The Third Marriage (2023) Episode 79

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  1. He needs to stop with his Love confession and etc. literally she don’t give a shit about your love and pain with what she’s been through and still is . She doesn’t have answers most important and make them pay. You want her do what with your love and cry and sad bla bla bla !!! Sorry but not everything is about romance. There’s time for romance once she’s healed and made everyone pay for her pain and struggles that she had to go through

  2. YH is starting to get more openly protective of DJ and he is helping her find her lost child. Good. As a ML he was rather lacking… I hope from here on he steps up and shows why he deserves to get the girl.

    As for DJ, she is already an emotional wreck on the inside, so if YH continues to comfort her during this time with his love, it’s only going to be a matter of time before she gives in to her true feelings for him. But I hope that only happens after she divorces JG. Even if is a name only marriage, I don’t want DJ to prove Noel right by having an affair with YH. DJ should maintain her dignity all the way to the end and not become a cheater like her birth mother.

    Finally I feel like slightly annoyed that we saw SDS’s phone today. It feels like the writers are reminding us that more evidence exist out there so don’t flip a table if SR gets freed by the end of the week. I hope I am wrong because I love seeing SR locked up behind bars…. But DJ needs a reason to divorce JG and SR needs to be out of prison in order for the truth about herself not being Madam Yoon’s real granddaughter to come out…so SR probably won’t be locked up for long.

  3. Je Guk warns Yo Han to keep his hands off of Da Jung’s matter, and Ji Hoon gets infuriated at Je Guk for using him for his business. As the family goes to ruin after Da Jung joins the family, Noel cannot stand her even more. Meanwhile, Se Ran goes through interrogation at the station, and Sang Chul and Ma Ri find out Song Yi was Se Ran’s child through Da Jung.

  4. The best punishment fr neol z undress her n hang her in the public…. Or rip her in joseon style. If she z going to act nice after knowing she z her daughter then she z the worst human ever. She z a horrible human