Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 6

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  1. Everytime I see Yi Soo using his connections n money to make things done, I would be thinking money really makes the world 🌎 go round 😂

    Did he also “sponsored” for FL’s mum’s trip?

  2. I’m happy how the drama is going. At the first episodes was too exagerated his flexing and the rudeness of the female cop. Now there is an balance and they work together. I like the relation that they are building. He is more complex and she has her history too.
    The drama is light, funny, but at se the same time interesting.

  3. for anyone else episodes laggs while watching?…today’s all drama epis r like that for me..it works fine with other sites, only for this one it hangs every 2 mins..1 hr epi needs 2 hr to finish

  4. irrelevant to this episode, did u guys noticed this, that in episode 1 there was a cameo of actor 1 (played by Kim Eui-Sung) from taxi driver, where Jin I-Soo (Ahn Bo-Hyun) was like u look very familiar. I feel like this guy will come back later in the series to help Jin-I-Soo. If not i think in the future we might see 3 dramas crossover(I really hope it happens would be awesome). As u know in season 2 of taxi driver there was a cameo of Cheon Ji-Hun (play by Namkoong Min) from the drama One Dollar Lawyer. it will be nice to see a 3 drama crossover flex x cop, taxi driver and one dollar lawyer.

    Taxis driver:- mostly cops or ex cops with a mix other professions
    one dollar lawyer:- mostly lawyer
    flexxcop:- has a lawyer licenses and is a cop

    next series:- avengers unite

    if none of this is true then think of it as a conspiracy theory lol

  5. his brother is right . He did change because he feels useful now . he had no real place in his fathers life but now he is catching killers

  6. The bonus clips are always fun.
    TBH, I don’t want any romance between Jin Yi Soo and the team leader.
    Her father still get the good reflexes to cuff the criminals…..

  7. Seems like ML finally made it into the team.
    Of course you have to prove yourself when you enter into things through nepotism. I would’ve hated if ML didn’t get this much resistance.
    Seems like the brother is into some savior thing. He liked ML when father hated him and wanted to act like hero, but seeing his father’s expression, his expression changed. But I hope to be wrong.
    And most of all, I want some romantic development now. 😉

  8. I am so happy they all finally became a team, I really want the bond to continue stronger. I know the series name is Flex x cop, to tell ML will be using his money to solve cases. On other hand I also don’t want money to be the solution always. I like the cases so far, but tbh I don’t want to see 90% of screentime about only solving murder cases. I would like to see some screen time of ML with his family, his brother, father, step mother etc. I also want to see ML elder brother individually a little more. It will gives us more depth for ML character and we can feel for the characters more. I am thinking they will start taking ML story more after 8th episode, as this is a 16 episode drama. I want ML to get rid of his drug addict friend and become friends with his current team and hopefully we also get to know more about the other two male cops much more and also the autopsy doctor. Side note, I really don’t want the elder brother to be a villain, like seriously.

  9. what doesnt’t make sense is that the bad guys already know he is part of the police . him going to this guy who is finding the seal should be a red flag for them

  10. Anyone remembers these 2 playing as serial killers in Through The Darkness?
    The one on the right, there too was killing elderly couples.
    The one on the left, was killing girls just cause he felt like it.