In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 12

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  1. After hours, I finally catch up with the latest episode. Hyeji is really good at fking with EVERYONE. She’ll only get one serious error to screw up her own revenge on her older sister and that’s 2 years later.

    Soyeon’s role in here is slow burn. Hyewon is already sick of Heyji’s upbringing but didn’t know she’s her real sister. What happens if she found out the truth? In the first episode she’s completely broke after finding out, but the damage was done after watching 11 episodes. There’s alot more going on until the timeskip. Their parents are weakminded especially their mother…. While Ji Chang’s parents are absurdly spoiled. I can’t take Hyewon’s side in the beginning. There’s nothing good about that family she’s married off to and her stepbrother(if only her father didn’t marry his abused mother) is the only one worthy of her love…..

  2. The way the Yoons dealt with the malicious slander by that artist, Lim Dan-Ung was very disappointing. They merely issued a press statement. Instead, they should have also sued him for slander and since this was a malicious slander, it is also criminal, so a police report should have been lodged. Additionally, since they are chaebols with a lot of money, they could have hired private detectives too. As we all know, the police are usually stupid.

  3. I’m actually shipping these two pretty damn hard!!
    He needs someone that’s not UGH!!🤢
    To bad because I think she’s better than that goody two shoes older sister who looks and acts like she’s got a stick up her butt.

  4. She z someone who had an affair with old man but he z telling she wouldn’t have framed his mom 😂😂😂…. Limit to dumbness. Wt z he gonna ask? As if she z gonna say yeah yeah I framed ur mom 😁

    Looks like they r gonna have an affair