Wonderful World (2024) Episode 6

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  1. WOAHH YES OUR THEORIES WERE CORRECT!!!! And what did tae oh wannna say???? why didn’t she call him back and about the husband..there is something that’s still off!? idk what but it looks like everything is fine now but ik something is not..anyways super excited for next week!

  2. Yes one of our theories is 99% confirmed! Seonyul is truly the son of CEO Kwon whom FL killed! And FL start to suspect him now as well!

    So what happened to that phone call from FL’s brother-in-law?

    It’s so hypocrite of the FL when she told Seonyul not to live his life in this way and to think of his parents when she’s the one who killed his dad and ruined his family!

    Now we gonna wait for another week!

  3. Was the neighbor lady possibly paid off to give the video of the truth about the gate to the husband’s adversaries? And coerced (money or threats) to say she was the woman in the photo? Or was she truly just a person who suddenly felt the “need”? Ehhh, doesn’t ring true that she was a tartlet – a one day ho.

  4. I still can’t get over the idea that the real guilty party with her husband is the sister who sticks around just TOO close.

    And the sister was the one who didn’t lock the gate. The (possible?)fact that both the sis and husband knew the truth and let her drown in guilt and misery because of their betrayal is horrific.

    At least the fl is an intelligent woman who is working thru all the twisted events in her life and not some airhead. And she’s proactive. Yay for adult women!

  5. So Seon-yul is son of the lady and his friend is son of parents who passed away in fire. Finally, Soo-hyun realise that he doesn’t have any fear of fire. It took time for her to conclude that but kudos to her leveling up. Given how stupid and annoying it was in previous episode and now when she decides to forgive her husband. And the mom accident was not a coincidence but a pre-planned accident. What secret exactly this family is hiding for such things to happen. Don’t tell me the theory of the guy being stand-in for the accident was true and his wife knew the fact that her husband didn’t drive that day. She could be his alibi and therefore she was silenced to keep the fire under wrap.
    I still want to be believe even if there is 1% of chance Yuri being the innocent in whole affair drama. Please let her be innocent and not the mistress but betrayal is always done by the people closest to us.

  6. Ok, now it’s clearer…I think so. Why did the congressman want to order the mother to be killed? I can’t think of anyone else, that’s what he’s investigating, supposedly his father died when she ran him over, right?

  7. The rawness by which Kim Nam-joo depicts Soo-hyun’s emotions and anguish is exceptionally affecting – the way she titters between rage, sorrow and numbness is just brilliant.