Wonderful World (2024) Episode 12

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  1. There is nothing to say about that ending except it was too chilling🥶. The silence that followed when realization sunk in for both characters and the audience was profound and chilling.

    Preview: what is WORNG with GunWoo’s father?! Seriously?

  2. can someone explain how each and every conversation of Seonyul’s mum and dad and each and every call of hers to anyone and everyone is recorded??? like, did she record each and every call she did or receive??? y??? and similarly, Seonyul’s father didn’t hang up when he was on call with his wife on the day Soohyun killed him, and that’s how his wife heard everything he said, but how come all of that got recorded????

    and I found it a bit absurd, keeping the pawn shop’s picture, keeping the receipt is fine, but who keeps the shop’s photo as the evidence when u have the receipt??? but may be it was there so Seonyul and Soohyun can find out without any problem 😁😁

  3. They still don’t show what happened to the door, but I don’t know if I understood the ending correctly…did they run him over twice because the boy saw his face? I had to turn it up all the way at the end.

  4. the moment Soohyun realised that the neighbour was filming her son the day Gunwoo died, I just had an adrenaline rush that ok now she’ll ask her for the video and they’ll know who left the door open, but what??? she just told her that Gunwoo left with the tablet and that’s it??? the main issue was how did Gunwoo go out, Soohyun clearly said that Gunwoo couldn’t open the door and someone had to do that for him, where did that point go??? or did Soohyun didn’t remember correctly and she really didn’t close the door properly???

    and what on earth is Suho’s “Weakness” that Kim joon is holding on to?? what the hell did he show him that Suho hasn’t been able to
    expose Kim joon all this time??? I was thinking that they’ll show that too today, but even that’s a no….🫤🫤

    and looks like he’s gonna give Gunwoo’s tablet to Kim joon as well, I really thought he joined Kim joon to get more evidence against him and m still gonna go with that till next week, the only 1% trust that I’ve left on Suho, I wanna keep it and think that he would’ve switched the tablet, but then, Kim joon won’t destroy the tablet without looking into it…..😑😑😑

  5. From first episode i was wondering where the tablet was.. even when CEW’s character jumped into a river to search for a missing chain i thought tht would be the time they find this tablet.. pah.. it took so long.. dragging out the misery.

  6. It amazes me (and scares me) how there are people in this world who’re so obsessed with power that they’ll do things like we’re seeing here, and probably worse.

    And……the husband is irredeemable for me, so I don’t consider his efforts worth mentioning (that’s if he’s even planning to avenge his son).

  7. no words for eunwoo and his spectacular acting, he’s outshining his character every episode
    me to suho and kimjoon, they deserve hell

  8. So the cheater suho is gonna steal the tablet and give it to Kim joon. That’s what it appears from preview.
    But I am sure they might have a copy of recording after all the efforts they went through. Isn’t that a basic common sense. I hope that they will be having that much of common sense.
    There is a higher chance of some twist that’s not in the preview.
    Seon-yul ‘s father was not the driver that’s why the scene of hit and run wasn’t shown.
    If Kim joon is psychopath to let a child die for his ambition then suho is vampire who is sucking the blood of his own son for his unknown, non- existent, Un-understandable goals. I feel vampire don’t such blood from their own descendants.

  9. Forget the sleeping with the sister, that was bad enough, but siding with your son’s murderer for your ambition? Nah! Someone please throat punch this man!

  10. next week is the final week guys. I thought this was 16 episodes long but turns out it only 14 episodes

  11. thats pure evil omg and the mom is so strong for that she literally witnessed her sons death three times and is still standing on her feet if it was me i would aldready be dead