Wonderful World (2024) Episode 8

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  1. It was her sister !!!, wow, first i thought the sister, then the neigbour, and a threesome ,haha but is is her adopted sister, like Cha Eun Woo said like mother like daughter.
    Cha Eun Woo is magnificent ,he acts so good, he learned a lot .
    The drama is very good

  2. This epi makes me being mad at Seonyul. She warned him not to mess with her family. Then at another scene he mumbled to himself “it’s you who messed with mine first!” I was like excuse me, you forgot that your dad is the one who killed her son first!? 😠

    And also we know that Yuri is indeed the mistress in that photo. Ms Neighbour is trying to help Suho on revealing on congressman’s dark illegal stuff he has been doing, Ms Neighbour’s son is indeed his son and she’s actually scare of the Congressman cos she knows how vile he can be.

    All my speculations came true.

  3. husband was absolutely fine for Soohyun to consider that he had an affair with the neighbour than with Yuri, more like he’s protecting Yuri than Soo hyun….and he actually made a deal with the neighbour to act as if she’s his mistress and he will then protect her from Kim joon, what a player 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. I feel so bad for Soo hyun, each and everyone around her is just plain brazen (excluding her mum), even Gwon Seoyul, like boy, your father killed her child, have u completely forgotten that??? and m sure what happened to his mother was done by Kim joon, she probably found out something about him and her husband and he tried to kill her…..just a wild guess that Kim joon probably is the one who killed Gunwoo and asked Seoyul’s father to take the blame in return of him getting heart surgery 🤔🤔🤔, i have this feeling since the start that the culprit was Kim joon….

    but I wonder if Seoyul really doesn’t know that Kim joon is not all innocent or is collecting evidence against him, cz he did copy the contents of USB while delivering the painting…..

  5. I mean of course, it had to be her, cz then, there’s no purpose of her character in the drama….. she’s so darn brazen….the audacity that she meets her family, eats with them, giggles with them, sympathise with Soo hyun and even cries for her……

  6. Eun woo is so gud here, m so glad he chose this character, its actually proving he’s more than a pretty poker faced main lead…I want him to take on more roles like this, would love to watch him as a full fledged villain….

  7. I’m so curious to see how it will continue. Well, ep 1 shows what is going to happen, but I want to know if that is the end.

  8. Soo-hyun telling him not to mess with her family without knowing that her family is already a mess. And he is just showing her what kind of person she is surrounded with.
    I feel sad for suho’s brother for being caught in this revenge plan. I hope that lady will start having feelings for him or atleast he discovers her real motive before it’s too late. Otherwise it will time for a another tragedy.
    Suho said it’s one time mistake but it’s not something like a silly mistake which we do in exams. What he did was betrayal and Soo-hyun got betrayed by two people she trusted most. The painting fits the scenario well.
    So the neighbour child is son of Kim joon. And soon it will be revealed to the world but with that there won’t be much of change. As Kim joon might already have a counter plan to attack suho.
    Soo-hyun met the real victim minhyuk and I feel he will be better now.
    Yuri’s mom and the whole drama in the shop is just a mess. Childhood trauma ‘s are difficult to be healed. And Seon-yul enjoying all this is just scary. We might be having the worst villan character whom we are not able to hate right now. It’s just the perfect combination of victim’s desperation and evil of villan together making the character extremely complex.

  9. cha eun woo plays his character too well, im already starting to hate him so much (in a good way tho), he acted really good in here, already erking my soul.