Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 6

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  1. 😭 Yes, I cried my eyes out. That boy, So Myeong, is so pitiful, an orphan, ostracised, overworked and an untimely death then wrongly accused.

    On the other hand, there’s comedy. 😆

    I think that Kim Ji Won, Han Bom’s friend, may have used Bom’s pic to chat with deputy Go years ago and never really hook up with him.

    😅 I really want Han Bom to go to Ji Won’s work place to catch deputy Go.

  2. I have a feeling that Seo Ki-Joo will passed at the age of 35 and he will use his only chance to spend it with Han Bom and thats when she will stop seeing ghost and also him….. saying their last goodbyes…

  3. This drama has been growing on me. It’s not the best drama out there and there is a tiny bit of fast and loose with the ghost rules but it’s meaningful and a constant reminder that we all die, expectedly or unexpectedly and it is important to try and make “what could be our last wish” while we are still alive cause in reality there is no ghost studio or hotel that will give you that chance from beyond.

    Also, I like the vibes with the leads. I also like the leads and it cracks me up every time they don’t bother hiding things levitating and moving on “their own”…

  4. The dog is so c-u-t-e🥰🐶

    Another ep. to get me all teary-eyed🥺 So Myeong had a family complete with reliable brothers.🥰 The actor though.. it’s a shame he’s only on here as a guest role..😔

  5. I bet it is all connected, like the FL’s parent death, the disappearance of ML’s uncle. or probably even the guy the cop is chasing.
    But man, FL does have guts. Unlike me who just crushes on someone and then ends the chapter, she worked on it and is gonna get the guy. I should learn something, but sadly no pretty privilege to me.😢🤣
    Anyway, see I like that ghost helper, he is doing good job helping ML and all, but I can’t stand him. He ruined something a girl gave up her sleep for. I hate him for that.
    But its gonna turn out that girl is the one who he spoke to for years and blah blah, but I hate him for this. Do you know how hard is it to give a night’s sleep. Its life bro.

  6. ohh this episode was about Seo Ji-Hoon cameo and his graduation. I wonder if he will ever become a Male lead. I have seen him alot as Second Lead in a few dramas now. Also looks like next episode cameo is Choi Tae-Joon hahahaha