Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 4

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  1. 🫢 Her safe zone is gone. It didn’t reppel director Go when greeted her instead she walked right through him. 👻

  2. Omg..lol…shes so casual upon seeing those all ghosts…haha…i thought she will be able to see only her grandma…they didnt show anything about her seeing ML’s assistants at night..

    but morning when he greeted her, did she ignore him or just didnt see him..looks like she tried to ignore him…lol..but she later went front of him was so funny…this epi was funny, not that sad..

    looks like new friend , the girl who came..is the girl whom the glasses guy met as his blind date or such…seems like that..

    & what happened to yesterday’s preview of that almost kiss?…no scene at all

  3. What a twist and complication that happens in this case! Now she can see ghosts! 👻 For someone who just got the “ability” to see ghosts her calmness is applaudable! 😆

  4. those ML assistants ghosts r so funny…& along with grandma ghost all were funny…shes being a matchmaker for leads…
    that detective ghost closing grandma’s stuff in morning & people can witness…was bit odd..lol, & unrealistic, though that was funny