Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 7

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  1. Another fantastic episode.

    I hope the Secretaries are being well paid because is too much work to get these two to not cross to each other Dammnnn

    Soo cheol is so pitiful, his mother protects him way too much because of what happens to his brothers, his wife is lying to him and that baby may not even be his. He’s going to suffer so much and all this scheme goes down.

    Last week, a lot of news reported that kim Ji Won wasn’t even the 2nd choice for this role, and I must say this is probably the BIGGEST CAST HIT this year, she says this role. In one minute she is full of hate and resentment and another minute here she is so fragile and sweet. Hope she gains an award for her acting here.

  2. I agree with his decision to make her hate him since she almost killed herself 2 times before he saved her after she learned about his plans at the beginning + he cant explian to her that he fell in love again with her… her will to die was too strong so like Doctor said, she had to focus on something and since love and hatred are only one wrong step between them, he chose the 2nd cause the 1st fell apart… hope that she soon sees how great he really is and what he did after his mistake since he knows he is wrong

  3. Some of y’all need to get their facts straight, he never really wished her death, he never though or wish for her to die while they were together, y’all are trying to hard find a flaw from his side while turning a blind eye on hers, that whats actually wrong, dude is not a devil or villain as y’all are trying vigorously to portray.

    The fault is on both and first on her in the first place and the way her and her family treated him, and then on him for not speaking up for himself and just follow her mood-swings and her family’s, at least outside of the fact that the news she has only 3 months which all bounds down to a major problem in marriage and couples nowadays ” COMMUNICATION”.

    Lets not forget he went to her room already ready for divorce he was ready for “divorce” only, (not killing her dang !!) then she came back at him with the news of her dying, good or bad reason, as a decent human being you yourself will not be able to whole heartedly hand the paper of divorce at that moment if you have somewhat of a heart.

    I agree its true he was like i dont have to divorce rn, because she’s dying but the truth is that he didn’t think that at the moment she told him and when he hugged her, its his friend thats always bringing these ideas in his head and his like she never really cared about us anyway so… ( from an X point in their life as a couple which we dont fully know about yet) going from there the rest is history.

  4. the blame game is tiring!!! it’s not one-dimensional and they obviously love and care each other but don’t know how to communicate it anymore!!! they are both people who’s hurt and in pain and needs to learn /how/ to love each other again!!!

    p.s. to the writers please give them a healing and a happy ending 🥹🥲😭

  5. Okay, what kind of chaebol family literally keeps rats around them? Like these rats have a master plan to bring the family and the business down and the family is blind asf, especially the chairman guy..I feel like slapping him whenever he comes up and his DIL is also stupid asf both of them are so gullible wtf..they couldn’t do one background check lmao! The aunt did one and found out so much about that second-wife lady! Honestly hate their family…the only person with a lil sense in the whole family is Hae-in’s dad probably because he is the only one who isn’t being brainwashed by anyone like chairman-his cunning mistress, haein’s mom- that annoying matchmaker lady and haein’s brother- by his horrible wife..that’s why the aunt and the dad are bit better! MAKES SENSE!
    And even though I can see that hyun woo is finally facing consequences for his action my heart breaks for the both of them like it’s so painful! She should try listening what he is saying and I’ll know she’ll have a change of heart when she finds out what all he has done for her..but it’s far away… I swear to god Eun Seong is making me want to s*oot him..he should never find out about her illness oh god..

  6. ok i’m gonna be honest, I want that stupid inexplicable plot twist to hit this script !! I want that 51% of success to actually be a thing !!!! I am way too invested in this drama and I cannot afford a sad ending !!! PLEASE DONT DO THAT TO ME

  7. I will wait for them to get back together before continuing to watch. I don’t get why she’s too angry, she needs to reflect but because she is sick i guess its not easy. I feel sorry for Hyun Woo really. He gave his all for her family and he was scared he would be killed if he left. It was only for a moment when he celebrated that she might die after he came to his sense, he fought for her, he even threatened the doctor with a lawsuit.

  8. Many moments make my heart ache.It was too deep and Iam emotionally attached to this drama. Not only the actors, but this masterpiece is a complete team effort. Huge respect.

  9. So the FL’s mum is doting on her brother because she’s scared he will die like her other son. That’s so sad. I kinda feel sorry for her.

    I think it’s sort of nice/wholesome that the FL’s father is more upset that the ML wants to divorce his daughter than he is that the ML has supposedly betrayed their family by bugging their house and has turned them over to the prosecution.

    Those two PI henchmen of the father’s are low key letting the FL’s father know that ML is actually perfect for his daughter and loves her. Exhibit A: ML befriends the fiercest neighbourhood cat and the cat is only warm to him (sound like someone we know 👀). Exhibit B: ML is punishing himself by running laps around an elementary school like the teachers make their students do. Exhibit C: ML has a lot of flattering photos of his wife in his phone. Like they said, it must be true love. 😅

    Damn. To be slapped in the face by what a good man your husband is must be an…experience. 😶

    Please tell me FL is becoming suspicious of the SML. I’d hate for them to dumb her down.

    So it seems the mistress and the SML had their own plans for the Queen’s family and so happen to run into each other at the same time both their plans are taking fold.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, that wife of the brother is going to be the one to put a spanner in the plans of the terrible trio. I think when the time comes she will choose her husband as she’s grown to care for him. They will choose each other.

    That ending. That’s too cruel. Plus it looks like this is going to drag out longer than I though because ML will do everything in his power to make sure she stays mad at him because he thinks that’s the only way she will have the will to fight her illness and not give up. I actually feel for them both. They are both imperfect and have done some awful things to each other but it’s a shame they are suffering so much not knowing how much they are loved by the other.

  10. I think the most surprising part of this entire drama, is trying to comprehend that this chaebol family is actually a chaebol family. Im not an expert but for someone who is the CEO of such a profitable company that makes billions of dollars, you’re telling theres not one, but three people in your household who are just scamming you and your money. And on top of this, you don’t even know what your employees are doing right under your nose, and the bigger problem is that you dont even have the forethought to investigate these people whatsoever. like how did you accumulate such wealth, and be this naive im surprised they havent lost everything sooner. like at this point, the only explanation for this familys behaivor is that they are frauds and just stole this from someone else. and thats why these people are all coming after them.

  11. I know Hyun Woo said what he said in Germany to spite her so she has a reason to live for but damn did it hurt. Like they were lovey-dovey just the day before but that snake quartet just had to up and ruin everything.

  12. Week to week as episode released my nervousness increased.oh God i don’t want sad ending.i don’t want to cry and i can’t see kim soo MEN crying. Writernim i believe you.. fighting

  13. I can’t with the humour in this drama 😂😂😂😂😂…. Y r they so funny without even trying 🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😆😆

  14. I appreciate the writter creativity in the first few 20 minutes, when she discovered the divorce paper adding to when the Doc said she doesn’t even have the will to live for her to undergo the treatment, so for him to make her regain her will to live, since pleasing her or begging her to regain it or forgiivng him again, will take way too long and since we are working with time limitations here,
    he used her and her character to save herself by igniting her angsty, rage and fierce-full side, even if he uses himself as a bait.
    In other words a double reverse psychological love stimulation.
    Smart writting 👏

  15. Wife was like, yah we/I make great money as a cardiologist/cardio surgeons but there are reasons why neurologists/neurosurgeons are the top tiers of medical practioners. Her symptoms are moving fast, she was given a 3 month expectancy as is ya? Losing what little time is left to memory loss……….good lord.
    I like how he pissed her off to encourage her to fight. The things he said in the beginning needed to come out regardless and she realized that later in the episode. He doesn’t deserve a pass anytime soon but he said what needed to be said and SHE needs to do the same. I get the feeling she believes she is above all this and w/o fault, how long will it take for her to figure out she’s just as liable for the fallout of their marriage?

  16. I guess they’ve been married for more than a year, or may be more than that, and suddenly she’s falling for everything he says??? I mean, it’s not like he started to be gud to her just now and was a bad husband before having a kid, and the kid is also almost a year now, y is she suddenly absorbing everything he does when just an episode ago, she was all willing to crush him and his family???

  17. To find out the only person who motivated you to live was waiting for you to die is heartbreaking. Like Hyun-woo said himself, what he did was inexcusable. I know he loves her, even when he’s not with her, he does things that they used to do together and he is always wondering if she’s okay. After the death of his child, he must’ve forgot how much he loved her and was blinded by how cold she became.
    This whole drama is built of miscommunication and we all know hae-in does not deserve to die. She shouldn’t even be considering what funeral home she wants to go to, I have never cried so hard in my life. Please make a happy ending for this couple, they’re two good people who have made mistakes!!!

  18. PFFTTT Romantic COMEDY huh. Romantic tragedy. 💀

    I swear Kim Soo Men is born to play punching bag characters. He’s so good at breaking my heart 😭😭😭💔💔💔

    And the father and the spies HAHAHAHA 😂

    Also, it seems like we’ll have someone bad gonna turn good because of “love”. I’m expecting little brother’s wife character development.

  19. Just when they were finally communicating, they went right back to square one!😭 It was really hard to watch the scene of confrontation and when he said “Our lock is still there!!”, My heart!

    And, this is not suspicious!! At all!!😂😂
    I know this is a reference to the crash landing on you’s scene where they follow captain Ri and they end up finding nothing but him being a model citizen!!She forgot about the whole confrontation!! Maybe there is no better punishment than this for Hyun Woo for faking his love. Again, I am not blaming him for the way he reacted then but still it was really sad to watch. I wonder how her family will react knowing she is gonna die soon!!
    And honestly, for me, all the business talks and their plans are going right over my head!!!

  20. So Hae In lost the will to live after finding out about the divorce, hence why Hyun Woo had to provoke her in oodrt to help her have a motivation to live, which was emotional scene to me💜
    However on the bright side, the office scene where Hyundai Woo’s assistant had to eye his collegues to agree with them going to Chinese restaurant for lunch cracked me up, the way they were typing text messages and chatting, keeping a straight face, while spilling some juicy gossips about their boss Hyun Woo and his wife Hae In probably got into a fight at Germany cracked me up🤣🤣🤣🤣
    By the way I love Hae In’s secretary, for suggesting her boss and her husband need to go on an amicably trip together out of the country.

  21. I actually had some hope here in this scene that he bought some shares and so he might become helpful to Hyun woo in the future, but then he sold them straight away and i couldn’t understand the purpose of this whole scene….🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  22. m glad the writer at least showed him trying to explain y he did what he did, and that too twice, and it was obvious that she won’t listen, cz u know, its not the last episode 😑😑

  23. if being brazen had a face 🤬🤬

    it was a no brainer that he’s her son but please i need a backstory for them to do all this to this family, please dun make them just naturally bad people who just one day wake up and decide to destroy a rich family and take their all, just because they’re driven by greed and have no solid reason to do all this (although greed is the most solid reason 🙈🙈), but this discussion of their’s had me in doubt that they dun have any motive behind destroying this family other than their own poverty and greed…..which to some extent would make me happy and go meh at the same time if there won’t be any typical sob story of them being betrayed or destroyed by the chairman….

  24. like i said last week, m loving the father and the aunt….i just loved how he was the only one who was concerned about them getting divorced, and that too, more than the matter of his father’s room being bugged, and is doing his best and wishing that he dun find anything bad about Hyun woo, cz he knows Hyun woo is a gud person….and m loving this trio 😂😂

    and i know that it was supposed to be serious discussion of sending someone to jail in the chairman’s stead and investigation and all, but i really can’t take them seriously 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was hilarious….

  25. I hope Haein isn’t actually running on anger right now but love.
    My little headcannon is that she heard the doctors conversation with hyunwoo and knows what he’s doing so she sees the love.

    Highkey doubt it tho😔

  26. I was actually thinking watching the episode that it’s not as sad and scary as I was thinking it would be and was so worried to watch today’s episode, and the writer was like, seriously???? here u go then!!!

    Gosh i was as dumbfounded as him, and as sad as him 🥺🥺🥺. please dun do this to them, please 🙏🙏🙏

  27. given that this episode is lighting up “paths” I’m guessing all upcoming episodes is worth the wait!

    I don’t wanna overthink about Yoon Eun Sung but aackkkk that was dark! well your mom is Moh Seul Hee so that was kind of acceptable LOL.

    this is precious I remember their haggard look in CLOY hahaha

  28. Let’s pretend, Haein wasn’t sick because that’s why she’s getting all this sympathy, Haein and her family can’t fathom the fact that Hyun Woo just wanted out, no mistress, not money hungry. She was a terrible wife to him for atleast the past year, he even had to find a restaurant to get home cooked meals, never visited her inlaws after the wedding, treats him horrible at work infront of everyone and she has the heart to think it’s unfair that he wants a divorce.

  29. Gosh, I was just wondering how this episode had a rather lighter tone for the majority of its part but then they had to hit me with the last scene 🥲

  30. Yo i feel like Hong Soo-Cheo the younger brother of FL knows that his wife is older than him cause in episodes earlier he said that he can detect women older than him but probably doesn’t know about the scamming. I also feel like he knows the kid is not his but again playing dumb about all this cause he just doesn’t want his mom to be more controlling.
    Looks like Cheon Da-Hye will actually fall for Hong Soo-Cheo and will help him and the Female lead later on.

    well i had a feeling that the Yoon Eun-Sung might be the son of Moh Seul-Hee and now its even more likely since she the Private detective told her about Moh Seul-Hee and her having a son.

    also i think the grandpa and father of female lead like there son in law. Especially the grandpa, who is willing to listen to him even after the divorce is revealed. looks all the good ppl will eat shit next. ML and aunt team up lol.

    Its gonna feel so good when Moh Seul-Hee get the kick outta queens family.

    man waiting for the next episode to so panful lol.