Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 12

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  1. It’s getting really hard to watch this drama the closer we get to the end !! It’s like speeding up knowing that you’ll hit a wall at the end of the road yet you’re still not stopping. It’s driving me crazy!!!! The only thing that can make this ride less painful is seeing that witch rot in those ugly prison clothes!! She killed so many people and ruined so many lives, I need her to suffer the consequences, maybe even losing her kid idc anymore

  2. I was just obsessing over Hyun woo tie adjustment and now he rolled up hi sleeve and cooked oh my god
    I’ll die I can’t survive a week this anxiety and constantly thinking about them will kill me
    I was really hoping that this drama would full on rom com but that didn’t happen maybe the preview we saw is not ep 12 but 13
    My guesses are hae in will accept the proposal hence she is wearing the ring
    Also they must have found the money or some good news that’s why hae in saw hope and accepted the ring
    The matching pyjama scene will be next and I don’t know truck load of crying as usual 😭💕🤣

  3. My man my man my mannn, lol i’m sure da hye is just singing that in her head, God please please let this drama have a happy ending, enough of the sad stories.

  4. I really cried at the scene Hyun-Woo requested for divorce withdrawal and Hae-In rejected the request due to her fears of not being sure if and when she is with Hyin-Woo or not, because her condition got worse….
    It took me over an hour to get over that scene before I could post this comment.
    My God this drama has a way of making one relate to the reality of couples who genuinely love each other but circumstances like Hae-In’s illness, ends up testing the strength of people’s love 💔

  5. The best thing in this drama is their love and caring for each other even they are not communicating well and that’s what a true love is. Such beautiful story writing. Fresh and original story ( not a single scene copied) that’s why this drama is poular among the viewers.
    Why not makers release this drama earlier, if that happened then this drama dominate baeksang this year . Ahhhh….. Wish KSH will win

  6. No way grandpa died, but in a way I think it’s kinda his way of redeeming himself(as he caused almost all of this), despite it being sad I think it was important for the plot.

  7. I really loved how QOT is written and played. I mean there’s nothing new on the concept and plot in Kdramaland. But the characters are all written in a unique way that you’ll be hook and interested on their development all throughout. I just hope writernim can also give us a happy ending for these characters

  8. Waaahhhh time check 1:30am! And it’s Monday!

    So Hyun Woo’s Mom is really not the typical monster-in-law…I mean mother-in-law… she’s the cool one…that was the reason Ho Yeol’s Mom is not always present at her in-laws’ house…in exchange for not returning her son, the Mom won’t pressure her in those family traditions and duties…hahaha! She also did that to Hae In…she never pressured Hae In about coming home to help or something…you just gotta love Hyun Woo’s Mom!
    Loved the cameo and reunion of our Reborn Rich couple…but it was too short!

    So much have happened but I’m so sleepy so I’ll comment again after rewatching ep. 12 later. Good night Chingus!

  9. This drama cost me so much tears and stress. I really want a happy ending but somehow it looks like a dream now. Their love story is very pure. I love it.
    her brother is also very interesting character.

  10. Just hours after this episode uploaded, comments already went up to 100+ . QOT got us on chokehold. Don’t know what to do after this ends

    What kind of Romeo and julliet mess is this?!!! If only the grandpa waited more 8 hours he would be free. HELL NAHHHH can’t believe he did that.

  12. Eun Sung reminds me of a deluded kpop fan who keeps thinking that so long as they keep making life hard for their idol and evading their personal space, they would finally notice them and whisk them away into the sunset, to be happily married forever after 🤣

  13. Sorry to say it like this but Lee Mi Sook (Playing Mo Seul Hee) is the perfect example of what can go wrong with excessive plastic surgery.

  14. Since Da Hye is back, I could say this now. From her first appearance in this drama, she really reminds of Shua 🥺 Joshua girl version in my eyes

  15. I thought I saw a kiss between HaeIn and HyunWoo from the preview shown yesterday.

    Or my mind was making things up

  16. For sure the money are not in the house. They were moved or ms. Moh son found them. Why the family is again in the village, they were played again? Kicked out? Were they all that stupid to trust Grace? And to tell her that money are in the house?

  17. The acting is so good that I almost forgot how insane and soap opera-y this plot is. Especially the villains – they spent their entire lives on this plan – the lady gave up her son and stayed with the family for years, waiting for the moment to have the grandpa sign over rights to her? Who knows if that was going to happen. And Soocheol’s wife in that long term of a con including a child for just an apartment, few pieces of artwork and gold Buddha? I almost feel bad for them for being such hardworkers just to lose it all. lol

  18. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk! I knew it! she killed his adoptive parents and burned the orphanage down! since Hae In mentioned their accident on the beach was mysterious I’m betting my all that that psycho mom also did it.The shots for this episode were incredible they were all warm and fuzzy it gives of all the feels lol anyways but this is my favorite this episode

    wow are they meant for each other??? THE UNIVERSE REALLY TOLD THEM TO BE TOGETHER waaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍

    EDIT: ok I teared up for grandpa… even though I wanted THAT for him

  19. Episode 12:I can’t help but think that ES is responsible of HI’s elder brother.
    he is shameless to pretend he was the one who save her from drowning. I also think the dog’s attack was staged, ES must have provoke the dog to attack HI so he could save her.
    HI and HW were destined to meet and get married, he met her when she was a teenager and an intern at Queens. He saved her several times,
    I think the money is no longer in their villa, remember somebody says to hide 900 billion won it was the seize of an apple field (300km2), HW’s parents have an apple field, I think Hi’s grandpa hid the money first at home then at his in-laws’.

  20. Soo cheol is a real man, he’s hurt and everything but he still loves and fights for da hye within his means. Grandpa proved his love for his family the hard way. I really don’t know what to make of eun seong and his stories had he just talked about the dog l’m sure haein would have been grateful enough to him not that she would like him which is his mistake, he thinks saving her will make her suddenly swoon and head over heels with him and l don’t whether one would feel happy about their mother killing their abusive guardians when she could have just removed him or took him back, l for one would be scared

  21. The sunset scene had me bawling I knew she would turn down the ring but she came around deciding to check the latest trends style was funny comment
    I kinda knew sons wife would come back too. She had pretty good life before and the scum who was in her life before was trash.

  22. pretty sure the secret fund is not there…. either it was not there from the start or it was there but the evils found out… either way, it looks like they did something enough to get them out of the house again..
    the pen will be the evidence of moh seul hee’s deed.

  23. Wait I don’t get what Grace had done. Did she spill to Eun Sung and Seulhee about the secret fund might be located in the house like she betrayed Hyunwoo or is it part of their plan (bait)??

  24. I didn’t like the grandpa but it’s sad how he was so close to being saved. If he only waited until the morning his family would have come to get him.

  25. Oh gods. This episode hurts my eyes, heart and I got a headache. I don’t know what to think now. Idk how to feel about the grandpa a part of me thinks he deserved to be punished too but a part of me really pity him because he was pushed to a point where he decided that that’s the only way to stop Moh Seulhee 😥 rip

    Moh Seul Hee said “take a him for a final tour” So, in that elevator scene will that be a trap or they did found something?

    Another long week to wait 😭

  26. Oh poor Soocheol.

    I know a lot of people didn’t want him to take his wife back but I believe the decision he made was quite consistent with his character.
    And I kind of feel bad for her seeing the way she was being treated by that A-hole. Yes, she is among the reasons their family went broke, but seeing how things are now, she does wish him well. So, I can’t help but feel bad for her too.

  27. You know why this is a big hit? Apart from the supporting characters who are doing a wonderful job, the main reason is our leads. Not just cause of their acting but also the way they are written. You get angry at them for not communicating but they have this unsaid trust between them. When Hae In said she is going to see her grandpa, the first thing he did is to make sure she is really okay. Its.. the way the characters are written. Hyunwoo is not just a handsome guy but is also so smart all the time. He is always one step ahead. Haein everytime she blocks that dumbass’s advance makes me see how strong she actually is. She is the type of badass I love. She doesn’t give an inch..not once to that son of a beach. That is why the sunset scene hurts so much. Why writers, why?? Such a beautiful sunset to end with such an emotionalrejection!! It hurts to see them finally understanding each other only to realise that time is slipping away like sand!!
    And, no wonder Eun Sung is the way he is..turns out he got it from his mom. He still lies to her to gain sympathy. The reason they keep failing after their supposed win is that they didn’t plan as meticulously as they did while taking over queens. They didn’t plan what to do after taking over and worst of all they didn’t take THE Baek Hyun Woo into consideration who turned out to be the hidden card the queens needed.
    I am pretty sure that secret slush fund is gone.

  28. these two are so cute….its been ages that I’ve seen romance and romantic moments where I didn’t cringe….them both just makes me wanna fall in love ❤️❤️❤️

  29. them and their twisted “Love”….Gosh I just wanna puke whenever these two appear on screen….

    this man is nothing but fraud, nothing but fake, nothing but lies….how can someone only lie whenever they open their mouth??? even his “Love” for her is so contaminated that its only gonna hurt her ever…..

    It was obvious that Hyun woo saved Hae in from drowning, but I won’t be surprised if he was the one who made her brother drown and die….

  30. Hae in said this and I was like, No girl, have u already forgotten that him and other son in laws were in charge of cooking at “death anniversaries” in the house??? he did cook…. 🤔🤔

  31. I knew Grandpa was fine, and I was happy that he was able to decieve that Bi*ch, but man,
    more than him, I got terrified when he got caught, I couldn’t breath for a while that she saw him standing…..

    and I felt so bad when the only option he was left with was death, I wish he had waited just a bit more, they all were gonna come the next morning….I felt for aunt, she didn’t even get to tell her father how much she loved him…🥺🥺🥺



  33. qot nation every weekend

    not qot nation worrying about the ending for baekhong, then there’s me who is realizing that we just have two weeks left to hype the drama omg😭
    idk how will i move on after qot ends

    p.s: i’m smiling and then crying after seeing baekhong lovey dovey in the preview also emotional scenes, never trusting qot previews they often misleading us😭😭

  34. Haha love how Hae-In got petty and guilt tripped Hyun Woo into feeling guilty for sleeping well in his new apartment after the divorce, Hyun-Woo went defence mode and said he wasn’t comfortable living alone because she wasn’t living with him🤣Aww how cute and the part she told Hyun-Woo that “even if she is born a hundred times, she’ll still marry him” was so adorably cute🥰 🥰 🥰
    As for Yoon, his attempt into manipulating and gaslighting Hae-In into falling for him didn’t work and it’s the audacity of him to take the credit of saving her from drowning years ago when it was Hyun Woo who saved Hae-In, however, Hae-In was smart enough to use Yoon’s sly attempts to get advantage because, just as I had suspected in the previous episode, she also guessed Chairman Kang’s funds could have been stashed inside their home.
    As for Dahye, I usually don’t feel bad for bad people but I do feel bad for both her and Geon-U, I felt like beating the father of her son.

  35. EunSung trying to gaslight Hae In into loving him every chance he got. This man just reach a new low in the world of pathetic-ness. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.

  36. Gosh I was so angry when Hae in didn’t tell Hyun woo that she mistook Eun sung for him and went with Eun sung, I was like, WTF??? what’s the point of hiding it from him when he already knows everything about your illness??? and that too Eun sung was able to convince u to do that??? seriously??? u listened to him??? y?? y the hell??? but then thank GOD she told him later, or my BP was gonna shoot….

  37. Yes, it’s the start of Soo-cheol’s redemption era. Muhammad Ali, here we go! And with all the hate I had for his ex-wife, I’ve progressively started to feel worse for her. When the lamp fell on her back protecting her baby, I knew she wasn’t as bad as she thought she was but I still want the baby to be Soo-cheol’s.

  38. That psycho and his mother truly have a skewed perception of the word ‘love’. The took ‘I could kill for you’ quite literally I see 😂

  39. Hae-in never clocks she says the most romantic things without any emotion of her face. “If I was reborn a hundred times, I would marry you in every single life.”

  40. Hyun-woo is right, if they lived in a smaller house and not a mansion the size of a country, they would be at more peace as they wouldn’t avoid each other after every argument.

  41. I love in kdramas that cliche where they rush and clean their apartment before the person they love comes. It just proves that they care how their love sees them.

  42. Notice how Hae-in got out the car thinking Hyun-woo would be mad because the villian manipulated her in a matter of seconds. He is not good for her, he’s very toxic and narcissistic. He would plot everyone against her if it meant that he could keep her for himself. Even down to the way he picks his wine, he is meticulous; so if him and Hae-in got together, since she doesn’t match what he imagines she would be, he would either shape her into this lifeless creature or kill her.

    When he was talking, I don’t know why she didn’t expect that he killed her sibling.
    Then again, Hae-in should know that Hyun-woo would’ve understood. He’s been there since day one and you think he would be mad you’re hallucinating.

  43. The dinner and the whole apartment moment between Hyun Woo and Hae-In was so cutee. They are finally communicating their feelings a bit more. The way she is so straightforward ♥️

    I though the chairmans wife was just a greedy psychopath, but she a murderer too… damm, no wonder her son needs therapy.

    I’m glad Da-hye finally got the realization that soo-cheol was the one who treated her right. Of course that doesn’t excuse what she did but at least she is trying to become a better person… ahem unlike a delusional and fakeaf someone who can’t take a million hints.

    I swear this drama is a freaking emotional rollercoaster every single ep. First I was depressed, then angry, then happy, then back to depressed, and the cycle repeats. Can they just give me some stability please🥲. Also, the epilogue, they really do make it seem as though Hyun Woo was always meant to fall in love with her based on the number of times he came to her aid🥹.

  44. I’m so sad for EP 13 next week, why did they put a tomb of Haein with the day she died 🥹. Grandpa committed suicide cos they found out he was faking Amnesia. Haein rejected Hyunwoo’s proposal.

    I knew Eunseong was lying when he said he was that one that saved Haein from drowning but it was Hyunwoo

  45. I love how affectionate the leads are it comes so naturally it also makes the sad scenes between them more tragic. loved the colouring in this scene it gave a different atmosphere adding to the confession.
    And upon seeing the preview I don’t know whether to laugh or cry