Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 11

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  1. I thought it’s weird because the car that chased after Haein and Hyunwoo have red convertible top on it and the only person who drive that car is Hyunwoo. I wonder if director made a mistake in this scene. I was like “Wait, if Hyunwoo was with Haein in that car, then who the heck driving the car with red convertible top? ” And then boom, Hyunwoo step out of the car and I finally realize what is going on. It’s that damn tumor fooling us.

  2. my favourite scene 👏👏

    our Hyun woo lived his life right, he earned some loyal friends 🫡🫡

  3. So many tears at the beginning ep TT_TT
    I knew it something went off during chasing car scene. We can see Hyun Woo car was different and keep chasing Hae In in front. So heartbreaking for her.

  4. Look at how detailed they are. Somehow, I felt something awkward when I first watched it, and found out after seeing someone else’s post. KSH is left-handed, but Park Seong hoon is right-handed!

    Whether it’s KSH’s idea or the director’s idea, the way they depicted even such minor details is quite impressive.

  5. Soooooooooooo in Looooooooooooove with this dramaaaaaaaaaa…..!!!!! PLease alll gods…!!! Don’t let it be a sad ending T_T for my mental sanity …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How does Beom ja have the energy to look for love during such a stressful situation 😂😂😭😭

  7. the moment Hyun-Woo punched Eunseong was saurrr good. istg i love Hyun-Woo. i think this has been one of my favorite episodes. its was so good

  8. Most satisfying moments, Yoon got double KO.
    Both emotional and physical combo KO from Hae-In and Hyun-Woo, haha 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Maybe after she finally admits to her faults and admits she treated him like shit they can heal and be honest with each other . Why did she had to almost die to actually talk to him

  10. The last scene is goosebumps! Eun sung’s feelings towards Hae in is a mere obsession and not love. Kim soo hyun’s acting as usual, is a chef’s kiss😘

  11. i keep holding onto this theory of haein being poisoned and not being sick but today’s ep has me like yeah that’s dead

  12. Kim Soo Men and his association with girls that listened to “Oh My Darling Clementine” when she was a child thooo 😭😭😂😂

    And Hyunwoo walking pass Eungsung without saying anything after his meeting with the internal auditors was COOOOLDDDD. That boutta enough to nudge his enormous ego.

    Ahhh Haein got some really loyal and good people under her wings. It gives me great sense of security for her 😭❤️🥹

    And also. IN-LAWS UNITEEEE. It’s so great to see them as true whole family at last 🥹❤️❤️❤️


  13. I thought I was apathetic to a fault bcz I never felt sad watching or reading or even hearing someone’s misery but O….M….G…. this was something else, the way my eyes got teary 😭😭 It says something 😭

  14. Everyone and their mothers were Queens of tears after this episode. I mean this was me within the first 10 minutes of the episode.

    Why is everything so sad but also so promising and cute at the same time. Love to see Hyun Woo and Hae In rediscover their love for each other and possibly fall even deeper in love. Also Hyun Woo’s doting gaze in the hospital……. Ahhhh GOD ME WHEN????

    Also this drama has got to be one of the most realistic portrayals of sibling relationships.

    Elder Sister:- “I am sorry.”
    Younger Brother:- “I don’t think she is in her right mind.”

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode because judging from the preview we are going to get lots of cute scenes between the leads and maybe 1-2 more couples. HEHHEHEHHEHE

  15. I have to admit I hate the fact that they went with the amnisia with the grandpa . its tooo easy the mistress has to find a way to kill him before he can remember she tried to kill him .

  16. Omg the ending 😭, she thought Eunseong was Hyun Woo. Her illness is getting worse. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. The beginning of romcom

  17. Do we believe mom changed ? She was so worried about losing another son that she ignored the fact that she could lose her daughter as well .

  18. i’m so, so glad that Hae-in finally realizes she has a strong support system that wants her to fight and live.

    and that “i love you” was a killer.

  19. The family and inlaws are working together to help FL so cool to witness.
    I think the country living is having a positive effect on her blood cell count. I dont like that she cant recognize her husband thats scary
    Please writer make country stress free life help save her. She can live with her Aunt who will definetly be dating self efficient farmer soon

  20. the only time haein gentle talking to euseong when she was hallucinating and she mistook him for hyunwoo..

  21. OMG. I was shocked by her outfit she was literally wearing a gown and was sporting a big hair ahhhh I want to smack that team with golf clubs (sorry there 😅) unlike the theories I really think they will have their dating era instead… ANYWAYS!!!! love this episode Hyun Woo was so adorable at the epilogue he didn’t care about the comments about him but with Hae In he was so feisty haha “screen capture this then PDF it” lol give me a Hyun Woo I’m actually glad she revealed it and how her family accepted it

  22. One thing I noticed in this drama, there’s not a single scene they copied from other drama. All scenes are fresh , specially Hyun woo and hae in scenes are so lovely…. Not to mention all epilogues are so cute ….. Writer Park ji eun nim done wonderful job once again ( just want happy ending 🙏 )

  23. What I love about this writer is..

    Bad people are bad people, and they don’t always need a reason.

    ES and his mom are just that. Greedy, power hungry, manipulative and controlling.

    And the reason doesn’t matter. SO many people grow up in harsh circumstances, and they don’t choose to be that way. No sympathy for those freaks.

    What I don’t love.. is we’re probably not guaranteed a happy ending, cloy wasn’t going to have one either initially ;(

  24. Hae-In confessing to Hyunwoo how much she loves her and regrets the things that went wrong was one of the highlights. “I love you”, this sentence held so much power in their relationship, especially now and more so coming from Hae-In. These two never really expressed their love through words. Even in their initial days, HW wrapped his love in the guise of wanting to protect her, and HI liked how he was the 1st person to care for her. I think that’s why saying I LOVE YOU out loud was this powerful and assuring for both of them, as it carried great realization of how much they fear losing each other, and nothing is bigger to them than this emotion, in this moment.

    Hae-In’s mother regretted how she treated her till now and HI accepted that so I’m not gonna say much. I can understand that she was in pain for losing a child and misplaced her resentment onto HI. However, that doesn’t mean it was ok. She felt lonely in her own home for all these years to the point she couldn’t confide in a single one of them…

  25. Time to put a pause on the series. It’s forwarding to the tearjerker phase.

    Honestly i can’t take that very well even more when im attached to the characters

    Ps- the ending chase suspense was really good

  26. Some ninjas sneaked into my room and was cutting onions during the first half of the episode!!🥲🥲
    When I say my jaw was on the floor in the last scene!!! This shibal sekki is testing my patience. Dude.. she just told you that she doesn’t like you. She is not a trophy for you to win. Get over it!!😤
    Below is a spoiler I got from twitter(also known as X but I am not calling it that). Click at your own risk cuz its kinda a huge one!!

  27. Seeing Hae-In’s mother filled with regrets while she silently apologized to Hae-In on her sick bed was heartbreaking and she regrets her uncaring actions towards her daughter.
    Dahye is so genuinely concerned for her husband Soo-Cheol, she had to ask Yoon to help deliver his anxiety medications to him because she is concerned he’ll feel depressed over the news of Hae-In’s health.
    As for chairman after waking up from coma, I have a feeling he is pretending to loose his memory because in the previous episode, while on his hospital bed, he cried while being in coma, so who knows, he may be putting up an act in order to gather evidence against his lower and her son.
    Hae-In telling Hyundai Woo “I love you” and expressing her feelings to him, talking how she has always loved him from the moment they met until now, was the highlight for me and how sorry she is for not treating him better and made him feel so alone with her family, and Hyun Woo telling her he’ll live recklessly if she dies and assured her he wouldn’t let her die…., omg, my heart is elated for them both, opening up their hearts and feelings of affections to each other💜💜💜
    Also glad both Hae-In and her mother had their moments and it’s relieving for Hae-In to be comforted by her mother after years of enduring her mother’s lack of affection and Hyun-Woo’s father being a source of encouragement to Hae-In’s father, reminding him he is the lighthouse of his family, regardless of their current situation was the boost he needed to have the courage to be lead his family.
    Very emotional and uplifting episode😍

  28. THE EPILOGUE HAD ME DYING…why did he just appear like that? Hyun-woo doesn’t play about Hae-in.

  29. Hyun-woo’s friends after up the defence scene they know they did too. They didn’t stutter. Then Hae-in’s assistant is so trust-worthy.

    Hae-in’s brother is so funny. The boxing scene, the talisman, him saying random stuff in Chinese.

  30. Atleast it was revealed that the mother’s hate for Hae-in wasn’t ungrounded and she was expelling the trauma she had from losing a child. Although that’s not okay, and Hae-in didn’t the deserve it, at least they can move past it in the future. Now she has to help her get through this.

  31. I’ve loved you from the moment we met until now. I’m sorry I didn’t treat you well…I think a part of me already knew you wanted a divorce.” Hae-in, I’m tired of crying.

  32. Each one of family members actions struck me one by one like bullets. Her brother ripping up the talisman, her mother having a reflection of what she said, her dad dropping to his knees in the elevator.

  33. Hae-in’s mom belittled her till the point she couldn’t tell her she way going to die. Every time she had a medical emergency, her mom would say something to hurt her. I wonder what Hae-in would’ve done with Hyun-woo. His actions spoke more than his words; her family could say they loved her but not care for her well-being but Hyun-woo doubted his love for her yet he would take her illness for himself if he could.

  34. I’m crying so much I’m clutching my chest and hae-in’s child self starts singing Oh my darling clementine. Stoppppp! I’m tired of this it hurtssss.

  35. Hyun-soo didn’t tell you because you were so hyper fixated on your son, so busy losing your multi-billionaire compared, so busy trying to get rid of him and so busy neglecting Hae-in for most her life.

  36. “I can’t die yet” NO YOU CAN’T DIE AT ALL I CANT DO THIS. IF YOU DIE, I WILL BE IN SO MUCH PAIN!!! You need to live, and get remarried, have a kid and learn to cook, whilst you do all the things with Hyun-woo that you should’ve done!

  37. I’m shaking at the moment everyone found out. I’m crying and shaking, it hurts so bad. I’m the queen of tears. This kdrama hurtsss. But god is the scenery perfect, it just feels so right.

  38. I can’t name any other kdrama that can get this much of a visceral response out of me. I’m crying, shaking or angry or happy or kicking my feet.

  39. That ending omg even I was surprised, I loved the suspense. Also really liked how everyone came together and supported Hae-in she seems happier especially that restaurant scene i loved the development of their charcaters. Each of them reflected on themselves and seeing the scene of young Hae in a baby broke me her innocence <3
    The writers better not ruin them I want a epic happy ending with both leads alive thank you.

    And to that prick that can’t take a hint
    ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮

  40. wow that scene at start , its been a while since i felt this way while watching kdrama

    haein is the standard