Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 107

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  1. 🙄 So instead of ES telling her moron parents that this is how it is and this is how its gonna stay she let them walk all over her. She should’ve just stood up and said that she’s cluing them in out of courtesy and that she’s an adult and don’t need their permission to do sh*t!!
    Just because they get married none of the parents actually have to see each other. but this isn’t about SW/ES its all about CY/DG😒 and how they feel

    EH went to see JA and for a second I thought she’d be seeing the little kid that he was when she last saw him and for once fold and do what was right but she just like those other two are all about me me me me.

    So why is the woman CY was renting a room from calling DG about CY being sick… seriously!! Where did she get his phone number from and he got the medicine and took it there when he could’ve had it delivered to her. If CY was so sick why wasn’t she in the hospital 🙄 but she wasn’t at deaths door so that woman could’ve went out to the store and got whatever medicine she needed herself. And CY told JA back then that she was messing around with DG!! seriously
    DG brought all that happened on himself. I already said that that marriage was over but going there to CY’s house that night and then getting caught by his wife and then getting told by CY that she was indeed having an affair with DG!! OMG seriously🤦🏼‍♀️
    I don’t get it I thought over there that unless debts are in the kids names as well that the family isn’t responsible for the debt the parents leave behind. If so why on earth do they keep up with that ridiculous plot in these shows where debt collectors go after the kids/family.

    Then there’s the 🔥🥵 MG.. as hard as it is to say it he should’ve told his mom what the deal was. Not feed her a load of bull💩!!

    Then there’s the birth mom of the little kid!
    Who now she has an arrest warrant out for her arrest for some of the fraud she’s committed in SK?!🤔 I wonder exactly what crimes she and that guy committed when they was in other countries. 🙄
    Like I already said I hate the I’ve seen my child BS and now I’m a changed person.🙄
    And she’s gonna what now😒 be stalking the kid for how many eps. Just how long is it gonna be before MG or his mom finds out that she is still in the country.

    This whole ep did nothing but piss me off!!

  2. This is just stupid at this point and I will have to return 2 episodes to the end just so I can close this chapter. Just 2 episodes ago you were for SW and ES because he’s not the ex-wife’s real son and were indirectly egging on ES. Now its how dare you bring this up to us. At this point, all the parents need to be thrown away in an incinerator somewhere.

    Also how did we get to 100+ episodes and the “affair/divorce” between the parents was never explained or resolved in present time so the chapter can be closed.

    Also EH, why isn’t he explaining to his crazy mum that Manager-girl didn’t even know he and SW were brothers and she fell for him way before they found out so its not like she’s trying to date him to still be around SW.