still fun to see. The father daughter moment when she gave him flower was sweet. I’m also glad that this ep not only focusing Ml finding all clues while acting like only a person with brain lol .The way all coordinated to catch the culprit from superior to juniors and journalist make this ep worth watching.

  13. character development in this drama is great so far, no pointless love triangles and what’s more people with actually working brains?! This would be easily 10/10 but it’s still not finished, let’s hope it won’t get too complicated in following 4 episodes. 2 more week people before this show finishes.

  14. These two episodes were the best. Loved loved how they solved everything by coming together. So many scenes made me teary eyed. Especially junyoung accepting isoo 😉

  15. It’s soo good and satisfying to see all the important characters having a perfectly working brain along with our main characters, which is missing in most of the other dramas.

    The perfect amount of bromance.
    We have a cute pair of besties here, thumbs up 👍 to the writer for not going for the love triangle route.
    And I think we all know who she is 😏😂
    And with this our road to tiny bits of romance (don’t want a lot of it as it will break the balance between other elements) between our MCs is clear.
    A healthy father son relationship is always sweet to watch.
    He truly is a father figure to Jin isoo
    This was also a good short scene.
    They gave us a perfect happy ending even before the drama ended.
    This drama has a perfect writing which makes this drama a 10/10 one and gives a feeling of pure satisfaction 😌. Good & smart Main and side characters, writing, bgms, bromance, wholesome scenes, interesting cases, use of brain. You name a thing that makes a drama great and this one has it. Hope they maintain the same in the upcoming episodes and if possible in the next seasons too, because the way we get different cases and the way this drama has been written and is doing they can surely go for a next season like other dramas of sbs and and Cheers to all my fellow audience/fans of flex * cop, it feels good to read all your comments and it makes watching this drama a great experience 😊.

  16. What a episode, the ending was so sweet and then I saw it was episode 12 and thought it was over then remembered Jin isoo family arc is still left 😂

  17. It is good they ended the situation with FL father and corrupted police chief. I hope they will not scare us like this anymore.

  18. The episodes are getting better and better. The character building has been enjoyable for every one of them, especially the FL. This drama at least shows the police as competent, doing whatever in their power to serve people and not just bum around 👏👏.
    And finally, ML has been accepted by all his team mates.

    I was wondering if this is the end for his mom’s suicide case? Seeing the preview, the truth will finally be revealed. His brother is very obviously sus, but I keep wanting him to be infact truly genuine towards Ji (though it seems highly unlikely). We’ve been getting a lot of betraying family members lately.

  19. One of the best dramas in quite a while, comedy, suspense, action, and some possible romance all while being wholesome

  20. This is the best episode .The level of intesnsity just chef’s kiss

    and no one’s gonna talk about that ‘kiss’?? aaaaaojfgjbdkjblkdxf

  21. By far the best episode of this drama.
    I’m glad at least one person in the police is not shown as corrupt and someone who had the courage to arrest his senior and rectify his mistakes.

    This guy deserves more appreciation.

  22. This was one of the best and most successful raids of the police in the Kdrama world 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 Exceptional episode 💜💜💜
    I feel JI’s brother is getting jealous about JI’s attention through all this achievements covered by the media and his father warming up to JI.

  23. Are Korean police really utterly corrupt keystone cops or is kdrama just that unrealistic? The ML was ‘added’ to the police force and big lies told just because he was arrested (falsely) by the FL. A senior police officer, the FL’s dad, is set up in such a hamfisted operation which is taken as a sign of guilt, no investigations made. These are not things that happen even in 3rd world countries.

    Good episode with all the different good guys working together.

  24. NGL started getting teary eyed at the end. Jun young having drinks with isoo and accepting him as a member of their team. ganghyun solving a case she desperately trying to solve to clear her father’s innocence. Her father getting his job back. the other detective’s team working with ganghyun’s team to solve the case. and isoo’s father calling him to check up on him.

  25. The character development in this drama is just chef’s case.
    ML’s development from rich reckless kid to rich responsible person
    FL’s from narrow minded untrusting person to someone who started to trust on someone (ML)
    The police friend of FL, from a obnoxious jerk to a dependable fellow police (I’m so happy of his and forensic doctor second couple)
    The rude, arrogant police officers to someone who started to own their faults and try to do things right
    And how can you forget the seemingly progressive development of ML’s father.
    Everything is done so right, not just FL or ML but everyone is having their character development and I’m loving that part of this.
    I seriously, seriously hope ML’s brother is not gonna turn out to be the bad guy, please.
    And since this series doesn’t seem to give more than 10% focus to romantic development, I am disappointed. But I still want to put my faith on that 10%

  26. Well after waiting for an eternity i watched the epi on another website…🤷‍♀️
    I like the bond between father and daughter. I wish my dad was alive. 😔
    And I think now jisoo’s step mom’s evil deeds r going to be revealed 🤩. Can’t wait for the next epi😘