Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 3

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  1. I was seeing ppl saying that this drama is a mix of Hotel Del Luna x Tomorrow, so I wasn’t sure how this whole narrative will turn out. And tbh, I never rly expected this series to be this good. But after every episode, it gets better and better; not to forget that it tugs my heart so much that it hurts. Ugly crying every end of episode. :((((( I think we’ll just cry our hearts out every damn episode :(((((( not complaining. HUHUHU

  2. Looks like the glasses assistant guy misunderstood FL for someone else…looks like in future epi we will get to see who the girl was may be

    that police station scene & dance was so funny…everyone dancing lol

  3. You knew it was going to happen. Just not so soon. Wonder how long the Grandma will stick around before leaving. Will it involve a will or ownership of the building?

  4. i think granny needed to die for her to discover what he really does. but, it’s really early in the story. wtf? a musical? hahahahahahahahahahah

  5. I like ths drama it is kind of heart warming but why do this ghost have to look ugly ??? I mean they try to show them as normal humas when they meet their family but make them ugly for some reason .

  6. how does it work both his uncle and he have this curse but neither of them has children does the curse then ends . I love how protective his uncle was such a great bond