Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 93

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  1. From KBS Korean website, …

    Episode 94 Preview Dong-gu and Chun-young are surprised to learn that Eun-hyuk’s girlfriend Ha-young is Dal-yong’s daughter… Hye-yoon explains to Minguk and his family why she has not been showing up for a while. Meanwhile, as public opinion forms for Eun-seong’s return to film, Ha-yeong meets Eun-seong and persuades him to return…

    Hye-yoon has remarried? Hye-yoon has a terminal sickness?

  2. Think about this in the land of k-dramaville – ES is an unknown actress who is only 28. SW is a fairly “famous” director who is 34 (or 32 – who knows how old he really is) – do we REALLY expect to see these two get engaged or married by ep 121? I doubt it. They wouldn’t even openly date for many more years and she certainly wouldn’t get married anytime soon if she is expecting to build an acting career……

  3. Ugh……. why it feels like JA is always getting her way? I thought we would see heartbroken SW acting out but……. nope, he is dutiful son again……. I guess he will even accept meeting the new girl just because his mom is pushing it…..

    I wonder if his movie will ever end until the last episodes lol, will they show us his movie was a success and ES got famous in the last episode or something.

    So annoying!

  4. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    Coffee Meets Chicken is getting crowded with the addition of Hye-Young. One man, three women and a child or should I say one eunuch. Then we have a spin-off, the Ga-Ram Meets Mommy Saga and it is already getting stale, with all the stupid dialogues while the most important is missing, i.e., the reason Hye-Young went M.I.A and had not contacted Mr. Eunuch or Ga-Ram even once and suddenly reappeared after 5 years.

    Meanwhile, another snake had taken over from Ms. Viper. Mama Biatch had invited Ji-Yeon over for dinner to feel her out and to match her with Sun-Woo. She had been in the US for 17 years, which would put her in her mid to late 30s and she is still unmarried and has no boyfriends! Way past the left-over woman date. In fact, she is an Ice Age fossil.

    Talking about Ms. Viper, she and Eun-Hyeok had progressed very fast, and now his whole family knows (preview), after his mom had stumbled upon them when they were about to exchange saliva again, in front of HaHa. Ms. Viper’s saliva is so delicious and Eun-Hyeok can’t stop slurping them.

  5. theres so many better things for you to watch rn, like My Demon (finale was a few days ago) A Good Day to Be a Dog (ongoing) and more!!
    Until this show gets to episode 95 or 100 because this is another slow drawn out filler episode of the same things we’ve seen in the past 20 eps.
    1 Sudden Ha Young and Eun H romance that seems hollow/awkward
    2 Momster (rude bio mum) not accepting her sons boundaries and pairing him with shady ppl just bc of status.
    3 NO ONE KNOWING HOW TO WHISPER or not think out loud like dios mio
    4 everyone spending 30-50 seconds looking around and at eachother after every conversation. I know the time bc i skipped ahead and it took 5 skips