In Cold Blood (2024) Episode 13

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  1. Men will always be swayed by a pretty face. They go weak in the knees and hard somewhere. I see a rift building between Hye-Won and Ji-Chang. Would be interesting to see if Hye-Ji will try to seduce Ji-Chang once she moves into the Yoon household.

  2. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    Ji-Chang was easily taken in by Hye-Ji’s acting and lies and he chose to trust her more over his own wife, Hye-Won. Now you know why I do not like men with the Parting of the Red-Sea-Hair. They are stupid, gullible and cannot be depended on.

    Not that I have any sympathy for Hye-Won, either. She was keeping something secret from Ji-Chang that would have made him doubt Hye-Ji. This is not the time to have the Keep-It-Secret Syndrome, Dodo-Won.

    Similarly, I am shedding no tears for Ji-Chang’s mom either. She let that malicious slander about her slide, instead of lodging a police report and suing artist Lim for slander. She finally agreed to have a consensual divorce, should have done that earlier and settle for a fair divorce package. What was the point for clinging on to a man who no longer desires you?

    I do not know what was Hye-Ji’s motive for all these but some of her antics were so childish, like those of a sixth grader. School kids’ pranks are more vicious, come to think of it.

    Talking about childishness, Hye-Won’s aunt’s reaction to seeing San-Deul half naked with only a towel was so infantile. Infantile is the wrong word because infants do not behave that way. Moronic is more fitting to describe her. Hello? Has she not seen man-tits before? She had lived in Jeju and I am sure there were a lot of men walking around, especially on the beach, with swimming trunks only. Grow up!