In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 7

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  1. What is with Hye-Won and her Keep-Secret Syndrome? She had discovered that Do-Eun is embezzling her father-in-law’s company funds and yet she is quiet about it. She should have at least told Ji-Chang, her husband, about it. Do-Eun being her father-in-law’s aerobics partner should not stop her from doing the right thing when a crime is involved. What an idiot!

  2. The father is spineless, didn’t protect HW from his wife and never looked back for his other daughter…..

    HW also suffered from her stepmother….

    The shoulder massage was quite vigorous and funny to watch….

  3. Do Eun suggests to Hye Won that they meet and talk in person. Do Eun sends her a photo of her necklace to convince her that she is her younger sister, Hye Ji. Hye Won waits for Hye Ji at the mineral spring, but a man shows up instead of Hye Ji.