Wonderful World (2024) Episode 9

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  1. GOD! I’m sooooo pissed….you killed a man who refused to admit his wrong and apologise to you about your son and you’re making history repeat itself by maintaining your ego instead of just saying “I’m Sorry”. Your prison friend also felt sorry for those her anger must have affected….yet, You’re acting like the only one in pain of having lost someone…the boy lost his father too and has no idea yet that his father was probably Two-faced, framed or unevenly yolked with evil people….clearly the boy is also in pain and i know he won’t hurt her…Cos he already has a soft spot for her….mtchew we adults and egos. This drama has better end with FL and ML healing and becoming one another’s succour as mother and son.

  2. I don’t get what Seon yul purpose of revenge is. Hmm I was curious last week does he even have a little hunch that his father is not the actual culprit that is why his hate and revenge toward Fl can justify his actions even though I doubt that writer is going in this direction as it just poor buildup character feel like where Seon Yul will only realize after more damage has done to fl that kim joon was just using him like he did to his dad. Gunwoo and Seon yul mom’s accident was intentional which is done by kim joon. I think Seon yul mom is on her way to get something that can give her the idea that her husband was not the actual culprit which is the reason she got hit. I just hope she will not get silenced by kim joon ppl before he gets to meet his mom and the nurse will not be the only one she left her last msg about the truth. Looking forward when Soon Hyun picks up the puzzle about Seon Yul mom’s accident and start to dig into the case. Also curious about Seon Yul smile when he gave Kim Joon’s envelope before the broadcast. he waited outside to see his furious reaction like he enjoyed it which made me think that he is planning to throw Kim Joon at some point and collect all the pieces of evidence while cleaning up his mess but he did not know Kim Joon was behind his mom hit and run case

  3. Soooo………….your telling me a kind stranger invites you into her home off the streets, half starved and beaten. Feeds you. Clothes you. Warms you. Offers a bed to sleep. Becomes your sister by law. And you repay this by sleeping with her husband?!?!?! GTFO of here!!!!๐Ÿ˜  Wooooooow……. Absolutely insane!!! You can’t forgive that. Never ever. Yuri f’d up. Period~

  4. I can’t sympathize with Seon Yul’s revenge. As far as they all know, his father killed Soo Hyun’s son, and SY’s mother becoming bedridden was not SH’s fault. So I can’t understand this obsession of his with SH…

  5. Ah yes the circle of violence. You did something wrong to someone I love so I do the same to someone you love too, and repeat, repeat and repeat. I like that the drama actually show that nobody is perfect. Everyone in the drama is “wrong”, selfish and only seek what’s best for them. It shows how humane they are actually. I really like this drama, wonder what’s the end gonna be !

  6. This drama has me stuck. Getting to the next ep seems like forever. And I still don’t quite understand what’s happening.

  7. 1.Forgiving yuri for any reason makes sick.
    2.If affair happened when fl is jail, then what it is that blackmail back then about.
    3.And seriously what writer is trying,
    from preview it is like ML mom may gain consciousness and tells about real culprit then story is about FL and ML healing and punishing the real culprit but at what cost, is the question, FL already lost her son, affair bw sis and husband, hospitalized mother, even if both fl and ml punishes the culprit, what is left for FL any way.

    What i really cannot understand is moral of this drama,
    Even if ml forgives fl after knowing the real culprit behind all of this.
    Even if fl forgives her sis and husband, what is the use, FL has already lost everything.

  8. yuri why do you have to do it girl, their childhood and the flashback bought tears to my eyes, but i guess soohyun will forgive her because yuri genuinely loves her and her mother
    oh god i’m not just over eunwoo, his evil smirk all the time he was watching yuri and soohyun drama there and not seonyul going out with soojin and yonggu after he finished his successful and evil plan

    my heart races, he dresses elegantly for his next step in his revenge, let’s see what you have to show us seonyul, eunwoo in a black suit, long gelled back hair he’s just so perfect

    leave thriller, revenge, romance genre it’s more like two people healing process who went through some really heartbreaking states and they connected by the same strings, it’s like a slowburn process, i saw many people complaining about their bad acting, no romance, no revenge? like guys are you even watching this drama or you are in your delulu world, seriously i don’t get them

  9. When I thought I was beginning to understand. They started the relationship in 2016, so what happened to the door?

  10. p.s not drama related but drama’s cast related
    happy birthday to the hottest, talented and pookiest bear baby cha eunwoo๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜˜

  11. Honestly I got a mixed feeling about Han Yuri. She did something really terrible. But I can see that her love for Soo Hyun and her mother was genuine. It’s heartbreaking to see them like that.

  12. looks like Kwon Seon-Yul and Eun Soo-Hyun help each other to against Kim Joon.

    I think Eun Soo-Hyun will forgive Han Yu-Ri cause she thinks of her as her real little sister but it will take a while and there relationship won’t be the same (all though han yu-ri did something bad, she is extremely sorry for it from the looks of it). Also the real mom of han yu ri is so bad, she will do anything for money.

    As for Kang Soo-Ho i am not sure how to feel about this guy, he sometimes feels like he is also fighting against Kim Joon but then he takes what ever Kim Joon gives him. Lastly I hope by the end of the drama Kwon seon-yul and Kang soo-ho go there separate ways