Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 99

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  1. deos hey yoon planning to kidnap garam of something like that…. she and her bf act so shadey extracting money from them and she even evil smiling saying “its no fun when it so easy” and the preview… garam is holding a piggy bank while hye yoon is crying and saying sorry o————————-o i hope she didnt just try to ask for money from a 6 year old after she got 2 envelopes from the family

  2. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    My Hate of the Week has to be Magoo Min. How could a man be so dumb? It was so obvious that the interactions between Ga-Ram’s mom and her ‘cousin’ are more than just cousins. He should have stepped back into the shadows and observed them instead of calling her out loud. You know, like the infamous fly on the wall techniques that we normally see, the thing that Koreans are so expert in, i.e., eavesdropping.

    Meanwhile Mrs. and Mr. Viper is up to some antics to win the approval of the Yoo seniors and failed miserably. Hello? Play the pregnancy card, after all they had aerobics. If that was not enough to get her pregnant, have more aerobics. Try some Kamasutra, maybe it will work.

    Ha! Sun-Woo was jealous when he saw Ms. Dumb Blonde practicing the kissing scene. I wish that they will have nude and aerobics scenes written into the movie and he had to direct them. That would be so much fun.

    Meanwhile Ji-Yeon was begging for Sun-Woo’s love, even after he had told her that he is not into her. Hello? He is a Moses who can only part his own hair so do not expect miracles from him. He has only one thingy and that is for his forever-’sarang’ only, undivided love. He can’t multiply the fishes like in the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes or the Feeding of the 5,000. So only one fish and that will flap for Dumb Blonde only. Sorry Ms. Beggar.

  3. So EH & HY decided to ‘help’ but GCY was not swayed by HY despite earlier approval.

    What is GCY plan allying with JA? EH is strong headed unlike SW who obey his mother.

    So Ki Seok easily let go of SW overtaking his company,but not his love life just because ES is GCY daughter.

    What if GCY was not a stealer? Would ES even be approved? It pathetic by JA.

    She is literally destroying 2 children relationship due to her insecurity.