In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 51

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  1. Wow I don’t know what to say about this drama or episode anymore. i’m just left in a state of confusion. the plot left with the old writer too because the way it’s written now the revenge hw is seeking is useless at least with the old writer there was a purpose to go thru it. this time I don’t see why tho she got everything there’s no point grandma is dead ,jc dad is in jail , she got her child,and hj will be in the looney bin at the end and also has nothing but amnesia. so atp it’s greed….wanting more . It might be a reach , but it’s the best d**n thing I can come up with the directionless writing. Also I miss the old ost.

  2. How is HW still running the company? I thought she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

    BTW, Is this a revenge drama or what!?

  3. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    After a short hiatus, I came back to this drama and I can say that I was surprised at the new direction it had taken. New materials, new faces, though I was taken back at the choice of the new, additional male lead, Seo Ha-Joon. He has that gigolo look and a characterless face. His character sported a half bang. What is with Korean men? They love bangs of sorts, Red-Sea-Parting, left, right, curly bangs, the lot. Oh! They love to show off their hairless chests too! There is nothing sexy about men without hairs, they look like piggies.

    There was a time jump since the death of Ji-Chang, and from the look of Yong-Ki, Hye-Won’s son, it may be 6 years, though from various conversations it may be less than that. The actors they pick do not necessarily correspond to time jumps in K-dramas. There was this drama when the child looked exactly the same after 5 years which made it looked like she had stunted growth.

    Anyway, we have the usual trope. Among them were 2 men who may be celibate and still waiting for the chance to get into Hye-Won’s pants. Lee Joon-Mo, Hye-Won’s old flame who had come back into her life as a major investor and Bae Sung-Yoon, the attorney who had been hankering after her since their college days and has yet to get a kiss, let alone getting a whiff of her butt. He had now become the company attorney and her personal lapdog.

    There is something wrong with Korean men, among which is a non-existent sex drive seeing that they have no girlfriends apart from their love interest. Or maybe they are just doing it solo, like Seo Ha-Joon and his infamous online incident.

  4. To get Jun Mo to invest in YJ Group, Sung Yoon decides to quit as Jun Mo requested. However, Hye Won tries to come up with a strategy to keep Sung Yoon by her side. Meanwhile, Ji Eun wants to bring Hye Won down through Jun Mo, and Do Eun visits Yi Chul to find out about her past.

  5. Opportunistic fl… hw can she demand frm ex whom she dumped fr her advantage??

    Anyhow he looked really handsome in this episode. Such a hottie.