Wonderful World (2024) Episode 7

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  1. Seol Yul’s friend called Dr. Kim, who is Seol Yul’s psychiatrist and has the same last name as the congressman, aunt.

  2. Ok here’s my take on the whole thing so far. KJ who we all know is the bad politician decided to tie up loose ends sort of speak. Fist off the man that killed the main leads son and then got him off knew this would give him leverage to hold over his head that is if he lived unfortunately the FL killed him. I am starting to think his Wife didn’t knew KJ was dirty and wanted to separate her son from any interaction with him, or she knew something she had no business knowing and of course that got her ran over. So SY is angry and of course I get it and wants revenge from the FL. there is a part of me hoping he knows about KJ having his mother ran over. What kills e is the FL in her mind knows about her husband and sister and I am wondering if it isn’t the sisters fault the little boy got killed because they were busy in the house. We already know that KJ is angry with the FL husband, and we know the FL husband is trying to find ways of taking KJ down, and now we are finding out that all of this is craziness is stemmed from the husband and the dirty politician. all I can say is I’m glad the FL found out about SY being her son’s killer’s child. I’m sure this is far from over. What I do see coming is she confronts the sister finds out it is her and the husbands fault her son got out maybe she will find the ipad who knows, then finds out this was an elaborate scheme of KJ having SY dad killing her son then SY finds out that KJ had his mother ran over but not before he ties to kill the female lead. When I say this show is about pure evilness and revenge it is the best kind of revenge. He waited all this time patiently waited and plotted and had a bunch of people involved in his revenge, helping him, you can’t tell me this revenge show isn’t top ten. Now about the cast, the cast are amazing their roles fit them perfectly what I was so shocked about is seeing the growth in his acting career was Cha Eun Woo, I seen most of his dramas, but this one is by far the best. I never really thought of him acting this type of role, I am glad he did though. great drama so far

  3. eunwoo and the whole episode gave me goosebumps my goodness, the one who named the drama wonderful world are you for real?

  4. This ep kept me attentive in front of the screen, it had a deliberate slowness with the appropriate music and I watched hypnotized as the cards turned. We have the secrets exposed but it still maintains the suspense for the next ep. I feel that I was right to choose this drama and not the others, apart from “Wedding Impossible” to laugh with something light.
    Now the two are going to discover more things.
    I hope what I’m thinking is too crazy and he doesn’t already have something that is very valuable to her.

  5. Excuse me but i’m the only one Whose brainblowing by nunu action skills ?
    Sorry for my english i’m not a native

  6. “I want to take everything that’s precious to her.” I’m sorry but your father already took that from her.

    That being said, seeing how things have been progressing, it is quite likely that his father was a mere scapegoat in that incident and the real culprit (probably the politician) asked him to take the fall and that he’ll take care of the rest. Now I’m waiting to see if the ML already is aware of this and is keeping the enemy close OR he really isn’t aware at the moment (if my theory is correct) and will find out later.

  7. ML’ father already made FL’ life done! Now what else he wants to do with that broken woman; moreover she has cheating husband and sister. I am feeling disgusted already. It’s like as Seon-Yul’ father was unrepentant he is also doing the same thing.

  8. I liked this episode a lot more than the previous couple of ones cz we got ANSWERS. Seon-yul wants to take everything precious to her after becoming one of those people but I think he forgot that this goes two ways. When this happens, she too will have become precious to her.

    P.S. I am really liking Eun woo in this role. It suits him more from the typical flower boy with girls swooning over him left and right.

  9. Seon-yul is the mastermind. He planned it quite well. But one thing he underestimated is human emotions. When you become precious to someone, that person also starts becoming precious to you. Moreover Soo-hyun already lost the most precious thing she ever had in her life. I don’t think anything can ever take place of her son. Because that’s the kind of mother she is. She didn’t even give second thought hitting a person whom the court didn’t give punishment.
    Soo-hyun is now behaving like a author. Finally connecting all dots and came to conclusion.
    I really find Seon-yul female friend to be naive. Especially the mission part made it even more horrible. It perfectly example how she is ready to hurt and innocent person just because her crush asked her and gave mission. It would be much more interesting if she really falls in love with the doctor. But I think she is following the trend of being delulu is my only solulu.
    Soon, Soo-hyun will find out about the worst betrayal. She is already having her doubts.
    Seon-yul still want to investigate the congressman. He was looking at glass with fingerprints of the politician. That is definitely a huge plot twist. I still believe from the beginning that his dad was stand-in and the politician is culprit. His dad all the cleaning work so that Seon-yul can receive heart surgery, that too three times. So definitely it is gonna be the next storyline.

  10. Everything of my theories/guesses has fit into this epi nicely. Yeah so Seon-Yul is really the son of the man FL killed. He’s the one developing/sending the photos and he wore the same shoes as Minhyuk (the son of the couple who died in that arson), stalking and checking up on the FL in prison, followed FL on the day of her release from prison etc…. I’m glad that FL found it out quite early in this show cos I don’t like it if the deception takes many epi and the FL only realize this at the late end of this drama..

    The mistress is definitely Yuri too, becos Seonyul said “the betrayal of two loved ones”. I think he is pointing at Suho’s affair with Yuri. Seonyul is brewing a sinister revenge plan on the FL as he wants her to lose everything precious to her including he himself.

    The congressman has an illegitimate child. Yay! This made my theory on the neighbour and her son being the congressman’s secret lover and illegitimate son closer. 😏

  11. i was a bit confused from last episode, as i felt like Kwon Seon-Yul is actually the son of the guy FL killed and Kwon Min-Hyuk is the person who the dairy should go to. i guess this episode cleared that out

  12. Anyway, Yuri and her husband’s betrayal was discovered too soon… so that morning she left the gate open and the child followed her because he wanted to talk to her about the video for his mother

  13. This drama is so intense, and I love the story! Lol. So, that’s what his plan was all along – to destroy her life! Hahaha