Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 14

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  1. them fighting about rolling down the sleeve during breakfast is just too cute and she really likes to squeeze his cheeks 😂

  2. I think this show has literally drained my tear ducts. Their acting is phenomenal there’s a reason why the entirety of dramaland is collectively losing it over this show.
    Yoon EungSung, you’re a phenomenal actor. my blood boils everytime i see you face man i wanna punch you

  3. Gosh, I was just thinking how I could have bumped into the filming crew while they were in Berlin if only I left my house once in awhile XD.

  4. This is a drama worth seeing, the main couple acting skills are amazing here and i almost cry with them every time. Its difficult to find other kdrama just as good, only Stranger comes to my mind right now, but there genres are very far apart… in terms of romance, this is the best i’ve seen.

    Its not silly but it doesnt take itself to seriously at the same time.

  5. If I’m a super duper rich producer, these two scenes alone would make me GLAD to have this actor to take all of my money.

    I’ve always been impressed by ALL of his crying scenes. We could always feel different kinds of pain and frustration in all of his tears. I mean, WHO DOES THAT? But these two scenes just take it to a whole different ball game. Hyunwoo’s breakdown. The angst. The anxiety. The cry of relief. His shortness of breath. Portraying all kind of mixed emotions in one single scene. EVERYTHING. Literal acting perfection. This guy’s acting range is CRAZY. Kim Soo Men, THE MAN, THE ACTOR YOU ARE. 😮‍💨

    And that church scene, is a proof of acting skill balance between both actor and actress. This is what we get when both leads have masterclass acting skill. Neither of them have to hard-carry the other. Both are already whole. ✨PERFECTION✨

    I’m so glad Kim Ji Won took this role. I’ve loveeed her as lead in Fight My Way and Arthdal Chronicle. And I know that her name is already bit but I can feel that this drama will really shoot her name up to stardom, even overseas.

    On side note: I heard IU was the original cast for this drama but she turned it down? I lowkey think IU turned down this role because she couldn’t imagine having sad dramas with Kim Soo Men 😂😭 I remember in The Producer’s behind the scenes they kept slapping each other because they couldn’t stop laughing 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  6. Yoo Eun Sung actor kudos to your for your acting and please stay away from me, i might just strangle you to death a million times.

  7. This show was so worth the wait. I was so impatient before, “Ugh, this just had to be aired every Saturday & Sunday, i’m getting tired of waiting.”… but i saw myself coming back again and again. I didn’t even need to set a reminder; I’d wake up on a Saturday and IMMEDIATELY get to watching. I totally see why it takes time. It’s so beautiful, and has inspiring and motivating quotes and body language (things that weren’t mentioned out between the characters, and only acted out). It was just pure art for me. I love these two leads as well, and the chemistry between them in their acting is just beyond IMMACULATE. All the characters just fall into place it’s so mind blowing. It’s been a long time since I didn’t need to watch a K-drama on 2x LOL. I can’t wait for 15 and 16.

  8. All this time I was hoping there could be redemption arc for him as he is not a murderer, but I was so wrong.
    He is worse than a murderer. The thing that he is simply toying with the feeling of an ill lady is enough for me to hate this character.
    But kudos to the the actor though. Time and time again he has shown how good he is in the role of an antagonist.

  9. I am hopeful that she will eventually regain her cherished memoriessss chaebaaaaal writer-nim💔💔💔 this is King of tears. Kim Soo-hyun shed too much tears in this drama yall

  10. Last two episode were just fillers. I am here just for KJW but it is getting harder to watch. It is stupid on so many levels.

  11. They were brilliant.
    The helplessness in his voice after he saw the cr crash OH MY GOD KIM SOO HYUN THE ACTOR YOU ARE !! 👏👏👏
    And the scene we all waited for- It was so wonderful for showing their vulnerability and their desperation. I dare say this episode was Jiwon and Soo hyun’s peak performance.
    we all cry when we a laptop memory gets reset. It’s a whole human here- all her emotions everything.
    I’m constantly erasing Yoon and thinking of how hae in would have woken up with hyun woo by her side.
    “Guerae, naya, baek hyunwoo, ni yeoppe issneun yaksokhetton saram”, and he’d have held her close, uttering soft prayers, “She remembers my name”.

  12. i haven’t watched it yet, but ive seen clips and that’s enough to let me know it’ll be best for my blood pressure to wait until next week lol!!

  13. This drama will be stupid until the end. BS after BS. Why is ML in jail? He probably has alibi for the time of murder. That writer live in a dream land. Where nothing have connection with the reality.

    I can see the clown edits coming lmao

  15. That mfer wants to be Park Hyun Woo so bad, he not only dressed like him, pretended he got the same injury on his hand but he also styled his hair like him !! YOU WILL NEVER BE HIM !! NEVER EVER EVER !!

  16. We’ve predicted all of Eun Song next move but I am so pissed by watching him doing that scenes. Just fck off Yoo Eun Song!! Also Moh Seul Hee that witch she’ll also be dealt with I swear!! I want a satisfying hell to happen to them both

    I am so scared for Soo Cheol what if he’ll be sacrificing his life for Da Hye? I still can’t get over about what happened to the 2nd lead in CLOY 😥

  17. I bloody knew it, i predicted it , the psyco acting as if hes her husband cuz of her memory loss. .. Im glad that not all is lost, some memories cant be erased.

  18. It kind of became a stupid mess in the end because HW worked with the prosecutors to get ES and they already know about the realtor guy so how on earth could ES blame the death on HW !!!!!!where were the prodecutors who supposely are almost there to get ES and how does he work on getting the parents like they did not made sure they are as clean as they can so he can’t pin anything on them

  19. nah fam I dont like this murder investigation. I feel like its fore shadowing something f*ck man. f*ck me. nvm

  20. I dun blame u Hae in, his charms are never ending 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😂😂😂

  21. I don’t even find ES’s mom as annoying as ES.

    The thing that differentiates her is that she’s self aware enough to know she’s a bad person.

    ES though? Idiot feels like a victim to his life and circumstances yet quietly stands by and lets his mom become more evil for his sake when it’s convenient.

    He’s disgusting all the way through

    I said it before and I’m saying it again.. most people who go through trauma don’t turn into bad people. It’s not an excuse. And keeping it real.. who doesn’t go through some form of trauma?

  22. they’re a breath of fresh air in all the tension and frustration ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Kim Soo hyun was just phenomenal today, he is in every episode no doubt, but today, he just outdid himself 👏👏👏👏, that accident scene and then the hospital scene 🫡🫡🫡. and same goes for Kim ji won 👏👏❤️❤️❤️. I cried rivers with both of them 😭😭😭

  24. I just hate this plot point in dramas that the bad guys wins all the battles till the last 5 minutes of the last episode, and the gud guys are just idiots with 0 wins and 0 strategies and 0 plans, and even if they have a plan, they have no time or opportunity to execute it cz it’s not the freakin last episode yet….🫤🫤🤬🤬🤬

    and these two, m not even interested in them now, their story had no meat at all since the start, they had no motive at all other than the greed, or may be that’s the biggest motive…..the mum just woke up one day, abandoned her child, seduced a man, became his mistress, got humiliated here and there, and after nth years, poisoned him and took his money and home and kicked out his family and found out that his abandoned son was also destroying the same family, and now both aren’t on the same page in any situation and even after all the money, she can’t control her son and the son can’t control his mum and both are doing GOD knows what to do what 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    and him being a “Boy in love” and being so nice and kind to Hae in just makes me sick to my stomach….

  25. Episode 14:HI finally decided to get the surgery, we can create other memories. Es’ mom knows the weakness of all of their opponents, she would do everything for her son including framing HW…if they want to stop ES and his mom. HI’s family should stop trusting Grace instead they should use her knowledge on ES’s mom at their advantage. Grace is a mole. ES’s weakness is HI, now he is going to pretend to be her boyfriend, however HI remembers HW. Have you looked ES’s face when she said HW and not him? Priceless
    Also I really want HI’s family to talk about her drowning, HW saved her they still don’t know that HW saved her…
    Even though ES told her that they are going out, it is an illusion. HI and HW’s connection is quite strong. ES also forgets the side effect of HI’s surgery doctors said she may forget her memory however how can she remember HW? ES hasn’t have any place in HI’s life.

  26. haein wrote down everything related to hyunwoo and her family in her journal.
    hyunwoo recorded himself to help haein remember her memories.
    and i think this is the one eunseong will burn (as per as the clip in the preview idk) cuz i don’t believe him that animal can do anything
    even if she lose all her memories she’ll find him again. their love is fated. they are made foe each other. they will fresh start and make new memories

    the montage of haein’s memories being erased one by one.

  27. That man is despicable, he is a good actor tho, everytime he appears in the show I want to hit him xD

  28. In Hae-In’s recovery state after the surgey, seems she remembered Hyun-Woo because she applied how he remembers important notes at law school which she did, recited his name over and over because he’s the most important to her, along with all the interactions they both had before she woke up, while Yoon thinks she has completely lost her memory, until she called out Baek Hyun Woo’s name.
    However I have a feeling she’ll desire to meet with Hyun Woo because his face and name is the last memory she has which she’ll hold unto and trust in him to help her regain her memories and help her rememeber and be her true self again.
    In the end she felt Hyun-Woo’s heart break in her heart, while she intuitively realized her ring isn’t on her finger.

  29. this Bi*ch should just leave him and go to Hell…

    and he really is a Fu*** idiot who is trusting her and taking her back in again and again…..I dun give a shi* about his freaking Love for her, I didn’t even want him to take her back in the first time she came back after deceiving him, let alone beg her to not go when she clearly has no regard for him and his family…..

    she can just simply go to the prosecution and give the USB which has all the evidence of her ex’s frauds, or at least tell the family about it, but no, she’d make him miserable to the point of no coming back….

  30. OK does the family has Zero Won ? Why didn’t HW kept an eye on ES I mean he must have known they won’t just lose and give the money back or leave without a fight , after the car he had zero protection so they did not call the police he did not tell the police someone is targetting them and wants them death and I hope he sees how his mom sent killer to germany they did not finish their job sooooo I assume they don’t get money right ? wouldn’t that mean they would try to kill her again ?

  31. I’m hesitant to watch this weeks episodes cause I kinda know that I will want more episodes but I watch it anyways.. T_T

  32. Oh my what an episode..🥰🤣😢😡😍💔… Everything and more in 1 episode…

    it was an emotional ride from start to finish. I had to hit pause a few times just to give my heart a break, but I also found myself rewinding to savor some of the most poignant moments.

    The story is awsome, script is amazing but can we talk about the acting? Everyone is just top notch but Kim So Hyun is on another level. Seriously, give this guy any script, and he’ll make you feel things you never knew were possible. I felt all of his emotions, his fear, his relief, his hope, his sadness, his fun poking, and most specifically, his love. His performance is absolutely captivating. Watching him work is like witnessing magic unfold before your eyes.

    Hea-in’s mind can forget but not her heart. That kind of love will run through your veins even with a part of your brain missing.

    Waaa I want to watch the next episode but I am not ready for it to end.

  33. omg dude is literally DELULU KING like he cant take any hint at all – sorry it wasnt even a hint because she literally told him HE CAN FK OFF but other than him, everything else was emotional and acting was top tier from everyone

  34. lmao who would think when the show started that the tite meant the viewers lol you guys cried so beautifully

  35. I honestly was feeling anxiety the whole episode because of that jerk because I knew what he was going to do but definitely loved the moments of her letting go of her fears to make the decision. Especially the video call and the car scene. I think Hae In was right that lady luck is on her side! Her desperate attempts to not forget and importance of her memories will keep her going – there’s no way she could forget such a fateful love, but that didn’t stop me from crying this entire episode lol anyway stellar acting as always from our main couple (those two better win best actor and actress this year I swear because how could I feel heartbreak when watching those two cry when I’ve never experienced heartbreak before?!), and even our Beom Ja and Soo Cheol in love made me happy… I always watch on Netflix but I love coming onto here for comments haha

  36. So HW had his own plan to get ES but couldn’t expect ES would kill the guy and blame it on him . I mean as soon as he talked to the guy and told him to go after ES he should have known ES would try to kill him , why wasn’t he under any protection . What did Es planned in the car to lead it to HW ? Is it so easy and fast to put the blame on someone ? it normally takes weeks to get some results and also warrants are also not easily given out and internatinal interation also takes at least days . ES is an idiot because mommy sent killers to germany so he will watch HI get in danger because mommy wants her death

  37. oh I’m gonna add how Hyun Woo’s lawyer gang was there to protect him?
    ahhh!!!!! OMG the last week!!!!! *runs aimlessly*

  38. I literally have to take breaks between crying to watch pause gather my emotions and continue watching the rest of the episode…!!!! The writers and director and actors are hell bound to make the audience queen of tears T_T ….!!! Still beautiful episode…!!!

  39. I had enough of the villains. They took the money, commit murder and pin it on our ML and now gets the girl? The last few episodes better set all these right before the happy ending. Otw I’ll have a fit!

  40. how pathetic do you have to be to take advantage of a woman’s illness for your unrequited love… this is what i can’t stand about these second male leads. at least this one is obviously a villain

  41. I’m not finished yet.. Only if her family follow them all the way to Germany.. at least there is someone who can watch her recuperate and no ES to sabotage everything.

  42. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting in that hit and run scene was on another level !!! He made me feel like I was the one losing a loved one, I am trembling right now !!!! Something about that scene and seeing him falling on his knees and releasing a sigh of relief when he saw Hae In … OMG

  43. So they didn’t find any VIP room in germany lol I mean compared to the standard it was such a avarage room

  44. i wish they talked about the miscarriage like that’s a huge part of their marriage & the reason they got divorced

  45. I m so done with the bad guys how come they are still in power it’s episode 14 and only two episode left
    Hyun woo is so intelligent how come he got trapped but again he was busy aith hae in and struggling so much
    I am crying like a river every weekend it’s so tourtoures I can’t I can’t do it anymore

    I also think that any ending where hae in is alive is happy ending so happy ending it is.
    Because Hyun woo is love of her life and will find it’s way 💕💕

  46. Eun-seong’s plan was sooo predictable, but my heart still wasn’t ready 😩 I was wondering how he was going to be able to get Hae-in out of the hospital when the doctor and reception staff would most likely recognize that he’s NOT her husband or guardian, but I stand corrected…plot hole nicely filled.

  47. After this I guess it’s confirm we will be getting an happy ending. It’s really sad to see Hyun woo fighting a battle where no one has seen his struggle and the pain he is hiding behind his broad smile. I am so missed with the villain like he didn’t even gave Hyun woo a chance to atleast see haein after the surgery like I really want to see him regret his decisions after haein have her memories regained. Ahh someone help me my house is already flooded and I don’t know how I will be patient to wait for next week like someone give me next two episodes now. I hope we get an wholesome ending for our both the leads and second lead as well.

  48. After reading some comments, I’m thinking about watching the last three episoded after the show ends, so I don’t have to suffer for a whole week. Idk if it’s a right decision or not but!!


    haein woke up and her first three words was “baek hyunwoo?”
    eunseong you little nasty leech, still trying so hard to get haein, you should read the room look at her face she lost her memory and still rejected you

  50. i hope this is the case and i feel it after the this episodes but we never know

    episode 15 :- recovery and remembering, catching bad guys
    episode 16 :- catching bad guys and happy ending

    bonus 2 episodes:- alternative ending probably a sad ending

  51. believe me i’m not even lying, i used a whole box of tissue while watching this episode
    ep14 in a nutshell, which is heartbreaking and emotional ╥﹏╥

  52. These emotional Hae-In’s quotes broke me;

    “Being alive means I cherish those memories and draw strength from them, so those memories define me and my life. And I will be loosing them. This place will just become and ordinary field for me, and you will become a stranger. I will no longer be myself. That’s why I’m not getting the surgery. I’ve lived as myself and I will die as such”…
    ” At least, you’ll remember me as a daughter who had a good relationship with you But after the surgery, I might turn into a stranger. The Hae-In who used to argue so much with you, before tearfully reconciling will be gone, I won’t recognize you anymore. Please understand”….
    Listening to both her family and her inlaws weep broke her heart 💔Also love how Soo-Cheol’s mother stood up to Moh, defending Dahye 💜

    The prayers Hae-In wrote, praying to cherish the memories she has until her last breath, moved me to tears 😭 and watching how tightly Hyun-Woo hugged Hae-In and apologized for trying to convince her to take the surgery and Hae-In breaking free from the embrace in tears and said “don’t do this to me, don’t make me want to live, I won’t be able to recognize you, I’ll become a stranger”, killed me😭😭😭
    Hyun-Woo response “even if that’s the case, I’ll be the first person you meet, then you’ll fall in love with me again, your heart will race again when I get drunk and act cute, we can love once again”..…..” Ill be by your side even if you don’t fall for me, ignore me, or dislike me, I made a promise, that’s I’d stay by your side even if you had debt or something more, so don’t worry and just stay here please, don’t pray about dying, I’m terrified that it will come true😭😭😭

    On the light side, it’s funny how Hyun-Woo intentionally took advantage of Hae-In being jealous of 3 German ladies admiring him🤣🤣🤣

    The look of distraught on Hyun-Woo’s face when he thought Hae-In died in the crashed car assassinated attempt, made Hae-In realize how difficult Hyun-Woo will struggle when she dies.
    Hae-In’s concern for Hyun-Woo, feeling terrified of how he’ll cope, and her fear of loosing him changed her mind to have the surgery 😍

    Damn this drama has given me all different emotions in one episode💜💜💜

  53. KIM SO HYUN..this man deserves every single penny he gets. Both him and Kim JW have given such amazing performances here that every second is worth watching ❣

    I know this show focuses on their growth as a couple, but this episode made me realize how far they’ve come as individuals also, especially Hae-In. Who would’ve thought in ep 1 that she would come to cherish the relations she has so much to pray for death in place of the memories of them.

    Once again, this episode was filled with intense emotions, fear being the most prominent.

    P.S. I am honestly done with anything villains’ related. I could care less about their side story line.

  54. Hyun-woo and Hae-in might have delivered their magnus opus for tears of pain. Such a powerful performance but how quickly did it change to tears of rage seeing that devil Eunseong once again. If they really are going down the full memory loss route, I’m hopefully picturing a scene of her listening to the MP3 that will move mountains exactly how it did in First Love/Hatsukoi.

  55. The emotions were flying everywhere in this episode. I understand Hae-in. The way she desperately wants to hold on to her memories shows how much she cherishes them. Imagine living your whole life devoid of any familial affection and then a man sweeps you off your feet and shows you how precious family is. And when you are finally happy, they tell you “Yeah, you’ve gotta give them up if you wanna live”. That is one messed up situation. The only happy memories she has are made with Hyun Woo and his family. Her desperation felt so real!! If she hadn’t met Hyun Woo, she wouldn’t have batted an eye even if she had lost her memories. That is how much important Hyun Woo and her memories with him are.
    And then, there is a crazy dog who can’t get any of that and waiting for Haein to lose her memories and thinks he can be a knight in shining armor for her without knowing that you were never worth more than rock on the side of the road for her.
    The villains have lost all their meaning. The mom’s threats piss me off rather than making me anxious of what is to come. I wish they would already be done with that storyline. I don’t wanna see their face until the end of the series.!!! I saw it coming from miles away thatHyun woo will be named the culprit but I am not worried because he is always one step ahead. Even if he isn’t, Haein isn’t someone who will sit and let Hyun Woo suffer. Even without her memories, she can smell the bullshit from miles away so in Haein I trust. My main concern now is Kwak Dong Yeon.Dude!! Please live!! Don’t die!!😭😭 Atleast stay alive in this one!!

  56. Kim Soo-Hyun cries so well. He is always believable in his crying scenes.

    Also, scrambled eggs and ketchup is just gross 🤮

  57. Me watching the romance between Beom-Ja and Yeong-Song… every weekend I become a little school girl and fall in love with my hubby all over again.

  58. I’m really considering watching the last three episodes next sunday, because I know it’s the moment for the villain’s final temporary victory and I’m thinking I don’t want to see that until I see how everything ends 😂. Tell me if it’s better than what I’m expecting.