Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 8

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  1. Just watching upto 00:10 then a thought came…. What if, just what if Jisoo’s brother intentionally sent him(Jisoo) to work as a detective so he can find out about his mother’s death as well as bring chaos to Jisoo’s peaceful and playful life? What if he caused Jisoo’s mother death because his own mom was unhappy?

    My kdrama mind tells me those smiles and hyung things are fake but I hope not😩😩😩😩

  2. i like how they give us 2 scenes in the end for the upcoming episode. 1 scene to do with the actual story line and 1 to do with the case they will be handling in the episode.

  3. This was hilarious…..

    I believe somehow the father or the stepmother is responsible for In-Soo’s mother’s death. His father is still visiting crematorium, so I guess it’s his step mother who is from powerful family.

  4. wow it is getting better and better specially her mother already in the picture…loving the ML and FL also the bromance hahaha laughtrip

  5. Why ML was thinking hypnosis is a good idea? To leave criminal to hypnotizes him? What good thing he expected from it? Is this good for his mental heath or not? I think his brother want his father to get elected so he can get the company. I don’t think he knows something about Isoo mother’s death.

  6. Today’s episode case felt bit anti climatic. I would have at least believed the method if the criminal used some drug. The whole logic of that felt bit stupid. Leaving that, I loved the scene of princess style carrying, that made me roll lol. I want more such comedy. I am also bit worried about the file FL put in her drawer at the end, I feel like it will reach wrong hands or cause a misunderstanding in future. I love how her logical side is calculating the risks of ML being in team which she wants to reduce in anyway possible and in today’s episode the phone call scene proved it, luckily it worked in ML favor as always. But her emotional side knows ML is good and seeing his kindness at the end made her waver. I personally feel like FL is the only one who is supporting him in a true sense, the other cop is a fan boy, but FL support is honest, she calls things on which he does wrong but yet supports him through the cases as a leader, especially his odd ideas while other cops hesitate.

    The last scene is making me more confused about ML mother death. till yesterday I felt like the older brother is involved, now I feel like everyone had something to do with it. I am still hoping the elder brother will not turn in a thorn eventually. But the chances of that seeming less seeing the way the story is heading.

  7. This series is turning out to be so good, omg!!! Like the cases are getting so interesting like I wanted and there is this everything-is-connected mystery and I am loving it so much.
    I am loving the mystery and the comedy is so so good. Like man, this is by far on my top watch list among the running dramas and this episode was so so good.
    And especially this skit lol