Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 8

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  1. that queen’s family are gonna have a lot of sliced humbled pies in the next few episodes which is something they need. An extradition treaty should bring back the criminals involved in this case. Leaving Hyun Woo alive is the criminals’ biggest mistakes.

  2. LOOK at the ARROGANT, RIDICULOUSLY IGNORANT but thinks hes so dang INTELLIGENT, CHAIRMAN sitting on the chair with his chest all PUFFED out.

    I cant stand that man……. he DESERVES everything hes getting………KARMA BIG TIME!!

  3. Eunseong’s delulu arrogance is just unravelling in front of everyone right about now. So satisfying that HaeIn shuts him down immediately everytime that mess jumps out his mouth. And HyunWoo eyes never misses the smallest detail, he is onto him like a hawk now. Plus the auntie in onto Moh like white on rice. I’m glad to see my hunches about this mother-son schemers were on point, and even better, that some members of the family are starting to pick up a red alert. But they have almost everyone spying on the family right now, from driver to executives… its a sick trap they’ve set up.

  4. am i the only who thinks there will still be a lot of plot twist? i mean they revealed the secret as soon as they knew and the mistress admitted it right away. or am i just not used to secrets revealed as fast as this one ahah must have been used to all the drama before the characters had reconciliation. im proud of hyunwoo being an honest man that he is now, he ddnt lie to haein anymore. joongki’s appearance was hilarious for me, was laughing during that part, but it was great seeing him in this drama. soocheol’s scene was heartbreaking, he ddnt expect his wife would leave him, but i hope she returns. one thing i dont understand is why haein’s family is moving with hyunwoo’s, theyre chaebol, even if they lose stocks in the company, for sure they still have assets and properties, not poor enough to live with hyunwoo’s, if they’re hiding from the public eye, wouldnt they think of looking there. anyways, its a drama not all of it will make sense ahah maybe we’ll see the romcom side of this. im tired of crying. just hoping for a happy endingg plsss waiting for a week begins againn

  5. wow, what a crossover episode. its pays not to watch previews and not spoiled, i was screaming when fl attorney entered the scene. that is one epic in the history of kdrama.

  6. The glory impact was too strong . Made me so uncomfortable with yoon eun sang’s presence that I skipped his scenes. Atleast now I know yoon eun sang is not some psycho without feelings. I’m so glad to see he genuinely likes and cares about hae Inie.
    Saw this one meme in Instagram where: eun sang is the moon , hae Inie is earth and baek Hyun woo is sun . And y’all know who the earth revolves around regardless of moon

  7. “I want to live. Desperately.” Well damn, I managed to hold my tears this ep until the very end.

    I know that the Hong family has gone to sh!t because of the dog k!ller and his snake trio but I’m so ready for the in-law madness that is bound to ensue in the coming episodes. And I’m also excited for the revenge that this family will hopefully get on those horrible people. Hae-In has Vincenzo on her side so I’m sure it will be no problem at all.

  8. Her father will regret the moment he raised his hand on his beloved daughter and made her cry this much 😭😭😭

  9. I’ve seen too many kdrama to see how this is gonna end.

    Mr. Yoon is gonna help the protagonist by providing the recorded film of his mother poisoning the chairman.

  10. oh my gooood my frustrations are up to makjang levels, i can not believe how stupid and gullible everyone in Hae-in’s family, i initially thought they wanted and all know guidance from Hyun-woo but they’re all really just stupid to the core lmao. Especially the chairman, it has gotten annoying, i want to give a hard smack to the heads of everyone in Hong’s family to put sense to what’s happening 💀🥲

  11. I will not be surprised if it’s later revealed that Ms. Yoh also killed Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s child. That child was a roadblock in her plans as most likely, grandfather would’ve named him the heir.

    And they are certain that it’s not Soo-cheol’s child but I’m 100% sure that he is indeed the father. The thing is even though Da Hye is a scamster, I think she truly loved him and is mother of his child. It’s further cemented that she took the child away with her. No mother would leave her child alone. She might make a comeback in final episodes to change the entire plot.

  12. The two spies giving the reference of crash landing on you. Did anyone noticed? They can fine anyone in North korea

  13. The way I said omo! and screamed and then screamed and gasped and then screeched after hearing his name!
    Oh My Myy… was not expecting that!
    Best cameo ever!!

  14. Is it just me or I’m assuming Hae In’s secretary is ML’s lawyer friend’s wife. Cause both mention they are married and have kids??

    At this point they can just simply do the uno reverse card on the criminal lady because she’s been a fraud all this time so the contract with the chairman is basically void because there is fraudulent act involves.

  15. from the previews: is our dear aunty going to find a new love interest???? ohhh I’m so excited for her if that happens

    vincenzo (joongki) cameo as haein’s lawyer, ouhh that dramatic entry and vincenzo tune damn
    they reenacted a scene from vincenzo lol the imagination is wild😭 plus the blood stains on his briefcase??! this is so funny omg the silence is LOUD! as expected from the Italian mafia 😂
    not vincenzo badmouthing hyunwoo and his lawyer in italian lol and what in the world is happening in 2024, tanya and eunsom reunion in the modern world. what in the multiverse is this qot x vincenzo x arthdal chronicle x cloy

    i want a hanseo and vincenzo reunion now

  17. “His name is Vincenzo. And he’s… he’s from the mafia.” 💀
    Well I laughed so hard the instant I heard that. But he is a wanted man in SKorea right now, how is he here doing HaeIn’s divorce? 🤣🤣🤣 Then again, is IS Vincenzo afterall, lol, he can come and go whenever he likes haha. I knew he was cameoing but did NOT expect this… pure gold!!!

  18. The grandpa is so dumb, Jesus christ! How is a self-made billionaire not thorough?! How do you not even have the least bit of suspicion?!

  19. I was worried the whole takeover would drag on more. It’s frustrating to watch her family on their pedestals when they are all very egotistical and arrogant to the point of annoying. They’re chaebols, aren’t they supposed to be business savvy? Yet they are all so dumb.

    The way her mom looks down her nose at everyone makes me want to smack her. She doesn’t even have the right to feel angry for the divorce since she is the number one person who treats Hae In like shit. I don’t even feel bad for them since ML tried to warn them multiple times and they just can’t put their ego aside to listen. And now he has to step in to solve their issues.
    She and her family needed to be taken down a couple notches so they can humble themselves. I get that she’s sick but it feels like most of their marital problems come from her. Somewhere along the way, she shut herself off from him and because of that he just gave up. We’ve seen him putting in the effort but I’d like to see her self-reflect and try to communicate with him more. Anytime he tries, she gets angry and cuts him down. Nobody should be in a situation where their significant other makes them feel that way.

  20. OK….. did i miss something or do they want to take EVERYTHING from them but NOT bcs they were harmed or wronged by the family but SIMPLY BCS SHE WAS THE MAID AND HATED HOW HAPPY THAT FAMILY USE TO BE and wanted it ALL for herself & her son???

  21. Now that’s how you do a cameo, not an actor playing themselves but paying homage to one of their iconic roles 👏 One thing I have to say is that this show isn’t short of characters that you absolutely despise. Feel like Grandpa got what was coming to him so now I’m locked in to seeing the rest get picked off one by one or at least get some sort of redemption

  22. in the end HW is the only one who can get this family get back on their feet. I hope grandpa still lives

  23. Don’t you just wish they can be in a drama together? Set aside the pay or who plays the main lead…….

  24. Moh Seul Hee is scary… she can do all the killings just so she could get what she wants this is what I’m overthinking about the last episode she’s also behind Eun Sung’s parent’s death, now she’s feeding the chairman poison every time gosh I really hate that group. Su Min (from Marry My Husband) just finished anow this aaaaaaaaaaaa~

  25. When money is there the entire universe will always be in your side 🥰
    Also why isn’t it proved that hyun woo didn’t bug the chairman’s room like what’s the proof and why isn’t hyun woo denying
    The chairman is a vile one how can you give the ring that was worn by your wife to your mistress when your daughter was supposed to inherit it

  26. m so glad they didn’t drag the WHO DONE IT for 12 episodes, and for the whole family to find out, and they didn’t keep trusting Eun sung and insulting Hyun woo…..

    they’ve hit even below the rock bottom, and from here, they’re only gonna go up…

    and till then, they’ll at least learn how to treat humans and the way they’ve been living and treating people isn’t gonna work anymore and it was wrong…..

    but Kudos to Hyun woo who brought all of them with him to his family after being treated like a servant this whole time, in fact less than a servant by this whole family…..

  27. I’m having severe deja vu. Wasn’t there another show recently very similar to this one? I’m trying to find my comments from that show because I feel like I’m in some kind of time loop. 🤔😯

    This may not be a perfect show but it has ‘onions’ I tell you. As each piece of the puzzle is revealed, it changes the picture. It changes how you look at each character.

    I think I understand why the psycho is doing what he’s doing. He actually loves the FL but because he is a psychopath he thinks the way to do that is to strip her family of everything so that she has to rely on him. He has a chip on his shoulder, that’s why he killed that dog when he was younger. He wants to be someone who has power so that people don’t look down on him and he wants to be powerful enough and successful enough so that the FL will be with him. He probably burned down the orphanage too. I wouldn’t even put it past him to be involved in the brother’s death but that’s up to the writers. 😅

    The brother’s wife will chose the brother in the end and probably help the family take back what’s theirs from the psycho and his mum. It’s pretty much a full gone conclusion that she will return to him baby in tow. I’m also thinking that the baby might actually be his. I say this because her relationship with the psycho seems purely platonic and we are over half way through the series. It doesn’t look like he has interest in her in that way. We’ll see how the next few episodes play out.

    So pretty much everything has been revealed except the circumstances surrounding the FL’s brother’s death and the reveal for why the mistress is doing all this to this particular family.

  28. i hope they go side by side with hae in’s tumor and the revenge plot.. i hope they dont sideline one for the other.
    if miracle is to happen then Hae In will live bacause she will cry and be happy to the point that her tumor which they are saying was just cause she suppressed her feelings for too long.
    if not, then please be the miracle cause i want that to happen.. next week is gonna be chaos with in-laws living together. i didn’t know things will unfold this fast.. but maybe for the sake of in-laws comedy plot and also for the chaebol’s character development. They are too naive for someone running a business, smh….

  29. Only idiotic writer can try to make us believe it is possible former criminal , using fake identity to steal conglomerate? What is this BS? The police will get hold of her in no time. I hate when they do business takeover all the time, just focus on the love part. Why nobody in 30 years didn’t do background check on her?? Do we have to believe that?? We are not that stupid.

  30. Loved, loved, loved today’s episode!!I am so glad that Hae-in has the will to live again and that she heard Hyun Woo say he wants to be by her side, but I wish he or his friend said something about the fact that he still loves her – or I hope that came through in his wanting to be by her side. Song Joon Ki’s cameo was chef’s kiss haha! My heart broke for Soo Cheol and his son (who can’t sleep without him)…Cheon Da Hee definitely does have a soft corner for him so I wonder what will happen after/how that may be of help in the future I.e. if she will comes back and testifies against the gang. My heart also broke for Beom Ja, but I am glad Moh Seol Hee told the Chairman that Beom Ja and Hyun Woo waste right all along and that he thought of Beom Ja before he collapsed – in my opinion the Chairman and even Hae-In’s mom deserved what they got- Soo Cheol was also played but didn’t intentionally hurt anyone, and Hae-in’s Dad is also a bit of a fool, but he truly loved his family and seemed to be the only one trying to figure out why Hyun Woo divorced Hae-In when the Chairman blatantly didn’t care and Hae-in’s mom was like good riddance…and after saying she never wants to see Hyun Woo’s mom again, she is now forced to stay with and rely on her…that’s karma right there! I am also happy that Hyun Woo and Beom Ja figured out the relationship between Seol Hee and psychopath and that the takeover was thsi episode and they didn’t drag it. Now we can focus on Hae-In’s recovery, Hae-In and Hyun Woo getting back together and how the Hing family will rise from the ashes and take down the monster-son duo! I wonder if they have realized that Da Hye and the matchmaker and a director were all in on it too, so they don’t continue to misplace their trust. I am sure next episode that news of Hae-In’s illness will come out…psychopath actually seems to care for sure, since he could take over the company without her but still wants her…or then again maybe it’s just because of what she represents and that being with her would validate his position and ‘achievements’

  31. my favourite team… ❤️❤️❤️ aunt is the real Hero of this drama…..she’s so gud

    and I felt so bad for her when she got hit by her father and cried…🥺🥺

    so glad that Hyun woo isn’t shown someone who would only do something after everything had happened…he found out, he took action…

    and both aunt and him just shared whatever they knew, acted accordingly, and even told the chairman that very day….

    and she showed her true colors as well…

  32. Hyun Woo is for sure a better person than me because idk that I’d take them away from this mess they created and carry them to my family. Sorry not sorry because they’re all so full of sh** except the Auntie. Grandpa was becoming paranoid and he’s always been crazy full of himself talking about how he’s pulled himself up from nothing ok and now he’s left all common sense behind smh. At least we’ll get to see them suffer a bit in the countryside but HW’s family is actually too nice to give them even half of the treatment they gave to HW so we’ll see

  33. Yasss Eunsom protecc your Tanyaaa 😍😍
    Not them referencing all of Song Jongki’s past roles AHAHAHA. Too bad he didn’t get to meet his “little brother” 🥹

    One thing I love about Hyunwoo and Haein is the fact that no matter how much they pissed each other off, they both never betray each other. They may say hurtful things to each other’s face but never once they belittle one another. HaeIn putting Eunsang in his place by telling him that she divorced him because she din’t want Hyunwoo to suffer anymore is such a big boss move.

    Also. I guess this is what we call karma? Don’t get me wrong. I hate Moh Sulhee and his son to the bone (apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree), but it’s kinda satisfying seeing Haein’s family being forced to touch the ground ngl. I don’t feel “sorry” for the family (except for HaeIn and the cool auntie, tho I wish she’d be less impulsive), not even Soo Cheol. He’s just straight up DUMB and audacious. Not to mention greedy. All of this happened because he was too greedy and make all the wrong decisions even AFTER HyunWoo and his father told him to check everything first. So yes. Him too kinda deserved it. And THE MOM. Gosh. I wishhh she got some reality check during her time in the sub-urban 💀💀💀 But I guess we’ll see some redemption journey and (HOPEFULLY) some wholesome moments between the families now that they’re all together.

    I swear this family would’ve gone bankrupt LOOOONG before if Haein and Hyunwoo weren’t there. Especially Hyunwoo. He’s literally SMAAART smart. Cold-headed, logical, BUT morally smart (kinda reminds me of Vincenzo minus the illegality tbh). And I know it’s partly strategical but how he got the whole family to come to his hometown even after everything they did to him is just so 😭😭❤️❤️ Now THAT’S true love. This man is impressive in all 360 degrees.
    It’s a battle of nerve between him and Eun Sang now that everything is out in the open. At least up to now, Hyunwoo always got the last words every time they’re battling it out. I’m excited to see how Hyunwoo would outsmart the evil witch and her offspring.

  34. I am not watching it right now because then I am not able to concentrate I am too much involved in it but please tell me there is a ray of hope something good happen or something good will happen
    Please anybody I am asking for spoiler please someone just give me the summary
    They are not divorced right?
    Hae in still love him?

  35. There is very simple solution to this BS. They can go to police and tell who she is, if she was in prison, they will have her fingerprints and she will be arrested for using fake identity and she will not be grandpa guardian. Also for attempting to murder the grandpa. And all her plan will go to waste. Stupid drama. And now we will continue watching this brainless show. ML was supposed to be the smart one?? And they will accept a former criminal to play them??

  36. was impatiently waiting for Vincenzo ❤️❤️❤️

    I loved how he described all of his avatars in one go 😂😂

    I can’t blame these two, even I was in awe of him….

    and they looked so gud 🫰🫰

  37. THAT CAMEO WAS EVERYTHING! they just listed all his roles HAHAHAHA!

    team Aunt and Hyun Woo to purge the evil ones!!!!!!! this episode was like a refresher for the couple or Hae In to be exact sometimes you really need to pull out yourself from the picture to see it… AHHHHHH NEED THE FOLLOWING EPISODES ASAPPPPPPPP~~~~

  38. m probably the only one who isn’t at all sad at what happened with the Chairman, he deserved every bit of it. he never believed his own children, everyone is a fool in his eyes except Hyun woo, and he even kicked him out…..the only child of his who not only worried about the business, but also his health and the sincerity of people around him, his daughter, he hit her in front of and because of the Bi**h mistress of his, m glad he’s unconscious…..

  39. ohhh please, so now you’re telling me that he really, truly, actually LOVEEEEEE Hae in??? and that too since childhood??? and despite that, he ruined, completely destroyed her family and their business??? his mother drugged the Chairman and sent him into a coma?? they lost everything and have nowhere to go, nothing left on their name, but he loves her, yeah right!!! you’re kidding me???

  40. Great episode………….I will put faith in the epilogue and hope for a happy ending for our leads. A triple miracle where they get a second chance for her to live, a shot at their marriage again, and a baby!!

  41. He’s the only one I feel bad for. He really wanted to be a good father and husband.
    The grandpa is the dumbest of ’em all and the main reason for their downfall.

  42. I wanted to shave Moh Seul-hee’s head so bad!! My angry level is to the roof now because of that crime group.

    If only that call from Beomja/Hyunwoo arrived a little earlier, the chairman could have survived and kick Moh Seulhee out. Hoping that the grandpa will be able to redeem himself.

  43. Were the writers trying to make us feel bad for Mr. psycho by showing those flashbacks?????????? He’s out here trying to destroy them and throw them on the streets. So, in my books, he doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy.

  44. I know she will become a female lead that can understand her mistakes. Everything he does alone is things he would only dream to do with her. And one day they will because the way she acts now is not the definition of the real her! She was the perfect actress for this show! No better casting option. Perfection.

  45. I screamed when Song Joong-ki appeared, SCREAMED! This drama has all the drama because how are going to cast him as the divorce attorney after his scandal? And don’t get me started on the Vincenzo reference. Best drama of the year!!!!

  46. “There are times where people forget things even when they aren’t sick”. Omg, someone call the script writers, this is too good. No better way to tell someone how you forgot how much you loved them.
    Hearing my husband wants to stay by my side makes me want to live….omgggg, these lines were made to hurt us mentally.

  47. I would say this drama shows true love with its dilemmas like the old dramas but I feel like this has set a new age in the kdrama industry.

  48. This guy was hilarious throughout.
    I honestly feel bad for the poor guy. He got his brains from that DUMB GRANDPA. What else were they expecting to happen???

  49. I’m always waiting for the next weeks’ episode. It’s like my body and mind know when it’s coming.
    This drama is so unpredictable, I just don’t know what’s going to happen next. The two families living together…Can’t wait for the next episode!

  50. I hope Korea makes many more dramas like this. It’s been a long time since a show has made me be able to feel genuinely sad and then happy.

  51. I dont know how to explain it but the vibe of this drama is different from any drama I have seen before. It’s unique. And although the relationship is not perfect, it’s so realistic. I absolutely love it.

  52. Seriously, he’s a totally a*s, telling these thing to a person who’s dying, and his friend is trash.

  53. Imagine my shock seeing Joon ki on screen playing THE Vincenzo. If only they had added the iconic lighter, it would have been *chef’s kiss*.
    And, its no surprise seeing the way they ended. The Hong family is the epitome of bad decisions. Its actually a miracle that they stood that long. Because while I didn’t understand all the business jargons, even I could smell the bullsh!t from miles away. And I gotta give it to Hyun Woo. Man was single handedly trying to save this bunch of idiots. He smart smart!!! But all in vain now. What I didn’t expect was that Yoon guy actually had feelings for her. What a joke😂😂 It feels like ✨karma✨ in full force and I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for their family except Soo cheol(when he ran after his son in the bike😭😭) and Haein and the aunt.
    And for people who came at Hae in, it was clear that she wasn’t upset about him wanting divorce rather was about him not leaving her side and acted as if he cared( I know it was not all an act but he DID act in the beginning). It was again reiterated in this episode. She knows the way he was treated and stood up, although not in front of him, for him to her parents and brother.
    Its gonna be fun watching them hanging out with their inlaws😂😂

  54. Like that ending scene confirming she wants to live especially since the doctor said terminally ill patients are more likely to survive if they have something to live for.

  55. Next episode is gonna be a funny one for sure🤣
    Hopefully hyunwoo get some solid blows in with his plan, although I doubt it since we have alot of episodes to go.

    I trust the directors and the writers though so whatever happens I’ll sure it will be good.

  56. We’ve already hit rock bottom(except forHaein’s death, which im hoping we dont get) so we can only go up from here. Right?



    I was talking about my kdrama journey with my classmates literally today(4pm approx) We talked about Vincenzo too, I was saying that I remember the plot mostly and it was a great drama of that year…. Now it’s 9 pm and what??? I’M SCREAMING-
    when I saw SJK and heard the bgm from Vincenzo, I literally paused and covered my mouth so that mom doesn’t hear me screaming 😭😭😭
    Bye I’m going to watch the rest of the episode now 😭

  59. Omg I had no idea he was in this!!! And the references to his past shows. He did make a great Werewolf! And we wanted a Vincenzo 2…

  60. lol after renting a whole aquarium and then change the music

    Yo i was really hoping that the Male leads brother how keep buying and selling stocks bought alot of stocks of queen that would help Male lead later on to taking the queens company back hahaha. Also it feeling like Hae-in aunt will be the perfect woman for Hyun-Woo’s brother if he is single that is hahaha.

  61. Omg I want to be this rich.
    To be able to rent put an aquarium, restaurant and or park and be on a private date.