Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 4

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  1. Today’s episode seriously so good that I didn’t even realized it was 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

  2. NOOOO! The town ppl are the worst! Sorry, not sorry! Always being so nosy and annoying just when everything was coming in place! And I’m actually scared of eunsang especially after the dog scene I’m super disturbed whenever he appears on screen. And when KSH starts being sad or depressed after he finds out that she can be cured was not funny for me I felt bad for her! And that secretary or whatever should face horrible consequences coz wtf? she is more dangerous than eun sang! And now I get it she was instigating the mom against the daughter all this while! Shame on her!

  3. knew it that they met as children! Hyun Woo being a lawyer is going to come in handy to a case that Queens will encounter later. Book it. What they both need right now is to go far away from the family and enjoy life. That family of Hae In is so toxic to her that she needs time away from them.

  4. The expected date of their child got me so emotional 💔
    So also, the scene where her high school classmates talked about HI how she must have lost her mind after the death of her older brother reveals HI deals with the loss of a loved one by acting more tough, showing no signs of emotions, hence why she drifted apart from her husband without her having a slightest clue of the damage of how she has been dealing with the loss of their child have affected their marriage.

  5. Well the drama lived up to it’s name this episode. They were playing with my heartstrings for sure. Was in tears throughout many parts of the episode. I wish they’d communicate with each other. It’s clear they both love each other.

  6. LMAO not him doing the Suzy flirting smile while giving the shoes.
    And him imagining her dressed as her aunt when giving her the divorce papers🤣

  7. I feel I like the mastermind Eun Seung’s plans is grandpa’s girlfriend, the way the avoid looking at each other was SUS. Eun Seun’s says his adopted parents died, maybe Grandpa’s girlfriend is actually his biological mother. Now, I still don’t know why they want to take Queens Group or bring down everyone but my bet is for revenge.

    Eun Seung, Grace, Grandpas’s girlfriend and Soo Cheul’s wife (maybe) are in this together. They use the shaman and discord to take the family down, I wonder about their motives.

  8. strong premonition that Eun sung not only works together with the matchmaker, but his biggest ally must be the Grandpa’s mistress; to usurp all the wealth from Queens group.

  9. OMGGG they were expecting a baby and she had a miscarriage 😭. That must be the reason they fell apart. Maybe HI was having a hard time dealing with the situation and she turns herself to her job (or forgot because of her illness) as a way to cope with the loss BUT BH saw this in the worst way and started to see her as evil and thinking she doesn’t care at all, with time they fell apart.
    They needed counseling and support from each other, but the pain was way too big and caused a miscommunication.

  10. The FL’s mother is the biggest fool on this show lol. Atleast the divorce secret is going to come out early in the show.

  11. I’m not done watching yet but BHW getting startled by his own reflection in the glass while admiring his wife’s beauty is peak comedy 😂

  12. How much y’all wanna bet that psycho has no association with any Arab tycoon and it’s all a story to get inside Queens? I also have a feeling he has no association with that Hermann guy and is just dangling it to Hae In to string her along whatever diabolical plan he has. I have a feeling it’s Hyunwoo that will be the saviour of Queens in the end oof and of course his lady. I expected us to only deal with Hae In’s illness and family but they also throw in a psychopath in there? Yea we’re in for a wild ride guys

  13. Oh no… they lost a child. So that’s one of the reason… They were so in love before. Even now, they still swoon and flutter each other heart. Please screenwriter, gives us a happy ending. I want Hyun Woo and Hae-in to be happy.

  14. Idk if she really has Brain cancer, but shown well here, I lost my grandmother to it and she experienced what FL is, more then just not remembering she is experiencing pauses along with delirium. and Pts also experience headings along with agitation, frustration and negative emotions/ outbursts. (which could be straining their relationship), along with the confusion of how things have changed so much.

  15. Wait… So they still didn’t know that they have met before (the mp3)? Or they already have? The parallelism of the last scene to the epilogue such angst

  16. Upon witnessing first hand what Hae In’s illness can do, would Hyun Woo also have a change of heart? Or is he still going to deny all his feelings for his self-interest in order to get out of the Hong family?

    I can’t get over this episode. The previews for next ep is not helping at all because most of them are misleading. Another dreadful week to wait. This is just so sad.

  17. awww~ I teared up a bit on Hae In’s phone password
    I hate the anti-queens group ugh! you see the subtle moves with them especially when Soo Cheol mention the minister cause he was a scholar of the Queens and when Mo Seul Hee crossed paths with Eun Seong I think they planned something ughhhh noooooo~~

  18. Every episode starts with comedy and light-heartedness and by the end, we’re hit with the reality and seriousness of it all. What’s sad is that we can see how much the FL appreciates him genuinely being by her side. She was skeptical of his shift in attitude at first, but now she’s embracing his “affection” at face value. And because of this, his betrayal will be even more haertbreaking for her (as hinted by the promo as well).

    Also, the way I hate that stinkin’ piece of shit MATCHMAKER. She out-does her shamelessness every other second she’s on screen.

  19. I don’t even care anymore about those other characters plotting for something. I just want the leads to end up happy 🥺 a miracle for Hae In please

  20. Let’s agree their acting is a gold class… the body language and expression from both of them give us sudden of emotion attack… funny, sad or butterfly in stomach…. they delivered it too well!!! Now i know why people can’t get enough of this couple. We all can briefly predict the storyline but still want to watch how they into the character.

  21. 1031…
    Hae In not remembering everything why she end up in the fields 😭😭

    My tissue run out now. My tears just won’t stop crying.

    Why do I feel like at the end of it all, she will be the one to let him go and divorce him so that he won’t be suffocated anymore 😭

    How much more would this drama make me cry

  22. Omdsss they lost a child.😭As soon as I saw the expecting a baby I already knew it wet down hill.
    Ohh nooo after such a heartfelt hug next ep will be painful to see the FL being cold towards him

  23. Korean dramas are mostly based on misunderstandings and that’s what annoys most people, but in this drama, misunderstandings are EVERYTHING. Kim Soo-Hyun is brilliant, his facial expressions are worth 1000 words, he is a joy to watch in every scene. I couldn’t stop laughing for the first half of the episode. However, the end of this episode does not promise many laughs in the next one. I think we are in for a rather difficult and dark story due to Hae In’s illness (and the previous three years were quite painful, primarily due to the loss of the baby). The group around Eun-Seong won’t make their job any easier (does anyone else get the impression that Ms Moh is part of that group?).

  24. The ending was so sad and heartbreaking to watch.. I know it was very hard for someone who is firm and cold hearted to reveal their weakness, Haein’s character really changed a lot after getting the illness… Indeed someone who’s close to death will have change in character.. I hope she will be more confident and honest with her feeling in the future episodes..

  25. I still want to figure out what exactly he loves about her . I mean he is so scared of her yelling and her moods but they look sooooooooo in love I mean damn you can feel their love for each other so what the heck went wrong . why on earth they stopped communicating with each other !!! why did they stop compiment each other and be there for each other . The love is like jumping out of the screen at you but something destoryed it .

  26. I was absolutely dying the first 20 min or so.😭The way she was reading him was so far off that I felt massive secondhand embarrassment hardcore. Twas funny. Good lord…….
    And then they showed THAT and then I really did wanna 😭. That is permanent agony no matter what else in your life span. You NEVER forget that~
    But the worst thing here was SML. Going after his bosses weakness with blackmail tells
    us exactly what kind of character he is~

  27. so they had all the precious moments!!! Love, marriage, baby (though unborn), but probably a misunderstanding resulted in their fallout….

    it’s so adorable and refreshing and funny at the same time to see a married couple getting flustered and finding each other pretty and handsome while dressed up and blushing, the scenes and expressions and slowmos we only see with a couple who just started dating….. m glad they’re showing that u can have such MOMENTS not just while dating, not just in initial stages of your relationship, but also in a marriage, in a relationship where u even have experienced a fallout…..❤️❤️❤️

  28. pdnim is this necessary to give pain to haein, hyunwoo and us audience?
    this is getting sadder and sadder episode by episode..this is such a heartwrenching ep

    this honestly should be drama of the year, this is simply heartbreaking, she had a miscarraige, maybe it the reason they drifted away and it hampered their relationship, she lost her baby and it’s enough to tear apart a couple it’s one of the most painful thing a mother/women could experience also when they guilty or blame the other person, maybe their loss of communication brings them at this point after the incident and ik it’s complicated and hard but they need to communicate with each other, they need each other
    i think we are going to go through a lot of emotional turmoils in the upcoming eps too, i’m not ready to handle all i want them to be happy and healthy

  29. Ugh, this episode hit me right in the feels. We sawthem being happy and excited about the baby. What happened?? 🥲 Also, everytime she mistakes his actions as caring, a part of me feels so anxious and sad. Looks like she learns about in the coming episode, I can’t wait!!! She is also to blame for his hate but like we know he isn’t fully innocent either. Even while he was being jealous, she was so happy. Maybe their fallout had something to do with their baby. Probably Hyun Woo blames her?? Ngl, when he finally shed tears after listening to her had me so satisfied. Like if she didn’t hold onto her stupid pride and told him what she is going through or what she went through, probably Hyun woo would have understood and protected her. Vice versa as well, if Hyun woo told her that he was really suffering in the house at the hands of her parents she probably would have took some measures. Since both of them don’t say it out loud, they both think they are doing okay. *Long sigh*
    Also, looks like the scheming trio( the grandpa’s gf, Hae-in’s bro’s wife and psychopath) are all related in some way with their ultimate goal being bringing queens down.

  30. Feeling like the grandfather’s girlfriend is that psychopath’s mother. That the girlfriend is poisoning the grandfather and that this is all punishment for something truly selfish and greedy the grandfather did in the past. This is why psycho tried to get close to the family in the past by dating the FL but she ruined his plans by dumping him. Now the mother has gotten close by becoming the grandfather’s girlfriend. I think that lady helping them is just doing it for the money and doesn’t know the extent of their motivation. This, or she’s some aunt or something.

  31. So they became like that because of no 1. in all relationships’ failures….. the lack and destruction of communication between couples.

    and it’s not even complete…………….. another 40 minutes still not uploaded.

  32. This episode Hyunwoo is feeling everything his wife was experiencing last episode. They’re experiencing new found attraction every day, feeling shy, giddy, excited around e/o, both wondering what’s wrong with them and trying hard to deny it.
    Though I can feel the FL embracing her growing fondness and actually wanting to give their relationship another chance.

    P.S: God, the episodes are just gonna get sadder from here.

  33. The password is their baby’s birth date??? Now don’t make us feel this sad so soon.

    Every episode starts with comdedy and light-heartedness and by the end, we’re hit with the reality and seriousness of ot all. What’s sad is that we can see how much the FL appreciates him genuinely being by her side. She was skeptical of his shift in attitude at first, but now she’s embracing his “affection” at face value. And because of this, his betrayal will be even more haertbreaking for her (as hinted by the promo as well).

  34. I was wondering if the reason for his resentment was becuz she didn’t want to have a baby but obviously she wanted it too. What could the reason be they drifted apart eventually?

  35. sus characters
    1. the lady that with the grandpa.
    2. second male lead
    3. the wife of third male lead (I feel like she is scamming or she is yet to blossom into her true self)
    4. the madam that helps the queen group aka matchmaker

    the aunt was always sus of the lady with the grandpa but it looks like the father of FL is onto her as well.

    also looks like FL brothers was reborn from gaus electronic as the queens group son.
    oh wow FL and ML met each once when they were little and that how he got her ipod/mp3 player wonder if FL will remember its her ipod/mp3 player

    i hope they fix it soon it only has 56min but the episode is more than 1hr long (its fixed now lol)