Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 2

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  1. Kids cry made me cry :(…such a sad story this was then yesterday’s….
    so FL is like a protective gear for ML..being with her he gets avoided by evil ghosts & mishaps, which occur in his life….wonder what is her connection to him
    these 2 epis were interesting & so is the drama…ML’s acting has been good from long…FL needs some time to catch upto him…she had similar facial expressions in Bulgasal too..hopefully she will be better here…just watching it for ML…gosh missed his dramas a lot..have seen him in some very good dramas

  2. These guys make more sense than Wedding impossible, even though half of them a ghosts. At least they have some decency. It was sad episode. Did the FL grandma died?

  3. Hard to do kids right in dramas. Quiet moment of heart to heart talk might have been more effective than bawling. “I’m going ahead and we’ll meet again,” might have been better than saying “I’m going on a secret mission.” Unless they believe in reincarnation then it is. “We’ll meet again in another life.”

  4. ML’s uncle was his co star in Bridal mask & good doctor…so Uncle is missing? if Uncle is of age 35 then he shouldnt be dead yet? or did Uncle survive? & curse was lifted on Uncle?…cant wait to find more about the back story of all this

  5. The emotional weightage of this drama man, I cried in this episode. Seems like this is gonna be a total emotional ride. Some comment said the actors cried during script reading, I can see why.
    The child actor did a fabulous job. Boy can he cry and watching him cry made me so emotional.