Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 8

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  1. I think they need that police friend of Han Bom in their team…the team always gets in his jurisdiction (with the cases) so they looked suspicious to him, especially Ki Joo. They need a living detective/police in their team to at least someone can cover for the things they do.
    Would it be cruel if he’s introduce to their world because his loved one entered the studio as a visitor?

    How long has been Detective Baek dead? coz Deputy Go has been for 3 years right? Now that his reason for remaining in this world is solve, will he now crossover? coz from the looks of the previewhe’s furious and might become a vengeful ghost…or maybe not…coz we’re only half way through the drama there’s so much to tell… Detective Baek is part of the main cast so I guess he will still help Ki Joo until the end.
    His wife…maybe their marriage was already rocky before he died…I don’t think she’s having an affair…maybe that’s her new boyfriend… she’s a widow so…

    Well Ki Joo finally had a well rested slumber… though it was not what I was wishing to see 😅😁 (as I said in my comment last week)…It will do coz he did slept through the night besides Han Bom…and was feeling better the next morning.

  2. I watched this drama because i saw their script reading. They’re crying. and i became intrigued by it.. And since i know Kwon nara and Joo won. And now I think we’re coming to that heart breaking part.
    I hope he will not die. That the safe zone can save both of their lives…
    I was feeling something off to Dep Baek’s wife, I was secretly hoping that i am wrong. That she was having an affair to Dep Baek’s partner. Because it will be really heartbreaking for him and can be the cause of him becoming and evil spirit..
    I think both of them will not become an evil spirit because there’s already so much problem and its half of the series. They still doesnt have idea that there’s a strong evil spirit lurking around. Seo Ki joo need every help he needs.

  3. Ki Joo was fearless in climbing that bridge for Bom😳 I could never😂

    – “Are they filming “The Avengers?”” 🤪🤣😭 yup Det. Baek is so awesome🙌🏼

    Dang ha-ha the safe zone has certainly accelerated the pace of Bom’s romance with Ki Joo🤣😭

    Oh no.. so does this mean both Det. Baek and wife were already divorced..? And who’s that other guy..? Ugh. And yikes the ultimate evil spirit is still around and he’s not leaving anytime soon..

  4. Weird how we are on episode 8 and writer shows us a spirit that is mega strong like son of Devil strength even with protection circle in place. I dont hate it but not sure makes sense either if this truly is the case then ML should have more weapons or something to even playing field because he cant lose or everything will not balance out.
    So the divorce papers she was thinking about it but doesnt mean done deal and dude with flowers I think the shot will continue with her saying we agree not to see each other or something similar just a guess her face is not smiling more like shock and surprise
    I like all the kissing more than some romance shows

  5. I knew their story was too calm to be just a perfect marriage… I thought she wanted to tell him she’s pregnant when he came back… But divorce papers??? 😩😩 I mean when you marry a police officer, you’re taking the risks of countless nights alone and of him missing important appointments…. Turns out he was the only one in love 💔💔

  6. i guess evil spirit and the prosecutor head that FL hates are gonna be the biggest villain for next half of the drama

  7. Okay twist twist. so both people helping him are gonna turn into evil spirit???? that’s an interesting take.
    -ML is gonna die someday.
    -People near him are gonna turn into evil spirits.
    -He can’t even enjoy the date he got after 34 years.
    -His uncle may be the evil spirit or is eaten by the one that’s chasing them who ate tae joon’s spirit.
    -FL’s parents death seem to be connected to evil spirits as well.
    -they still don’t know their childhood’s connection. the survival path of ML may be hidden in there.
    And I am off to enjoy the new kdrama releasing mondays and tuesdays as well. At least mondays aren’t gonna be so dreadful now.