The Third Marriage (2023) Episode 73

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  1. Ji Hoon kicks Se Ran out of the house, and Da Jung warns Se Ran that this is just the beginning of her torture. Later, Da Jung learns that Se Ran is blood type AB while searching for the memory chip from two years ago. Meanwhile, Je Guk overhears Yo Han and Da Jung talking.

  2. YH is useless. He can’t even properly threaten SR or do anything at all to SR yet he wants DJ to choose him. Why? In terms of power- he has none (that DJ can use.) In terms of looks….her ex husband and new step son has him beaten. In terms of love….he may love her more than the other men in her life but his love has done nothing for her where as Wang’s love at least made her SR’s mother in law and boss. Honestly at this point he would be my last choice too.

    As for JH…. Now I know where he learned to slap. I feel somewhat sorry for him since his father values the company more than his son but his father is a secret villain…. So it happens.

    Finally DJ…. The good guys are always slower to connect the dots than the evil ones, and its a hard thing for a mother to believe / suspect that the child raised from birth might not be the one she gave birth to but she’ll figure it out eventually…hopefully by Friday.

  3. Not the father romanticising his daughter 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️….. since this has already reached this stage let that son have a chance to love dj b4 she marry ml 😁😁…. Y partiality? Let everybody have a piece of dj 😂.

    Anyhow wt I love z dj’s acting. She kinda gives me jhiyo’s vibe dono y