Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 10

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  1. The “I love you” BHW said in front of the door contained deep feelings compared to the one he said when HHI told him she was sick. KSH expressed it very well; I’m impressed that me as a viewer can differentiate the feeling clearly.
    Idk if it’s true but KSH and KJW chemistry is more overflowing compared to other KSH’s previous drama. Lol But KJW always has great chemistry in all her dramas anyway. I would be happy if they end up married irl like HB and SYJ. LOL

  2. Episode 10:Hae In is smart, she overtook ES, she used the public conference to announce her sickness and ES’threat. ES was so surprised he didn’t think HI would have betrayed him, it was a public rejection.
    HI’s grandpa has awaken but I don’t think he can talk… I think ES’s mom found HI’s grandpa.
    I thought DH would have been the first one to betray them but she had what she wanted however it was Grace who help HW and BJ

  3. the last epilogue…that is the reason why i fell in love with kdramas..ost and emotions was just fire

  4. I really dont understand why HyunWoo mom is also scolding him and upset with him. Yes, she pitied him but common Hae In mom insulted you in most pathetic way possible, imagine him going thru that every single day for past 3 years?
    Also, I’m not sure why every one kept on saying he realized his mistake? What kind of grave mistake did he do? Wishing that his wife is dead and he can be free of her?
    Not sure if this was because he is ML and if the role reversal happens and if the FL is going thru all this shit then everybody would have wanted her move on, divorce him for good and also get a goody goody SML.
    I cannot fathom on why everyone is putting blame on HW where as he is also a victim of Queens Group atrocities. I feel like he is to be balmed for being spineless and not speaking his heart out or pour out his frustration. Even for doing that, he should be careful for his life.

    Im not sure if his wife understood his plight during the dinner scene where his friend is happy about his divorce and he can eat whatever he wants. It just means that he cannot even eat what he wants in that house and he needs to rush back when ever they call.
    After that you defended your husband before that psycho. But who needs this validation in a relation? Even if you think, her actions speaks a lot.. then her actions indeed speak a lot, look at how she handled the miscarriage or how she scolded him in the meeting or when he touched her hair how she snapped and didnt even care to give him explanation but was happy that he is jealous. Too much toxic mentality.
    I know she didnt get the love from her parents, but common, will you treat your husband that carelessly. Even while looking at her possessions, she aid he would be wasted — I find it.. blah..
    But major dislike for me towards FL, her totally rude and arrogant nature towards her husband. She is outright rude towards him from day 1.
    Again, if ML is rude towards her, he is caring but here FL insults her husband in front of all and then goes justifies it when he is not around.
    Those POV’s: His POV and Her POV scene also got me so irking. She cannot turn down her tone, but in her pov, it was so magical as if she was begging/asking/requesting him to come with her. Oh Please, she was always authoritative.
    So, she asking him in that tone was majot let down for me. You dont even defend him when your parents around but he makes an attempt, reached out his hand for you and you make him bleed.
    Even during their miscarriage, you dont even give him 2 min of explanation nor you asked him why did he move out from the room. Why couldnt you ask him why he moved out?
    Just because she was sick and going to die, eveyone is sympathizing with her.
    I really hope, she needs to hear from him how he was miserable all these years, because he didnt feel her love. Slandering him in every possible.
    Yesterday also when said she wanted to move from his place as it is terrible for her to stay in his place. I know she didnt mean it. But lady, common, how much rude do you want to present yourself to him.
    Notch down your pride, ego and stop insulting him infront of your secretary or anybody for that matter.
    Understand why he wanted a divorce and his parents hospitality. I really wanted someone to smack her family to the core and she also needs to listen harsh truths rather than saying she is Boss and I will slay in my own way.




  6. It’ll be nice if they end the hero vs villain arc within the next couple of episodes and then focus the rest on just them both spending their moments together, because it’s looking like she will die in the end.

  7. Let’s cry together guys 😭🐄👽 next ep is gonna make us crying our eyes out for sure and laugh too cos of her family.

  8. Last episode reminded me a little of Autumn in my heart with Song Hye-kyo! There were also 2 ML (Won Bin was SL) and she was deadly ill. I hope this one wont end like that!

  9. So Our MR.BAEK was speaking truth when he said he is too cute when he is drunk in the beginning episodes.🤭🤭

    I am tensed what’s going to happen next. 1week is too much for me now🥺🥺

  10. Another day, another slay for Hong Hae In. I cheered when she exposed everything at the press conference and she called Hyun Woo her husband, not ex-husband but husband.

    I am still holding on to my theory that Hae In is being poisoned in some way. If the snake duo can get the house staff to turn their backs on the family then they can easily get the doctor to as well. They could have gotten those photos from someone else and made a fake diagnosis about a extremely rare case. Idk, I’m just really hoping that there will be a happy ending for these two.

    I’m loving all the OSTs in this drama. Usually I’ll have a couple which I would add to a playlist after the show is over. But this drama didn’t hold back on the soundtracks, each and everyone of them is perfect and fits the scenes so well.

  11. So no one’s gonna mention Hyun Oh turning the manager a little gay during the love shot in the epilogue?.

  12. Have you ever hate a person’s suits more than his evil character? 😂😂 Yes, Eun Sung’s style sometimes throws me off more than his face

  13. I cant even put into words how much I love this series 😭 The dynamics between the casts, the splash of comedy, and the subtle but heart wrenching scenes. I have no idea what the upcoming k-dramas will be like in 2024, but this will always be the number 1 in my heart.

  14. Hae In KO’d Yoon, he underestimated her and messed up with the wrong woman🤣🤣🤣
    Saving Hyun Woo was the highlight for me and I’m glad she heard her husband confessing his feelings to her outside the bedroom door💜

  15. every time i see eunseong i just get creeped out? like that feeling when i see something disgusting or you feel extremely uncomfortable when there’s a man next to you? yeah, idk if its bcs the actor also appears in the glory and his character is disgusting and here its the same, idk but he creeps me tf out

  16. I’m really happy with how she ended things at the conference. It would have been stupid and cliche if she decided to marry him. I didn’t want to watch the unnecessary drama of that. I’m glad they were consistent with her character. Of course, she would have recorded that conversation to incriminate him. She has too much pride and is too smart to be threatened. Also, another thing that was really impressive are the previews, they’re edited so well. I really thought based on the last preview that she was going to go through with it so was extra surprised when it didn’t end up happening. And it goes without saying that the epilogues are great.

  17. The most important point of this episode is that FINALLY they are communicating to each other, especially Hyunwoo. He realize his mistake and trying to make it up, even tell Haein how he is feeling and say sorry for not being the best husband for her.

    Right now the problem is Haein’s pride. She need to lower it, open up, and tell how she feel for Hyunwoo before it is too late.

    Yes, I want her to live, but I doubt it. I think it will be a sad ending 🙁

  18. Darn this epilogue. It was the best part of whole episode. Not that the episode was bad, it was great but the epilogue was on whole another level.

    Hae in pulled the best move possible

  19. Don’t mind me. I’m just a little verklempt after the epilogue.

    I also really thought the petals were on the ground like breadcrumbs so she could find her way. The writers got me with that one.

    Finally, I hope all the people in Queens who mistreated her while she was an intern were fired.

  20. leave everyone, m loving the dad, i enjoy his scenes more than anything….

    and i love how he loves his family, and not just his kids, but his wife as well, thank GOD finally a “Rich man” who LOVES his family and isn’t abusive towards his kids or wife, unlike every other cheabol in every other drama…

    I love the father-son tussle 🤣🤣🤣 they have the funniest scenes….

    and of course, two dads watching a kdrama!!!! 🫰🫰 😂😂

  21. m just waiting for Hyun woo to snap, about time he just let loose all that frustration and pent up anger and if not punch anyone, then at least just scream out loud whatever he wants to say…..

  22. Omoo… Queen of tears you make me became king of tears in this episode.

    Writernim, this is your first drama that I’m watching and thanks to make it so beautiful.

    And pleaseee be happy ending

  23. She surprised me, I was thinking she will “sacrifice” herself for the man she love. As they usually do in kdrama.
    Kidnaping patient from the hospital was a BS move. It is not easy thing to do. And he has no power to do it. He is not a guardian for the Chairman. So nobody will give him to take the Chairman with him. But, It is not the only BS in the show. It is also a crime, but they don’t care about crimes in this drama. To kidnap a person I mean. Also the mistress is living under fake identity, but nobody makes a problem with it??? So she can’t be Chairman guardian if she is a fake person.

  24. The fact that they act like married couple when they’re divorced more than when they’re actually married thoo 😂😂😂 (even the family)
    And Hae In’s phone call with her doctor said the tumor didn’t grow. THAT’S A GOOD SIGN RIGHT? WRITER PLEASE DON’T PLAY WITH OUR HEART LIKE THAT 😭😭

    Hyun Woo kept the fortress strong for Hae In and her family in the middle of the storm. And Hae In solved the Eun Sang problem in one fell swoop solely to stand up for her “husband”. GOSHHH TO BE LOVED LIKE HYUN WOO AND HAE IN 🥺😭😫❤️❤️❤️

    EunSang underestimated the power of love because he thought Hae In was like him. But she’s different from him. Hong Hae In, what a woman you are.
    And again Hyun Woo wins in the battle of nerve against Eun Sang. He really doesn’t hold a candle against Hyun Woo. He really thinks two, three steps ahead. Hyun Woo may not be perfect. But he’s somehow “complete”. I mean. Damn his brain makes him 10391238423914x hotter.

    Lastly, Imma say this again. Kim Soo Hyun. This man really deserves his high pay grade. His acting is literally on a different level. I can’t pinpoint how. It’s an absolute high quality acting.

  25. I don’t know how tragic this will become, but I already cried my eyes out in this episode😭. I feel sorry for both of them, that they didn’t use the time they spent together to give each other the love they feel. I hope she survives and her parents are not punished for their actions by forever regretting the way they treated her.

    The rush hour excuse was great😂😂 . Every little thing speaks in favor of how much these two love each other.

    The aunt is still my favorite character , and I can’t wait for the beginning of her country romance🤭.

    Of course we all knew that Hae In would deal the fatal blow to Eun Seong, after all she is the only capable member of that family and someone who runs the corporation. I expected nothing less from her.


  27. SEE THATS HOW ITS DONE!! Haein, being a businesswoman, knows exactly how to turn the table! Just like that she stripped him of his only winning card! NGL I was so so scared the script writers would ruin the drama by making her “sacrifice herself to save her husband and her family”, you know the usual bs they always make the FL do which in this case MAKES NO FCKING SENSE since the FL is a strong business woman. I AM OVER THE MOON WITH THIS DRAMA ♥

  28. Besides this bomb episode, i just noticed that Hae in’s aunt and the guy with a sick mother, They acted in CLOY and were from the same village in North-Korea. They had their own wife and husband, but I hope they will be together in this series. It also seems like he is the only one who can handle aunt’s anxiety, cuz she needs someone to share the feeling with. She has been noticing things were’t right way too long ago and has been dealing with the stress alone, but he seems like he sees solutions in any kind of trouble.

  29. When I saw EP 10 preview yesterday, I was worried about Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in relationship progress. I was so happy to see their love and respect for each other as well as their respective intellect.

    Baek Hyun-woo said he’ll use the same tactics as Yoon Eun-sung but what I didn’t see coming was Hong Hae-in does the same thing as her husband. Baek Hyun-woo went after legal proceedings route while Hong Hae-in went for seduction route which is what Yoon Eun-sung did to take Queens Group and separate BaekHong. Well BaekHong showed Yoon Eun-sung that they were better at Yoon Eun-sung own game.

    Hong Hae-in completely slayed at the end during the press conference. For the first time, she made Yoon Eun-sung shed tears of blood and humiliation. I think Baek Hyun-woo doesn’t have to cry since Yoon Eun-sung will be one in tears because of Queen Hong Hae-in.

    I hope we’ll see more romantic scenes of Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in. She’s was unimpressed because Baek Hyun-woo injured his work of art face and body. She said “My Husband” on her speech at the press conference. Maybe she will reveal that she never submitted her divorce documents and she’s still legally married to Baek Hyun-woo. He is wearing the ring in the preview.

    Finally, I hope for a miraculous happy ending for Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in.

  30. With so much mediocre kdramas lately really appreciate this show. I like how the ML mom is the silent pillar of family and she is showing her inlaws a couple days in her life and how honest days work is tough but rewarding. To see MIL chowing down on dinner and then straight to bed was classic

  31. That psycho is only obsessed with Hae-In. His self-proclaimed love is nothing but a desire to possess her; something like a challenge. The more she resists the more he wants her. Seeing his brought up, it is pretty clear that he more or less lacks the capacity to ever love someone truly.

  32. The final scene was such a price…. I knew she was gonna do that. She is too smart to be fooled and she loves HW too much to hurt him that way. Queen doesn’t belong to her….. She is THE QUEEN❤️👸👏

  33. Go on Haein, take your power back. I’m glad the direction they took with this stayed true to Haein’s personality. She’s a strong woman, and just because things aren’t favourable at the moment, she won’t stop being that 👏👏.

    I’m enjoying seeing the two families together. Its like they’ve got someone to comfort them during these tough times. Haein’s mother still a hard nut to crack still, though.

    Once again, can Soo-cheol be anymore pitiful? Though we can see how her wife (ex/fake) is having a change of heart. Seeing this week’s episodes, I feel she did actually love him deep down and probably liked him since their first/childhood encounter.

  34. Wow what an emotional episode❤️💔🤣🥰😢😡…. I have been watching Kdrama for a LOOONG time now and I have developed some sort of immunity to the emotions so it’s rare to get me emotional. This os actually the only episode that made me choke with emotions… HW’s mom has always been my favourite and this episode was stolen by her again… But HI and HW displayed the deep love that connects them two.

    I knew she would do that and I am so FVck!ing happy.
    Next week seems to be another emotional rollercoaster episodes. Maybe we could use this week of wait to make our hearts prepare for what’s coming out way.

  35. Now why did this tear me up like that????? I’m telling you, the epilogues always get me in my feels.

    I’ve been saying this pretty much from the start, but the leads’ scenes together are always breath-taking. That small scene at the end of the epilogue had so much meaning and emotion behind it.
    I know both of them are still not a 100 percent honest with their communication, but we can see that they’re at least willing now. And in their own way, a bit more expressive.

  36. Go queen!!! The final scene was..hell yeah!!
    Look at this guy’s face!!😂😂
    Haein will never let anyone look down on her or her husband. You know my secret?Well, I’ll make it so its not a secret anymore. You think her family who never bothered to ask her if was well will be more important than Hyun Woo?? Well, she said Yoon Eun Sung can SUCK IT!!

  37. Damn i was about to hate FL, Them BOOM! She disarmed Him in just than Boss move! really hope for a happy ending!

  38. Omg I love this episode so much. Haein character development is so good. She was really worried about Hyunwoo getting beaten even tho he won the fight lol. The way she took care of him and they promised each other never to be in such situations again.. Hyunwoo’s mom loves Haein so much … she was said when she found out she’s sick. Eunseong thought he can brain wash Haein only for her to expose him to the whole world lol 😂.