Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 10

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  1. I am annoyed that most of the ending of each episode always hugging between the FL and ML? I wished i had something different to watch every Monday and Tpuesday aside from this drama?fantasy? Whatever.

  2. Bom is demanding kinda much ( don’t you think?) especially, knowing the fate of his lineage.

    But with his determination to target 36 years, could it mean whether there’s another season!?

    Also, I can guess the uncle plan on waiting for Mr. Seo’s 35 year to appear at the studio to break the curse getting rid of that vile angel of death. I’m just guessing

  3. The ex gloating while talking smack to the sister….she dodged a bullet. Not marrying that man was the best thing that could have happened to her.

    I must applaud kdrama writers, they really come up with the most disrespectful characters.

    Oh, a miscommunication resolved in the same episode? An honest convo and hug it out? Yes please!

  4. Finally, Ji Won learns the truth ’bout Deputy Go.
    Ki Joo’s uncle is dead and has been guiding lost souls to Ki Joo’s photo studio. Sheesh the ghost in bus ride scared TF outta me!😱😨

    The florist dude is ridic. Na Rae married Det. Baek as she knew wht she was gettin’ into surely? And it wasn’t an excuse! Det. Baek really was doin’ his civic duty in keepin’ the justice, peace. If she wanted a clingy hubs she should have married the florist guy instead. I guess love is complex and u can’t control the outcome..