In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 81

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  1. With 23 episodes left, there is only one plot thread left to cover and it’s getting frustrating for how it’s taking long…

    Forgiveness isn’t abnormal. You just refused to reconcile with your sister when she had a memory loss. You never got over Ji Cheng’s death and blamed both his and his mother’s deaths over Hyeji. That was your revenge. You shouldn’t have bought Okja’s daughter when it was you who endangered that woman’s life by accidental murder from Hyeji. Now both of you collaborated to set up two women over the YJ Group president position. You are already powerful than your sister with the backing of Yoon Yi Chul. Seems you’ve both planned this before Hyeji returned to working with him. However, you never acknowledge your son’s affection for his aunt, Hyeji’s intentions weren’t of malice intent, but you don’t care about the whole story and rather believed Hyeji wants to harm your son’s life. I can go on about the truth between Yong Ki and Hyeji’s relationship, but what about San Deul’s Hyewon? Does Hyeji not deserve loving with him? Why set Eun Yu up with San Deul? Had you understood what went wrong with Hyeji in the first half of the show, you would never become worse than your sister right NOW. Pray you don’t get exposed so you’ll be satisfied with you revenge at the end of the drama. (God I hope we don’t get an amnesia ending….)

    Soo Yang can expose Yoon Yi Chul if she finds the phone, but she’s likely going back to Hyewon’s side.

    Hyeji isn’t interest in harassing her sister. She’s done with that and wants to topple Hyewon and Yoon Yi Chul’s power as an ally to the Cha family. But this woman seriously needs true love. The show can only end with one of the sisters dying and Hyewon is already many steps ahead of 3 women. I will not jump ship…. My headcanon would be Hyeji’s private investigator and I’ve done enough to see Hyewon’s crimes only waiting for my ultimatum to Hyewon. Hyewon should stop before it’s too late.

    EDIT: What I mean by forgiveness, it is EVERYTHING. Destroy your sister if you desire it Hyewon.

  2. HW has really stooped to doing something that HJ would do. If would’ve served her right if something happened to that twin while she was driving that car. She seems like a smart woman….I hope that she realizes that it was all to convenient that a car with the same license plates as HJ’s would pass right by her right after the brake tampering.

  3. Ep 82 preview, my intuition was spot on…

    One thing I can say about this episode before the subs come out, Choi Pil Soo took a liking to Hyewon. If you’re in the west like me there’s subs on the KBS Drama youtube channel besides watching it on Kocowa.

    Feel free to punch him, Jo Mu