Queen of Tears (2024) Episode 6

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  1. Am I being paranoid that I’m having a feeling that the mysterious accident that killed her brother might connected to the creepy psychopath boy and his ragtag minions of gold diggers?

  2. For a family of business tycoon, these lots are WAAAAY to gullible…. Like how did that chairman raise to that height of his success and be this trusting and stupid? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Now the drama is about to begin. Honestly, I dislike Hae-In’s family, is is very fractured, and will crumble very easily. A mother who dislikes her daughter because of the death of her son, a brother who is easily manipulated, and Hae-in herself, who cannot discuss her true feelings due to the family she finds herself in. I think I would want the family to go through a rough patch so that the members can see an error in their ways, and I hope I see a white truck in one of the coming episodes. But honestly speaking, I thought for a moment that Truck-kun would appear in Germany, when Baek and his wife were standing on either sides of the road.

  4. Possible spoiler alert!! Proceed at your own risk.
    so the doctor at the German Hospital is played by a famous actor, Sebastian Roché.. he posted on his Twitter account that he will be in future epsiodes.

  5. I’m making emphasis on Kim Soo Hyeon”s English dialogue with the doctor, it was good and what also made me scream was seeing French A list actor “Sebastian Roché play the role as the German Doctor💜

  6. Wow that dudes wife is so terrible. She was that kid that was standing by 2ml went on stage and got an award from the chairman when they were at the orphanage. They have been planning this takeover for so long. I hope that the baby is little brothers.

  7. now i am really wishing it to be c drama so that way we atleast have spoiler and sometimes leaked episode i would have managed without subtitles

  8. the only lesson in this drama is communication. it is the key to a good and peaceful marriage. the girl’s family are a bunch of greedy idiots including her.

  9. Queen of Tears, Queen of Breaking My Heart, Queen of Angst and Turmoil, Queen of Stress.

    I had to pause multiple times and take a breather while watching this episode oh my. If I’m not crying my eyes out then I’m (figuratively) pulling my hair out from the stress and anger that the 4 snakes are causing me. Like the minds behind this show did not hold back on the heartbreak factor.

    I regret starting this show when I did because I don’t know how I can go about my day knowing I have to wait until next week.

  10. Everyone in the family stupid and I feel like that’s what makes me mad the most. So trusting of outsiders, they were so easy to scam. As far as people put them on a pedestal, they fall for their deceits. Tbh it’s really shining a light on just because you’re rich does not mean you’re smart. Because how can all of them be roped into a giant elaborate scheme. Every single person is plotting against them and they are about to isolate the one person that’s thinking clearly.

  11. Felt so sorry for Soo-cheol in this episode. As I said previously, he is not at all a bad person. He has all been his life dominated by his mother and sister, only to find peace with his current wife.
    He would be shattered when he will know how he had been played by his “wife” who is nothing more than a scamster. What is even more sad is that the child he believed to be his own, might not be his at all.

  12. Yesterday i was happily thinking that we would get more fluffy time, but it is toooo short. I’m glad the cat is out of the bag and hopefully they will get through it together

  13. if we connect the dialogue and not the scenes where hae in is asking where is she he is saying so feisty may be they joined their hands and just pretending to be enemies maybe they got closer after communicating the divorce and everything also aunt is really smart so she will also give them some useful information and even he is so smart that he saw it coming and was prepared
    hae in is speaking her mind because of her limited time but when will our hero learn and start saying things he really mean and what is in his heart why he have to be so honest in that moment only

  14. The question we have is why does this group of people want to take down Queens?

    1. Moh Seul-Hee’s (or more correctly, Oh Sun- Yeong) son from prison is probably Yoon and the dad couldn’t raise him alone so he took him to the orphanage. As it was adultery, who did she have the affair with??

    2. Yoon remembers his dad leaving him. There has to be a connection to the family as he believes Queens should be his. I don’t think they would have him romantically involved with his own half-sister but that is what it looks like.

    3. Cheon Da-Hye, the wife of the brother, saw her future husband as a child and set a goal to get him as an adult. But why isn’t she happy with achieving that goal? It looks as though she too has had an affair and her son’s DNA test was forged.

    4. Grace Go, odd jack-of-all-trades assistant, how is she connected to them or did she just want money for the way they maybe treated her or is it just who she is?

    But it is odd that everyone seems to want to help get revenge on this family. The gate guards letting in the security team, the person who embezzled the money… and what is the secret slush fund?

    Finally, the drowning accident that happen. Was that on purpose that she ended up in the water?

  15. no no please no you cant end the episode on that note and now i have to wait for whole week
    i am so disturbed right now i can not think straight
    he is innocent he will prove it but the divorce thing the miscommunication also she can not just forget past 3 years when they were sleeping separately and they were so distant
    i have a feeling this preview is misleading but again the anxiety i am having is going to kill me
    i really need to study this is to be my break … not this kind of break
    i really need to speak it out i need spoilers

  16. Drama or not, any cancer peeps that read this, never give up hope. Better treatments are being found and put to use every year. A death sentence doesn’t mean throw in the towel, live your life and do the things you normally would but with flair. Miracles can happen, I should know because I’m one them, so fight on and NEVER give into despair~

    Despite the ugliness that’s starting to emerge as we enter into the heart of the drama, there we’re plenty of scenes that were warm and provided laughter. I hope the pair can get past this, their scenes were awesome today. I was surprised to see her brother actually loves and cares for his wife, he’s not bright but he’s genuine about his feelings. She looked surprised at his confession, the defense of her at the dinner, and the vows to be a success for her. I’m hoping she comes around sometime and switches sides~

  17. The Hong Siblings are very loving. They both love their spouse sincerely. Unfortunately, they are naive. Investigating people before letting them enter your home and be a family should be a default among rich rich

  18. THESE RATS!!!! it is midnight but I am punching a pillow uggghhh this episode is the death of me (probably…) please leave the Hong family 😭😭😭😭

  19. they had just reconciled, holding each other sleeping together after so long, calling each other “honey.” they had just torn down the walls that had separated them for years. they talked a lot and spent sweet moments together. and it all disappeared in a few seconds. THIS IS HEARTBREAKING. THE PAIN IS FR.
    ahhh more angst next week

  20. I still don’t get why that masseuse lady has so much free rein and authority in their family matters to begin with. And then they wonder how they’re being deceived so easily. This family is a bunch of stupid, naive people and if anyone ever tries to talk sense (aka the aunt and the leads), they shun them down.

  21. So Soo Choel’s wife is the orphan girl is the 5th episode and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out his wife is 5 years older and his son isn’t probably his🤣🤣🤣

  22. Aunt Beom-Ja is the character I like the most. She is brave, fights for her beliefs and she deeply cares for her family members even though they don’t try to understand her point of view.
    I hope FL and ML will fix their misunderstandings because the’re so in love but lack of communication is something they need to work on.

  23. looking at the naivety and a knee jerk, emotional reaction of the Chairman, the instant thought came to my mind was, how on earth this man was able to make this much fortune with this “brain” of his??? but then, I was instantly given the answer by looking at him being fooled day and night by a 60 year old woman and a young man….

    they just have money but no brains….m actually a bit relieved that at least his son and his daughter aren’t like him, I would rather want the aunt to take over the business, she would for sure do a great job….absolutely fine with the son as well, he had the most sensible response to all of this chaos….

  24. m glad he had a backup as he parked his car in front of that shop, the smartness u would obviously expect from a lawyer 👏👏👏

  25. their phones were off, no body was able to reach them, and then he just took his phone out and took a picture, so y wasn’t anyone able to reach him??? and he didn’t even get bombarded by any missed calls or text notifications like she did 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. i was so so so scared the moment Eun sung entered their home and then found his safe, and my heart was about to jump out of my chest when all of them found that document and sent it to Hae in and even she saw that too…..I was like, “Hyun wooyaaaaaaaaaaaaa neo ije ottoke 😭😭😭😭”

    but m glad she told him straight away that she got the document and didn’t keep it for the next 2 episodes….but m dead scared for what’s gonna happen, cz she would obviously not listen to him now and all his efforts would look fake to her and everyone…..

  27. i was 99% sure last week that he’s her son and today it became a 100%

    but what came as a surprise for me was this…she’s one cunning lady and that too since childhood….and i guess they’ve been doing this for quite some time and its not their 1st time, cz that woman named Grace told her to “stay professional”….. and m sure her son isn’t Soo cheol’s, its either Yoon eun sung’s or someone else she might have had a fling with…..

  28. I really hope their bad moment lasts only for a short period of time. Writer-nim, I really want to watch them be a happy couple for a long time, not just one episode.

  29. While it hurts their relationship is cracking again due to the divorce papers, l’m really glad they brought it up now when it’s still new, cause they can fight about everything they kept from teaching other before beginning anew. I am looking forward to how hyun woo is going to prove his innocent about the whistleblowing

  30. m loving the aunt, she’s the only genuine person in the house and the only one who wants “good” for each and every family member of hers…..

    except the aunt, father, the friend and though he’s dumb (which i dun think he’s that dumb as they think he is) and doesn’t treat his bro in law too nicely, there’s absolutely no one to trust in that house….

  31. Me happily watching them communicating finally!!
    Hae-in’s family : Hold my beer!!😭😭
    I sincerely hope Hyun woo tries to explain himself rather take it as it comes. And what’s more its irritating to see the scheming people win. The epilogues just are so sad to watch. What made go from that to this!!😭😭😭
    I am depending on the aunt for clearing up some major misunderstandings. I also have a small prediction that her obsession with the one trillion club has something to do with Hyun Woo. I am scared for the next episode!!😭😭

  32. why are they all so naive ??? HW kept the divorce letter . WHY it was crumpled-up if he wanted to use it at a later time he could have reprint it . Again some drama which could have been avoided

  33. I don’t know why watching this episode suddenly reminds me of Big Mouth. Please don’t have a similar ending.

  34. The time finally came when what Hyunwoo wanted, happened. She told him about the will and wants to revise it but he doesn’t need that now. He wants her to live.

    “Honey, look at this”. from what I remember, this is the 1st time in a while she’s referred to him this way and not just by his name.

    I’m feeling sad for Hae-in’s aunt cz she’s the only one who’s having to deal with the burden of this news alone. HI and HW have eachother for support but she’s out here emotionally wrecked not being able to even share this with anyone.

    It’s amusing to see how sometimes the people who’re supposed to know you the best fail to recognize your heart. Her family considers her to be an erratic, irrational person and a mere nuisance but don’t see the genuine concern behind some of her actions.

  35. I didn’t know that chaebol can be so stupid. I am amazed. Seriously.

    Its like common sense not to trust ppl easily. Especially who come suddenly.

    But, aigo. I almost said shibal to this family few times. I mean like are you sure they are chaebol?

    Aish.. this is so frustrating!!!!

    Hyunwoo shld tell to Hae in before they found out. He didn’t. He miss the perfect time many times.

    Aigoooooooooo….. Again. 답답해. 아이고~~~~~

    Looks like soon, eimo and hyunwoo to the rescue to Queen’s family. Or they should just let them fall.

  36. Isn’t he like a graduate from Korea’s top law school, how can he still keep the copy of the divorce settlement??!!?! Since it was not signed yet, you can esily print it back if you need it again… why do you even need to keep the hard copy.. Every practising lawyer would know this simple thing

  37. So, it’s confirmed. The brother’s wife is in on it and she’s also probably psycho’s secret girlfriend. She’s even the little girl from that school/orphanage from the past flashback and that’s how they are all connected. Maybe even the baby of the brother’s wife is the psycho’s but the wife seems to have a soft spot for the brother. Looks like this may put a spanner in their plotting later on. And I think the writers are setting up grandpa’s girlfriend to be psycho’s mum.

    As for the FL, she’s smart. So I hope even though she’ll feel betrayed, she’ll know when people are trying to manipulate her and she will take into account the things that the ML has done that are undeniable. To be fair, the Queens family deserve everything they get and I’d be rooting for their downfall if they didn’t plan to drag FL, ML and the aunt down with them.

    If that psycho tried to kill the FL as a child and ended up killing the brother….i swear….It looks like FL was wearing some kind of significant necklace in that flashback. Psycho recognised it. Maybe it was his and it was taken from him and given to FL. It could be what sparked his hatred for FL or could it be that it caught his eye and he simply wanted it. Maybe psycho tried to take it and that’s what lead to FL ending up in the water and her brother diving in to save her.

    P.S. The ML and the FL were each other’s first loves. These crackheads. 🥰

  38. This is so frustrating!! The Hongs are so dumb. Our only hope would be Aunt Beom Ja. One loophole and surely the Aunt will catch on that. I really hope that the older brother Beom Seok will return and help Beom Ja, Hyun Woo and Hae In in catching the evil.

    It’s such a pain to carry all this for a week. Episode 7 is too long too wait 😭 and that ep is the real start of their true hatred.

  39. Damn both are soooo good I mean you feel their pain soo much !!1 HOW can you root for them when they keep hurting each other so much ??? this mix of emotions is amazing work from them

  40. The time for the absence of conversation has arrived. He won’t explain his reasons, she won’t listen to even the less important things he has to say and the vicious circle begins🙄. It’s really sad, because their moments together are so cute, they seem like two teenagers in love (shy and a little naive🤭).

    What is most strange to me is how that family managed to acquire so much wealth with such reasoning? Apart from Hae In and the aunt, everyone else seems quite naive and stupid. Given how the “crime group” led by Moh Seol Hee (whose name isn’t even her real name) operates, Queen Corporation is easy prey. I’m curious about the motive behind this apparently revenge that started when Hae In and her brothers were children. Greed is certainly not the only motive, and we see that Mrs. Moh has been in prison.

  41. One thing for sure, however rich you are, you can’t buy time with money.. I really hoped they had more time

  42. don’t they have to deliver legal documents for a marriage how does he not know her birth year ??? the writers really make the rich family kind of naive

  43. WARNING:Skip the last 10 minutes, it’s not good for your heart 😭😭😭😭 and don’t watch the preview! Oh God, how am I supposed to wait one week for the next episode…

  44. HEARTACHE, AGAAAAAAIN😢 Do I need to watch this drama with my Blood pressure machine attached incase my BP spikes🤔 They really do take melodrama to a whole new level. If there is one thing I echo Hyun-Woo like never before, is that Haein, stay away from Mr Hot and Dangerous Eun-Seong.