In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 20

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  1. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    So, it is not only the female leads that suffer from the “Confront-You-Adversary’ Syndrome, but the supporting cast as well. What Hye-Ji did was criminal defamation and Mrs. Oh, Ji-Chang’s mom, should have reported it to the police and handed over the evidence. Instead, she confronted Hye-Ji and tried to negotiate a deal, unsuccessfully. Now the evidence is gone, I bet she did not make a copy and have it stored in cloud and I don’t mean those where angels sit and play the harp.

    Why unsuccessfully? Well, she died, went kaput, after Hye-Ji pulled out one of the Korean women’s top weapons, the pregnancy card. Then she revealed that she is Hye-won’s sister. These two bombshells, in the magnitude of Hiroshima and Nagasski, were enough to kill that old fool. How these were shocking, to the extent of causing a “myocardial infarction”, will befuddle me to the end of my life, which is soon if I continue with this drama.

    Pardon me for using medical jargons. I could have used layman’s terms like a heart attack but I am beginning to speak like Koreans. The doctor comes out and informs the party assembled there that Mrs. Oh died of “myocardial infarction”. Of course, they immediately understood the doctor because Koreans top the biology class; they know all about human biology, blood types, etc. I am not joking. In some cast lists, the blood types of actors and actresses are listed.

  2. the MIL: Being old and week but meet with her enemy alone, no cameras to at least set her up, no copy of the only evidence, no back up plan… nothing… drama level stupidity…

  3. another drama need to make leading actors & actresses as stupid as possible in order to extend the drama to more than 100 episodes. I dont feel sorry for people who reveal the truth to their enemy.

  4. So, the Witch revealed to the MIL that she is HW biological sister and that she set her up to it! ugh…another 10+ episodes of dragging on and HW trying to claim her innocence i’m sure. I just want the divorce to happen already.

    Edit: What a freaking stupid way to kill off the character, unless she’ll magically return later in the drama