Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 98

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  1. So this has been bugging me since the new actor for ‘Hidden Memory’ movie, Je Ha arrived in this series last week.

    That actor was recently in a kdrama series and i think he played a serial killer or something like that but for the life of me I cannot remember which drama that was. Anyone here knows which drama that was?

  2. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    I am sure Ga-Ram is the biological son of Do-Jun, Hye-Young’s ‘cousin’. Is it just me or has anyone else got the same feeling? Call it my gut instinct but I am sure Hye-Young pulled a fast one on that dodo, Min-Kook. Both of them were poor so they dumped Ga-Ram on Dodo and now they are back to scam him for money.

    The $64k question: Has Dodo done a DNA test? It would appear that he did not and he would have had aerobics with Hye-Young, to be deceived. If he had not banged her, then he would be very stupid to fall for the scam that he is Ga-Ram’s biological dad.

    Ha! A M.I.L Squad, a squad of two. The Mother-In-Law Squad comprising of the two mamas, Jung-Ae and Chun-Young; will form a temporary alliance to break up Eun-Hyeok and Ms. Viper. However, it does not seem to be working out because the two love birds have plans of their own to outwit their parents.

    Meanwhile, my Hate for the Week is still Ms. Dumb Blonde. Once again The Knight with the Red-Sea-Parting hair had to come to the rescue and to tell her what to do if Mama Biatch called again. Hello? She should file a complaint to the company as Mama Biatch is interfering with the company’s business. She is the MVP in the movie so she should have flexed her muscles. I guess dumb blondes will always be dumb blondes.

  3. So can anyone recommend anything good to watch?
    Old or new. Idk. I need to divert my attention from the fact that
    everyone in the current ones are simply promoting being CRAZY!

  4. i dont understand these 2 hopeless sisters who are always in Minguks business.
    its like they dont have lives.\

    i wonder who MG will choose and what the other will do😂

  5. Episode 99 Preview

    Je-ha confesses to Seon-woo that he likes Eun-seong… Min-guk visits where Hye-yoon lives and meets Do-cheol. Meanwhile, Eunhyuk and Hayoung, facing opposition from their families, try to win points with Donggu and Chunyoung…

  6. ES is shameless! She encourages the other guy without too much of a protest and almost kissed him too! She is no better than HY..jumping from one guy to the other! There are very few FL’s whose side I am not on. ES is one of them!